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Now with that out of the way, on with the story!

Chapter 2 of sorts…

Mothwing POV

"Mothwing! Mothwing! Come quickly!" Yelled Willowpaw. "Leopardstar is kitting! Come quickly!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Sighed Mothwing. Under her breath she added. "Why did I choose her for an apprentice again? She's so whiny! Mothwing this and Mothwing that. It makes me so anxious!" She dug her claws deep into the ground, then calming herself, she walked foreword again, heading for the nursery. "Starclan please shut her UP!" She walked over to Leopardstar, who was staying in the nursery during the kitting. Still grumbling, she checked Leopardstar's vitals. "She's fine, but get me some poppy seeds pain, and lots of borage, the poor thing, this looks like a huge litter."

"Sure Mothwing!" Replied the over eager apprentice. She skipped off singing a song about kaleidoscope eyes, and other strange things, like news paper taxis. What in Starclans name is a taxi? Mothwing wondered. She looked at Leopardstar. And realized that the kits where coming.

"Hurry up with those poppy seeds Willowpaw! The kits are coming, right now!"

"I'm hurry uping Mothwing." Came the desperate cry.

Many cats winced at the horrible grammar that Willowpaw had just uttered. Many more cats winced as they thought of the pain that Leopardstar would be going through shortly. Then the remainder of the clan that was not wincing winced at the heated argument that had just broke out about garden gnomes and fudge.

Three hours later

"FUDGE!" roared one side of the clan.

"GARDEN GNOMES!" Roared the other. The Argument had grown to consist of most of the clan. No agreement had been reached.

"SASSAFRAS TEA!" Yelled a random cat.

"OPTION D) ALL OF THE ABOVE!" Yelled a voice from, coincidentally, above.

"Starclan?" Wondered many cats.

"Moose Jaw, Yellow Knife, White Horse, and Medicine Hat!" Yelled a random cat. All the clan turned and looked at the random cat. His name was Randompaw. He had randomly placed blotches of colours all over his coat. (A/N: Yes I am trying to use RANDOM in all of the sentences I've written, but it's getting tedious, so I'll stop now.)

Just then, Mothwing emerged from the den. She took a deep breath and said:

"Leopardstar says: Option D) all of the above!" Then she collapsed, breathing heavily. For a few seconds she just lay there, and then she jumped up. "Oh yes! Leopardstar has three healthy kits." Then she collapsed again. Very theatrically. But she didn't lay there long; the voice from above had a question.

"Gender? Colour? Personality? Size?"

"Two toms and a she-kit. The first tom is a light brown tabby, with black stripes, and a white underbelly. The second tom is white with orange spots. The she-kit is almost all white, except for her muzzle, her ears, and the tip of her tail, which are black and brown. To early to tell much about there personalities yet, but the first tom seems like a bit of a bully, the second tom is a gentle giant, great Starclan he's HUGE! But he is shy, and so is the she-kit. The she-kit is of average size, the first tom is quite small. Why am I telling the sky this anyway? That is sooo strange!Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase, Hakuna Matata 'ant no passing craze! It means no worries for the rest of your days! It's our problem free! Philosophy! Hakuna Matata!" Mothwing finished her song.

"I know why you're telling me! BECAUSE I AM THE KITS FATHER!!" Said the voice from above, in a very Tallstar-ish way, which made scene, because it was Tallstar.

"WE KNOW!" Howled the Clan in a very pissed off-ish way.

"My tummy rumbled. Teehee!"

"No-cat cares, Randompaw!" One of the cats informed him, just a tad on the rude side.

"I know isn't it GREAT!" He squealed. Cats wondered how that cat knew how to breath.

Tallstar solidified and walked over to the nursery.

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