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Dramatic Monologue:  A Zergling's Observations

As my final project in this course, I am writing a short novel (novella?) based on the computer game, Starcraft.  This dramatic monologue ties into that story.  In this poem, two of the alien insectiods known as "Zerglings" (a subspecies of a much larger race, the Zerg), are trying to decipher a very strange behaviour of their human (a.k.a. Terran) allies.  The Marines the Zerglings are "studying" are engaging in a male bonding ritual - watching football and drinking beer – and the Zerglings are trying to figure out what's going on.  I think this shows a humourous, but strangely accurate view of what another species might think of some of the oddities of human behaviour. 

Disclaimer:  Starcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment, not me (unfortunately).  If you don't know that, then you've been stuck in an SCV for the last 5 years!  Anyway, on to the poem:

A Zergling's Observations

Do you see them, Brother?

The Terrans over there.

It was a good idea, I must admit,

To spy on them.

To report our findings back to our Gracious Queen

But how do we report on this strange behaviour?

I know these Terrans well, for you and I

Have fought our enemies side by side with them.

They are Marines – I think that's what they're called,

The Terrans that shoot with weapons like a Hydralisk's

       poisonous spines.

They do not tear their prey like us Zerglings do.

But now, they are not shooting things.

As you can see, Brother, they seem to be drinking a strange liquid

Out of those small, metal cans.

I wonder what it tastes like?

And their attention is fixed on that strange, flickering box.

What is that box?

Quick, Brother, follow me!

We can hide behind that Bunker and watch them unseen

For while we may be allies with these Terrans

We are still far from friends.

What is so fascinating about that box?

It's flickering so fast, my insect eyes, so different from Terrans'

Cannot exactly see what is in it

But I can sometimes catch a flash, an image.

There appear to be small Terrans in the box.

Are there truly Terrans that small?

No, Terrans are not like us Zerg.

While we range from the tiny Hatchery Drone, to the mighty 


Terrans are only one size.

The illusion Terrans have fascinated the Marines

But I can't see why.

The images are running around aimlessly, tossing a small, brown

       oval-shaped object.

They are making a lot of noise

Though not as much as the Terrans watching them.

What strange behaviour! 

Brother, let's continue to watch.

Ah!  What was that?!

The Terrans are shouting – it sounds like battle cries!

They must have spotted us!

Quick, Brother!  Burrow!

They're gone…

Brother, the Terrans have left,

And the flickering box is dead,

But they left their metal cans behind.

What an opportunity, Brother!

Now's our chance to study the cans

The Queen will be so pleased!

Ugh!  This stuff tastes awful!

How can the Terrans drink it?

And why am I so dizzy, all of a sudden?

Why's my vision blurrrrrred…?

Why is … isssssssssss?

Goonigh Brotherrrr.