Leopardstar's secret

Leopardstar's secret

The Clans looked up expectantly at Riverclans leader waiting patiently for her moonly report.

"Uhh…" I've never been as nervous as this just to talk to the Clans! I know tonight is special, but... I still shouldn't be this nervous! Honestly, I'm loosing it!

"Well, Riverclan has two knew apprentices, Dawnflowers kits are now known as Pebblepaw, and Minnowpaw. And sadly, Reedwhisker has now chosen to retire to the Elders den."

Ok Leopardstar, you can do this, take a deep breath, this is it, now or never!

"I have, an… announcement. Even my Clan dosent knows yet!" She giggled nervously. I did NOT just GIGGLE!! I am losing it!

"I guess I'll just come out with it," Oh my StarClan! Can I go through with this?


"What?" Said an insensitive cat from the crowd below.

"She said 'I'm having kits!'!"

"But Mothwing, you're a Med Cat! You can't have kits!" Said a particularly slow cat.

"Not me, Leopardstar!"



"Whose kits are they?"

"What did she say again?"

"I like cheese! And monkeys!"

"What's a monkey?"

"OMS, NO WAY!! We, like, TOTALLY need to have a kit shower! We'll need balloons, cake, streamers, cake, gifts, and cake. Oh, and a whole new WARDROBE!"

Not another one of Leafpools crazy parties!

Onestar turned to me. "Please tell me who the kits father is? I know you don't have to, but please tell me anyway!" He made puppy eyes, witch was strange, considering he was a cat.

"If everyone SHUTS UP I might tell."

The Island was instantly hushed, except for a rather intriguing argument:

"M&M's are way better then Skittles!"



Then a thought crossed my mind. Can they banish me?

"Uh… actually-"I was cut off mid-sentence by a black and white tom floating down from the sky. Tallstar. Foxdung.

"If you don't tell them, I will!"

"No! I could be banished!"

"Starclan won't allow it! And don't argue, I'm in Starclan, and I can make baaad things happen!"

"Why is Tallstar holding a flashlight under his chin?"

"What's a flashlight?"

"I AM THE KITS FATHER!" Yelled the black and white tom with stars in his fur. Typical Tallstar, he thought since he was hard of hearing so was everyone else. The only thing that was heard was a quiet argument about if monkey cheese or flashlight shaped M&Ms where better. And even that eventually quieted with a compromise of a combination of the two. I felt I had to say something.

"What? We fell in love! Think of all the other cross clan relationships, Like Graystripe and Silverstream!"

"WHAT!?" Came an outraged cry from Millie. Opps…"WHO IN STARCLANS NAME IS SILVERSTREAM?!"

"Uhh… Hey Firestar, I'm not feeling so great, I'm gona' head on back to cam-"

"Oh no you DON'T mister! We are going to have a long talk about this."


Poor, pathetic Graystripe.

I cleared my throught. "Well, you get the Idea… But we're in love! Nothing is more powerful then true love, except for maybe 2 year old stinky monkey cheese shaped like a flash light with little M&M/Skittle hybrids in it." That was so random.

"Why are you arguing? I'm fine with it, because I'm such a pushover, and I hate the Warrior code!" Firestar said, trying to be uber kool like Mousefur. He wishes.

Onestar shrugged. "I don't have a problem with it, other then EWEWEWEWEWWWW! MY MIND! IT BURNS!!" He shuddered. I turned slowly to see Blackstar's frozen features.

"Um… Blackie? Are you okay?" Asked the ever concerned Deputy Russetfur. I could understand why she was asking, Blackstars pupils where dilated and his mouth was hanging open.

"Leopardstar, you broke Blackstar!"

"Three cheers for Leopardstar!"

"Hip Hip!"


"Hip Hip"


"Hip Hip!"


"Hip Hi- oh, opps!"

Well that worked out well!

"Hey! Tall, dark and handsome!" I called out to Tallstar. "Did you have a chance to think about names while you where plummeting down to earth?" He smiled, and twined his around mine.

"Your sense of humor has always brung out the best in me. But no I didn't have a chance to think of any names. Anyway, we should wait until we see what they look like! For instance, say you were set on the name, Tinykit but you ended up only having one really massive kit. That name would be hardly suitable, now would it?" I smiled.

"Love you Tallie!"

"Love you more Lep!" He said as he started to dissolve.

"See you in my dreams…"