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Warning: Contains some OOC from Gold and Eusine.

Crystal's P.O.V.

'It's over…'

I stared blankly at the photograph that Eusine had picked up and thrown carelessly on the ground. The glass in the frame was shattered, though the picture was intact.

It was a picture of Gold and I, at Green's last birthday. Blue had been snapping random shots of everyone, catching the both of us by surprise. I was leaning against Gold, both of us smiling at one another, at the very moment Blue took the picture.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. How could I be so stupid not to see what was in front of me the whole time?!? I had realized that I liked Gold more than friends should…but I was too afraid to say anything. And when he had admitted he liked me, I didn't respond, fearing if it turned out badly, our friendship would be ruined.

"What's wrong?"

I flinched, jerked out of my thoughts by Eusine looming over me.

"Are you crying? Don't cry…" he said, mockingly. He bent over and wiped away a tear with his thumb. I lashed out, kicking, as I crawled backward, toward the door.

He walked calmly toward me. "Ah, ah, ah…let's not make this any harder, shall we?"

I didn't respond, too focused on the door. He reached over and picked me up by the neck, holding me easily a foot(or more) off the ground, by one hand.

"Answer me when I talk to you!" he snarled. I clawed frantically at his hand, trying to escape.

He chuckled mercilessly, and then dropped me onto the ground. I fell with a thud, massaging my neck and gasping for air.

"No one is here to help you. Not your parents. Not your pokemon. Not even your precious Gold…"

I looked toward my desk at the six Pokeballs that sat there. All of them were wiggling, trying to get out and help me; but being an expert catcher, I made sure all my Pokeballs were tightly sealed. I seriously regretted it now.

I started to move slowly to the desk, hoping Eusine wouldn't notice. Unfortunately, he did.

"Where do you think you're going?" he said, blocking the way to my desk.

He looked at the Pokeballs and smirked. "Oh these? Yes…it's too bad they can't help you isn't it?"

Picking up Mega's Pokeball, he held it out of reach. "You want it? Work for it. Come on! Jump!"

Mega and I both glared at him. 'If only he would drop it…'

At that moment, I came up with an idea. I did a low, sweeping kick on the ground, catching Eusine by surprise.

He stumbled, losing his poise, and dropping Mega's Pokeball. 'Yes!'

I reached out to grab it…when Eusine recovered his balance and snatched it in mid-air.

"Clever…" He set Mega's Pokeball back on the desk carefully, making sure Mega wouldn't be released.

Eusine sighed. "Normally I like to play with my toys longer…but you seem to be feistier than my other toys; so I'll just get it over with now."

He walked over to me. I got up, still slightly woozy from the loss of blood after hitting my head. I tried once more to run to the door.

"Haven't you learned that doesn't work?" Eusine grabbed me by the throat again, but threw me on the bed this time.

"Let's get this over with…" he said, lowering himself over me, and holding both my hands over my head, so I couldn't move or lash out.

I struggled furiously as I felt him run his hand under my skirt. "Get off of me!" I screamed.

He smirked, not the least bit intimidated. "Like I said, it'll be all over soon…"

"Ataro, use Swift!!!"

Before I could blink, Eusine was thrown off of me by a multitude of stars. He crashed against the wall and slumped over.

Standing there, in a pile of shattered glass, was Gold. He looked furious, and was panting heavily as he glared at Eusine.

I sat up weakly, trying to get off the bed. Gold noticed me trying to get up, forgetting about Eusine.

"Crys!" He ran over and saw the cut on the side of me head that was still bleeding.

"He hurt you?!?" He glared once more at Eusine. "I swear he's gonna pay…"

"Haunter, use Night Shade!"

A Haunter appeared out of nowhere, firing black beams from its eyes at Ataro. "Aiiii!!!" he squealed.

"Ataro!" Gold yelled. He turned to Eusine, "That was a dirty trick."

Eusine got up, swaying slightly. "I never said I was playing fair."

"Ataro, return!" Gold recalled Ataro, knowing it would be useless to fight a normal Pokemon against a ghost Pokemon.

"Go, Utaro!" Out popped Gold's Sudowoodo. "Woodo!" Utaro cried.

"Use Faint Attack on Haunter!"

Utaro faded away, leaving Haunter confused. "Haunt…?" it said, looking at Eusine questioningly.

"Don't look at me! Look for it!"

"Woodo!" Suddenly, Utaro reappeared knocking into Haunter, who flew through the air, landing next to Eusine.

Eusine looked disgusted. "Don't just lie there; get up! Use hypnosis!"

"Haunt…" It got up weakly, moving its hands back and forth, letting out black circles which hit Utaro.

"Sudo…" Utaro fell asleep, still standing up.

"Utaro!" Gold shook Utaro, who remained sleeping.

"Now use Dream Eater!" Haunter was glowing red and Utaro was starting to emit a red glow as well.

"Wake up! Utaro, wake up!" Utaro slept on, but was starting to look a little weaker. Haunter on the other hand, was perking up a bit.

'Wake up Utaro!' I thought to myself silently. I tried to say it aloud, but stopped when I saw his eyes start to open.

Utaro shook its head a couple of times, "Woodo!"

"Yeah! Good job Utaro! Faint Attack!" Gold said.

Utaro faded away again. Haunter looked around, trying to sense him.

"Sudowoodo!" Utaro appeared next to Haunter, knocking, and fainting him.


"Return!" Eusine looked furious. He reached for another Pokeball, but before he could grab one, Gold was there, holding him by the collar of his cape.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now," Gold hissed through clenched teeth.

Eusine squirmed, "I didn't mean to…"

Gold snapped. "You didn't mean to?!? You didn't mean to try and rape Crys?!?" he roared.

Eusine cowered, "I'm sorry…I won't do it again…"

"I'll make certain you don't do it again." Gold called Utaro over to him. "Finish this piece of trash."

Utaro raised its fist, which glowed a bright green, preparing to use Dynamic Punch.


Gold turned to me. I looked down. "Let him go."

"What?!? We can't just let him go!"

I kept looking down. "I don't want you to regret what happens afterwards. Just get him out of my sight."

Gold sighed. "Hear that? You're lucky Crys was here, or else…" He didn't finish his sentence. "Now get out of here. I never want to see you anywhere near Crys. Get out."

Eusine looked at us both, before getting up, dusting himself off, and strutting proudly out the door.

"…" An awkward silence hung between us.

"…So how was your date?" Gold asked, trying to lighten the mood.

I didn't respond, crying about what had just happened.

"Eh? You're crying?" Gold came over to the bed and sat down next to me, facing away.

I crawled over and hugged him, sobbing on his shoulder. He turned, awkwardly, and patted my back.

"It's over…" he said soothingly.

I sat back slowly as I regained my composure. "…Thank you," I said finally, kissing Gold on the cheek, unexpectedly.

He glanced at me. "So what does this mean?"

I cocked my head. "What does what mean?"

"You know…do you want to go out with me now?"

I smiled. "Yes."

Gold looked shocked. "Really?" Without waiting for an answer, he pulled me onto his lap. I leant against him, enjoying the familiar scent, before I turned and kissed him again on the cheek.

-The Next Day-


Sapph was running towards me and Gold, yelling my name.

"Are you okay? I swear, I'm gonna beat up Eusine!" (I had called Sapph and told her about what had happened the night before.)

At that moment, Blue walked by. "Eusine? He moved away…really unexpectedly too. What happened?"

I told her the whole story, from the second date, to being almost raped, to Gold saving me.

"So are you guys together now?" Blue asked, staring at our clasped hands.

"I guess so," Gold said, grinning as Ruby walked out of the boy's bathroom. Ruby was also grinning (more evilly though), and even Green had a smirk on his normally stoic face.

"Why are you so happy?" Blue said, walking up to Green and giving him a kiss. He raised an eyebrow. "I'm not happy…pesky girl."

Yellow came by, looking worried. "Have any of you guys seen Red? I can't find him."

"Don't worry. He'll be here soon," Ruby said, silently laughing to himself.


The door of the boy's bathroom was opening slowly. We all looked toward the small crack that was open.

"I am not coming out like this." Red's voice came from the tiny gap.

"You made a bet and you lost. Better keep your promise!" Ruby said in a sing-song voice.

We all heard a sigh. "Fine," Red's voice said resolutely. The door opened a bit wider.

"By the way; Yellow's here too," Ruby said.

Immediately, the door snapped shut. "No way am I going out now!!!" yelled Red from behind the door.

"Oh, come on! Help me Green!" Green looked up from the long kiss he and Blue had been sharing, before sighing and walking into the bathroom with Ruby.

Slowly, very slowly, the door opened, with Ruby and Green dragging Red behind them.

"No, no, no!!!" Red yelled. Then he stopped, frozen in shock and humility.

We all stared at him for about a minute…before bursting out in laughter.

Red was wearing the hideous yellow dress from the store where Gold and I had seen Ruby and Sapphire. Only now, the dress had more lace, frills, a big pink bow at the collar, and a yellow bonnet. Red was wearing all of it (bonnet included), carrying a cane, with a pair of Mareep in tow on pink leashes.

"What'd you guys bet on?" Blue said, still laughing hysterically.

Ruby was taking pictures while he answered. "We bet whether Crys would end up with Gold. Red said no, and I said yes. Kinda obvious who won."

Sapphire was rolling on the ground laughing, Green was smiling, and even Yellow was giggling as Red stood there in embarrassment.

Gold pulled me away from them to a quieter spot, still chuckling.

He looked at me nervously. "Blue asked if we were together and I said yes…but I wanted to know if we really are together."

"Of course! I told you yesterday didn't I?" I said in mock annoyance.

"Well, you didn't want to go out with me before…"

I looked at Gold who stared back. "The reason why I said no before was because I was afraid our friendship would end if it turned out badly."

This time he smiled. "It won't turn out bad! It's going to get better from here on out!"

"Now that we're going out…I wanted to give you something." He pulled a long silver chain. At the end of it was a star pendant.

"For you," he said, putting it in my hands. I examined it. It was a beautiful necklace. At the side of the pendant was a clasp. I opened it.

Inside was a small picture of me and Gold. It was one of the pictures we had taken on our date in the mini booth. Our faces were pressed together, smiling happily at the camera.

"Thank you…Help me put it on?" I asked Gold. He took it from my hands and gently slipped it around my neck and clipped it together. Then he kissed me on the neck. "Like it?"

I turned to face him. "I love it…"

Then, I reached around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

Normal P.O.V.

Around the corner of the school, Eusine stood in the shadows, watching Gold and Crystal kissing.

He smirked, "It doesn't matter…soon you'll be mine Crystal…"

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