Akatsuki Meeting

The door closed softly, and all six hearts in the room relished the final peace, the final darkness. The world went on outside their window, but seeing as every curtain was pulled nothing mattered to them now. The brutal month-long mission under the burning heat of summer had taken its toll, and the fast paced hectic life of the eastern cities had worn them through. Kakuzu was stretched out wearily on the bare mattress, his chest slowly rising and falling as he tried to surrender to sleep, the room was slightly cooler than the rising temperature outside but still it felt like an oven to him. His partner hung about in the corner, polishing his weapons and fidgeting distractedly. His mind was occupied with things other than sleep, and as always he was only focusing on himself.

It's been fucking months! Thoughts whirred through his brain at 100mph and he snuck a glance at his now sleeping partner. What had happened between them? Why wasn't Kakuzu all over him, claiming his warm mouth and demanding his dominance? I'm still...sexy...aren't I? The question smacked him like a bludgeon and he looked worriedly down at himself. Stripped of nearly all of his clothes due to the heat he sat merely in a pair of loose black boxers. Toned, long legs stuck out from under the fabric, each strong as a tree. His 6 pack gleamed in the dim half-light, pale skin, and lustre like wax. Two deceptively delicate amethyst eyes scanned his body self-consciously, from his arms and hands down to his toes. What was it about him Kakuzu didn't like?

Up on the bed, the stitch nin smiled in his faked sleep. He could hear Hidan shuffling and twitching on the floor next to the bed. He could almost guess the pattern his thoughts followed, and therefore predict the calamity that Hidan now found himself in. The little rabbit never thought about anything else, and to top it all he was nigh insatiable in the bedroom. 'It's not my fault', Kakuzu mused. The mission was an utter bore, and a bit of 'alternative entertainment' would have been welcomed, he smiled. But the mess and noise of their sex would have brought the entire city's police force down around their ears, let alone the vulture-like media. So, unknowing of his wise partners decision, Hidan had suffered in silence, thinking himself to blame for their lack of intimacy.

How much longer could he torture that smaller man, how much longer could he hang on before the need to pounce overcame him? He'd tried dozens of times to convince himself he wasn't gay as such, but the touch of Hidan's fingertips and the brush of his lips made him accept anything, anything at all. He rolled over and fixed the priest in his sight, that silver hair fluttering delightfully and Hidan's uncertain expression as he looked over himself in doubt. Kakuzu's heart – the one that truly belonged to him – began to speed up, pumping blood delectably south.

"Hi-" he began, but as soon as the Jashinist saw his open green eyes he crawled up onto the bed, straddling the older man and running his long fingers through Kakuzu's thick black hair.

"I don't know what it is about me that you can't stand" he began before Kakuzu could get a word in edgeways, "but I need you. And I'll have you even if I have to rape you first." His exited eyes betrayed his emotions, both knew he hated being seme so willingly Kakuzu took the upper hand, pinning the other man down hard into the mattress.

"urgh" he groaned, spreading his legs across the bed, the rough bare fabric scraped his skin. Kakuzu knelt over him, eager and greedy, his cock jumped as Kakuzu found his way between his legs and took up his rightful place. The older man bore down on him, laying rough kisses down his neck and dropping his hands to the priest's sides. Hidan moaned again, desperate for it after having to go so long without any physical intimacy. It all became too much when he exhaled, his breath hot and sweet down his lover's cheek and enraged, Kakuzu thrust down upon him smashing their groins together with a grunt of passion. Hidan's hands flew to Kakuzu's head, pushing him down. Teeth scraped- achingly good- over his chest and stomach, down further towards his bulging pants. He shuffled to the edge of the bed, forcing Kakuzu off it and onto his knees on the floor.

Kakuzu glared up into his lover's shining purple eyes, knowing exactly what he wanted. It was hidden within those purple irises, just within reach. Pleasure raced across his face and lingered on his lips after their long awaited kiss.

The tough fabric strained to contain his lover but with an adept flick of the wrist it was gone, leaving him perfectly exposed.

Kakuzu gasped at the sheer beauty of it, it had truly been too long since he and Hidan had 'played' together...

Hot breath tickled his skin as Kakuzu moved in closer and Hidan's hands gripped his lover's hair again, guiding him faster. In an instant his head was taken into the wet, warm orifice of Kakuzu's open mouth and he clenched his teeth on a wail when the stitch-nin began to suck strongly.

"Oh, oh god" he panted, his face screwing up in pleasure as his lover dragged his nails softly down his length, the slight pain driving him wild. His lover's fingers made swirling patterns on the feverish flesh and suddenly he could take the waiting no more. Grabbing fistfuls of dark hair he held Kakuzu's head still and thrust forwards into his mouth, his hips bucked uncontrollably and his eyes rolled back into his head, screaming he slammed in and out, fucking Kakuzu's mouth ruthlessly.

"ah...god yes!" he grunted with each tingling push, and shuddered each time Kakuzu's sharp teeth bit into his soft skin. The ex-waterfall nin had placed his hands firmly on Hidan's legs, keeping them wide open and his eyes were fixed constantly on the view ahead. The dirt on the floor dug into his knees and his anger began to boil, Hidan was going to pay for this-

A knock at the door that neither of them heard.

The heavy wooden frame creaked as someone shoved the door open, a dark head poked around and peered into the room.

"Hey you there's a ...meeting" the voice faltered as it was rapidly drowned out by Hidan's high pitched scream as he came, flooding Kakuzu's mouth with gushing white seed. Choking on it, Kakuzu turned as he felt a draught from the open door, and the colour faded from both their flushed faces as they saw Itachi standing inside the guilty room.

"It's ok" Hidan whispered, "he didn't see anything he's blind!"

"I might be blind but I'm not stupid!" he argued indignantly, sweeping out of the room in stormy silence. It didn't do to piss Itachi off, if he couldn't catch you, Kisame certainly could.

Regretfully Hidan picked himself up, pulling on clothes and forgetting even to thank Kakuzu for the brief relief he brought, the stitch nin's eyes dropped, saddened.

Alone he shrugged on his cloak and left, following Hidan's now confident strides as he headed for the meeting...The perfect setting for Kakuzu's revenge...

Bare white walls, plain wooden furniture against a backdrop of desolate moorland stretching out to eternity just outside the window. The room they used for meetings was almost as dreary as the meetings themselves, and with a huff Hidan slumped into his seat. Him and Kakuzu were always the last to return from missions and always the last to arrive to meetings, an uneasy weight settled in the pit of his stomach – this time someone knew why. His pink eyes darted uncomfortably across the room to where Itachi sat bolt upright in his seat, as if on cue the Uchiha turned his head and focused Hidan with a baleful blind stare. He shivered,

"Creepy motherfucker." He muttered under his breath and turned away. Next to him, Deidara sniggered.

"What the hell are you doing here anyway?" he snapped at the blonde, remembering Pein's strict seating pattern. Each hand of the tailed-beast capturing device corresponded to a different side of the table, either Deidara was wrong as usual or he, Hidan, was in the wrong spot. Great. It hadn't even begun and he was already on Leader's shit list.

He stifled a yawn, remembering that short little gennin he'd come across once in a forest, 'what a drag' the kid had said. Well, he sure knew what he meant now. Tiredly their orange haired captain swaggered in, bits of paper in his hands and swept his gaze across the room. Hidan did the same, noticing Kakuzu opposite him. The stitch nin was smiling at him, but there was a little something more to that smile...His sense of unease grew stronger, something was definitely wrong.

His hands fluttered over the documents in front of him, sheaves of paper were being passed round, and important decisions for their future were being made. Konan was holding up maps of the fire country, pointing out where the jinchuriki was most likely to be found and Hidan couldn't care less. As the hours dragged past, he absent mindedly watched Kakuzu making pages of writing into rubbish origami birds, Konan would have a fit if she saw the state of those.

A cold feeling of dread passed from his head to his toes as his lover suddenly grinned and then looked at him with an evil glint in his eye. Hidan's lazy smile was wiped off his face. Kakuzu smiled maliciously when an argument started further up the table, something about the two-tails's whearabouts. It was the perfect distraction.

If Hidan had been listening quietly he would have heard something snakelike slithering across the floor under the table. If he'd been looking through the gaps in the wood he might have seen a dark, glistening tendril winding its way through the chair legs, closer and closer to him. If he'd even looked across the room to Tobi he would have noticed the one-eyed Uchiha searching, surprised for the dramatic rise of chakra in the room.

But he was too preoccupied with the near-insane look of desire dancing in his lover's eyes. He shifted in his seat, nervous all of a sudden and nearly jumped out of his skin when something brushed his legs. He stared back across the table, a question in his eyes. Is this your doing, Kakuzu? The ex falls nin only bit his lip to conceal a laugh, probing further with the stray tentacle instead of answering. Hidan gasped, the thing had forced his legs apart and was delicately dipping down the front of his pants, he clamped his teeth down on a moan as it started to caress him...so...softly.

How had Kakuzu learnt to control them this well? He wondered. His cheeks began to flush pink and he gripped the top of the desk, trying hard to keep a lid on his own desire. It wasn't long before he felt himself developing extremely tight pants, and reluctantly he reached down to the zip. He felt his face turn even redder, the act of quietly slipping himself out of the confines of clothes caused the blush to deepen. But hell, it felt so good. His hot flesh seemed to double in size in his hand, heavy and demanding. The tentacle was slipping away, to his dismay, and he grabbed it, desperate for just a little attention.

That's all it ever is with you, isn't it? Kakuzu thought from across the great wooden desk. He thought Hidan had had enough embarrassment for one sitting, but the young priest was making him angry again. That damned man was tugging on his tentacles! An idea occurred to him then, just as his rage was gripping him and turning his angry gaze to red. He'd make Hidan pay for treating him like shit.

Between his legs, the single tendril suddenly took on a new objective. Leaving the warmth and heat of his twitching groin it slipped under his chair. Quietly as he could, Kakuzu pushed the thick vine through the seat of Hidan's chair aiming it simply up. The priest's eyes bulged as all too late he realized his lover's plan.

There was no time for preparation, only the agonising opening of his entrance, the widening of his passageway. Cruelly, Kakuzu forced the tentacle deeper, hearing a strangled moan from his partner opposite him. Relentlessly he pushed it further, delivering a searing, burning sensation and watching Hidan pant and gasp for breath. Revenge felt so wonderful! They hadn't made love for months, so he knew a tentacle would be a painfully tight fit inside Hidan. His knuckles grew white and he gripped the desk desperately, Kakuzu enjoyed watching his sexual torment and heat exploded inside him every time his lover's teeth clenched with pain, and every time his eyes squeezed shut with pleasure.

Hidan had set his legs wide, allowing more room for the probing vine to penetrate him, slowly he rocked back and groaned aloud as the intruding length stroked his prostrate. Every head in the room turned to face him, his eyes were misty and fogged with lust and he was gripping the edge of the desk with force. White stars exploded in front of his eyes, he couldn't see a thing, he was as blind as Itachi and the intense pleasure was making his blood sing through his veins.

Kakuzu sat, appearing innocent as he fucked his partner from across the room. Slowly he began to move the tentacle, pulsing and pushing it in and out. It felt good from his end, and this new motion worked for Hidan - the priest began screaming uncontrollably. He dipped his head, the crippling pleasure forcing him over the desk. He opened his eyes for a split second and glared right at Kakuzu, thanking him and cursing him all at the same time, all in the same instant. His palms were now flat on the wood, his forehead inches from the table. Blood was running down the inside of his legs and his mouth was torn open in a silent scream, it wouldn't be long before...

"UHHhh!" he grunted and shot his load all over the carpet, achieving a mind blowing orgasm, the like of which Akatsuki had never seen. His limp body fell to the floor where he lay panting and moaning as the last glimmers of pleasure faded away. Sweat poured of him as Pein approached, and Kakuzu – not quite quick enough- was brought down with him when leader saw his tentacle disappearing under the desk.

"My office. NOW" he barked. His expression was dark and forbidding, normally punishments were a walkover but this time something felt different. Something still felt wrong.

The rest of the group were virtually silent, the gravity of the situation kept them all from laughing or making jokes. Konan dismissed them all once the pair had left, each contemplating the fate that Kakuzu and Hidan now faced. What had been their downfall? Disrupting a meeting wasn't all that bad, was it because a chair had gotten broken? No chance. As the other group members stalked away into the shadows of the base, Deidara stuck behind. He'd seen what went down in the meeting room...were Kakuzu and Hidan together? It seemed the most unlikely match. Putting his ear to the door he listened in to the conversation...

Only a few words reached him through the thick door – only the ones that Pein was shouting.

"two men...can't... .in this...Give us a bad name"

"please, leader" Hidan tried to reason with him, and an almighty thud followed.

"get off him!" Kakuzu yelled. Chairs scraped along the floor. Crashing sounds followed, glass was breaking, and a sickening crack that sounded like snapping bone ended the brief scuffle.

"...not in my organization!" Pein's voice reached a crescendo


"but nothing. You're out!"

A cold feeling of dread settled in Deidara's stomach, two of their strongest ninja were being thrown out for being...being gay? He barely had chance to register the information before Hidan came limping out, a black ring around his left eye, blood running from the side of his head and Kakuzu hot on his heels. Was that a tear in the priest's eye? He was struggling badly, blood was leaking out from his side – a broken rib? It was then that Deidara realized Hidan was missing his cloak. They both were. Kakuzu caught him as he fell, cradling his lover's head as he passed into unconsciousness, the ex falls nin looked back to the office door, seeing Pein standing there with no remorse. The man was cold and unforgiving, not willing to overlook a small difference in them to spare his strongest warriors. With a look of utter contempt, Kakuzu scooped his lover up into his arms and left. His footsteps fading into the distance of the lair as he headed out...

Yay it's been a while since I wrote a fic I enjoyed writing as much as this one. Maybe it will be a two shot. I'm not sure yet. Don't tell my mum I wrote this, its very naughty LOL. What do YOU think. Leader turned out so horrible in this one, so be shocked!