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Mitsuki looked at the man right in front of her his black hair was tied back and his bright blue eyes looked at her searchingly. It had been months since Takuto had regained his memories and they were now sitting in her room laughing and talking. It was the best thing in the world, according to Mitsuki and Takuto. A breeze hit Mitsuki's face and whipped her hair forward. Both her and Takuto, faced the window in confusion.

"There was no breeze earlier today," commented Takuto.

"Yeah," agreed Mitsuki.

At that precise moment the door opened and Mitsuki's grandmother came in.

"Obaasan," said Mitsuki, snapping her head in the direction of the door, a bit surprised.

"Mitsuki, please shut the window. It is very strange but, there is going to be a storm coming soon." And with that Mitsuki's grandmother closed the door and left. Mitsuki stood up to open the window and then, collapsed.

The last thing she heard was Takuto's voice yelling, " Mitsuki!"