Then I Would
by pari106

Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Rating: eh…G.
Code: M/L; set during Season 1, "Blah blah, Woof woof"

Summary: A drabble…plus some lyrics from a song I can't identify. They seemed to fit
this episode, and though I know the ep's pretty old by now, I felt like writing about it. So
here it is.

Then I Would
by pari106

If I could
then I would
go wherever you would go
way up high
or down low
I'd go wherever you would go…

"You could always come with me…"

God, I would. I would, Max, in a second…if only it weren't for this fragile body. This
fragile city and all the people in it. People who need protecting, saving. If it weren't for
this fragile heart…

You'd break it, Max. Eventually you'd realize you need more than I can give you, and
you'd break my heart. You'd leave me for someone like Zack; someone not fragile.
Someone like you.

But I'd go anyway. I'd damn it all and follow you straight to hell just for a chance to
love you.

If I could.