I fell in love with Sunny and Kyle at the end of Ms Meyer's book and they just didn't want to leave me alone untill I did something about it. I figured I may as well share it.

This is my second try posting this fic here, the last time the paragraphs got a little mixed up. I have absolutely no idea how that happened. Let's see how it goes this time.

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Chapter One: Waking Up

Sunny's POV

She was sitting in the arms of a man, a beautiful rugged looking man with huge hands that rested on her shoulders. The two of them were lounging on a blanket under a tree and the man, his name is Kyle, held her close to him. She was curled up on his lap and he stroked her hair. The chest she leaned against felt hard and the arms circling her we firm. She could feel the steady beat of his heart reverberating against her and after a while, her heart's pace matched his. For the longest time it was as if the two of them were the only people left in the world. She felt lazy and happy. She could hear a stream of water bubbling past and a light breeze blew a strand of hair across her cheek, it tickled. She looked up into his dark blue eyes and his hand pushed the strand of hair back in place. It felt warm and tender. Her arms snaked around his chest, her fingers barely meeting behind his back and his lips lightly touched the top of her head. There were birds singing and she sighed. She felt safe, like nothing could touch her. Although he is huge and his arms can crush her without even trying, they embraced her with a gentle tenderness. His lips moved to her ear and he whispered softly.

"I love you. I will always love you. No one will ever take you away from me. I will always keep you safe. I promise..."

The last of his words were almost drowned out by a different voice calling her name: "Sunlight Passing Through the Ice, can you hear me? How are you feeling? Is the No Pain working?"

Sunlight Passing Through the Ice opens her eyes and the healer looks down at her kindly, almost like a mother looking at her child. "These hosts' bodies are so beautiful." She whispers to the healer next to her. "Look at this one's black eyes and tiny features. She is lucky to have such a pretty host."

But she doesn't feel lucky. There is an unbearable sadness at the centre of her body. Her stomach? No that's not it. It is called her heart. It feels empty and it hurts. A wetness spills down what is called her face and she thinks it is her hand that she lifts up to stroke at the moisture.

"What is the matter? Are you feeling okay? "

She speaks her first words in this host body and to herself it sounds uncertain: "I don't know."

"Give her time," the other healer says. "You know some hosts are prone to this kind of a thing."

The healer nods and after a few minutes of silence: "Have you taken on all the information from your host's body? Are you comfortable? "

Sunlight Passing Through the Ice nods and tries to smile. It doesn't take long to get the knowledge. Minutes really. But the ache refuses to leave. "I think I may need some more No Pain. There is a pain here." She points to her heart.

The healers exchange glances again. "Don't worry sweetheart. It is going to be okay. This happens sometimes, but it will go away in a few days. It is normal for this species."

But Sunlight Passing Through the Ice is not sure that a feeling this intense will ever go away. How can anything fill this emptiness inside?