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Warnings: Yaoi, character death

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"Do you wonder what happens after life, Sasuke?" the blonde boy whispered.

"Don't ask such questions, Naru-chan. It's depressing." The taller boy mumbled back. The blonde nodded and cuddled closer to the raven-haired teen. Naruto smiled and closed his eyes.

They were laying in the bed in the hospital, where the blonde currently lived. He had been staying there ever since they discovered that he was carrying on the deadly virus known as AIDS.

"You're going to be fine. And you know what, Sakura and the others are visiting tomorrow, remember?" Sasuke smiled sadly and hugged his beauty harder. "Sleep, Naru-koi."

"I love you, Uchiha Sasuke."

"I love you too, Uzumaki Naruto." But when Sasuke said this, Naruto was already dead.