Epilogue: Acceptance

A short epilogue to tie things up.

Kyle's POV

It's been three months. Three months since he found her and brought her back here to the caves. Three months of putting up a brave face not wanting to show her his pain. But he knows that she sees it anyway. He's grateful that she doesn't ask because he's not one for talking. She seems to respect that.

Some nights he wakes up in a cold sweat with her small arms holding him, her voice making soothing sounds, her body rocking his. Those nights all he can do is cling to her and quietly sob into her shoulder until he either falls back to sleep or his mouth find hers and his hands roam her body, both of them aroused.

The days are easier. There is always something to do. They accepted her quicker than they did Wanda and now she's part of the family. On his first raid after bringing her back he found her sitting in the back seat of the Jeep between Wanda and Melanie. And he was not happy. She just waved her hand dismissively and said that it was time for her to make herself useful, and besides Wanda and Mel need a break from time to time. When Ian and Jared grinned behind their hands he knew he was beaten. He found that he actually like this new independent stubborn Sunny.

He continues to compare her actions with Jodi's but less so with each passing day. A part of him will always long for Jodi, but he's fallen in love with Sunny. He sees this as his second chance at being happy.

He thinks he's finally starting to let go.