Rose wasn't going to let the Doctor slip away that easily. As soon as she got the chance, she looked for him on Mickey's computer.

'Doctor' just got some random NHS stuff. 'Doctor living plastic' got some old literature. She tried 'Doctor blue box,' however, and it came up with a site called 'who is Doctor Who?' She clicked n it and thge first thing that came up was a picture of the Doctor.


She went to the address that she had found, of a man called Clive. When she arrived, he showed her his collection of pictures. Somehow, the same man, the same Doctor, was in all sorts of different periods of history. Then Clive voiced his thoery that the Doctor was an alien from another world - and Rose made her excuses and left. She couldn't believe that she had taken this guy seriously. So Mickey took her to a restaurant. He was acting strangely, and she could swear that there was something up with his skin...


"Babe, the Doctor is dangerous," Mickey was telling her. "Now if you know ewhere he is, I need to know..."

"Champagne?" the waiter asked for the third time. Mickey sighed, and looked up to the man, who was standing behind Rose.

"Look, I told you, we don't - ah. Gotcha."

Rose spun around, andf the Doctor smiled at her, before bashing Mickey over the head. Rather than fall unconscious with bits of broken glass showering all over him, as Rose would have expected, his head molded to the bottle, before bouncing up and repelling it. The Doctor dropped the bottle.

"What a waste of good bubbly," he commented, as Mickey stood up - his hands morphing into dangerous implements.

The Doctor said nothing more, only smiled and held up a little spray.

"What good's that?!" Rose yelled at him.

"Polly Cocktail," the Doctor smiled, and sprayed Mickeys shovel-hands. They dissolved, and Mickey screamed in pain. The Doctor grabbed him in a headlock, and pulled his head off.

"Right," he said, pulling out the spray and spraying the rest of the body, which slowly dissolved - even the clothes.

"What's Polly Cocktail?" asked Rose.

"This," the Doctor smiled. "Anyway, hello again, we really must stop meeting like this."

He wandered off, Rose staring after him, beofre follwing him.

"Are you gonna start explaining yourself?!" she yelled at him. They had walked outside by this point, and the Doctor was at the door of his box.

"Um... no," he replied, smiling. "Not really my problem. Of course, you're perfectly welcome to come in here, that should explain everything!"

He opened the door to the box, and walked inside. She stared at the open door for a moment, then ran after him.

Then she ran right out.

"That's not possible," she said, shocked out of ther mind. "That's just not possible."

"Oh stop dallying!" the Doctor yelled out at her. "I want to get off!"

She ran inside again, and convinced her legs to stay put.

It was big, gothic, and dark, with a massive ceiling that was so far up that she couldn't actually see it that well. At the centre was a massive six sided console, with brass levers and knobs.

"Well?" the Doctor asked, from this console. "Anything to say?"



"Bigger. On the inside. Bigger on the inside."


She stared at him. He actually seemed rather bored of having to explain it all to her.

"You're not human," she pointed out.

"I should hope not," he said.

"You're an alien," she continued.

"Well, yes," he said.

"This is a space ship," she added.

"Well, Time Machine really. Time and Space vessel. TARDIS."

She looked at him for a moment.

"Say that again," she asked.

"TARDIS?" he asked. When she nodded, he continued, "stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Or was it Dimension? I can't actually remember."

"You are insane," she pointed out.

"Oh no," he said, suddenly very ernest. "I'm deadly serious. Deadly, deadly serious."

"Yeah? Then why do you dress like a cowboy?" she commented. He sighed, and turned back to his console. Only then did they bothg notice that the plastic Mickey-head he'd attached to the console happened to be melting.

"Oh pants!" the Doctor yerlled, flicking a switch. "Pantspantspants..."

The room suddenly filled with the most horrible noise - like a dying elephant, or a broken trumpet. Rose covered her ears as the room shook - and then it was silent, and the Doctor slammed his fist down on the console in anger.

"I almost had it!" he yelled, storming out of the door he'd come in by. Rose followed him out.


They were near Westminster Bridge, near the riverside. Rose could see the London Eye from here.

"What were you doing with the head?" she asked.

"All Autons -" he began.

"Autons?" she interrupted.

"The technical term for the living dummies," he explained. "As I was saying, all Autons are controlled by a control signal - like remote contol. It must be coming from London somewhere, and I'm trying to find where. It would be a massive structure, possibly circular."

He sighed.

"What about Mickey?" Rose asked him, tentatively. "Is he... dead?"

"Doubtful," the Doctor told her. "They need the original alive when they copy them If we find where the Nestene Consciousness is fast enough, we can stop it from killing him, or launching it's invasion."

"Why do they want to invade?" Rose asked.

"Well, their world is gone, like so many others that were lost during... well, during the war." He suddenly looked very sad, and looked out across London. "Your world is as close to theirs as they can find in this galaxy. So they want it, and they'll kill your whole species to get it."

"Kinda extreme," Rose commented.

"Is it?" the Doctor asked her, his expression as hard as stone. "Extermination for territory is a common thing on this world. America for example - do you know that countless Native Americans were slaughtered because they were on land the colonists wanted? Butchered for land? This is little different, in my opinion."

"Yeah," Rose said, a little defensively. "Doesn't make it right."

The Doctors expression softened slightly. "No," he said. "No it doesn't."

"So, where did you say this Nestene Consciousness thing would be hiding?" Rose asked.

"Under it's transmitter," the Doctor replied, sighing again. "It would be a massive structure, as I said, probably metal. Must be shileded from the naked eye..."

"Well," Rose ventured. "What about that?"

She pointed at the London Eye. The Doctor turned around, and shrugged.

"Don't know what you're reffering to," he told her.

"That!" she said, pointing again. He turned, and looked at her again.

"What?" he asked her, sounding mildly annoyed.

"That!!" she yelled, pointing again. He turned, and didn't turn back for a moment. Then he turned to her again.

"Oh," he said. He looked again, as if weighing up the possiblities. When he turned around again, he was smiling.

"Marvellous! Come on!"

He grabbed her hand and they ran off.