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My mind and heart were screaming no, but my gut was telling me that I needed to be here. I sat with my truck idling staring at his house while steady tears streamed down my face. It had been a nice day today, not like it mattered, but had quickly turned into a stormy night. The lightening lit up the house making it seem more empty and ominous, taunting and reminding me that I was alone, and he really was gone. Unlike his promise, nothing would ever be the same; my life couldn't just jump back on track as if it were as simple as a derailed train. It will never be as if he hadn't ever existed because without him I could no longer exist.

The pain was building and I longed to be inside the house. Without putting too much thought into it, I turned off the ignition and slowly started walking up the path to the porch the rain soaking my hair and clothing. Without the sound of my truck's engine roaring the silence and stillness was eerie and almost unsettling. I stepped up to the door so I could stand under the roof, but didn't dare touch anything fearing that I would fall apart. I lowered myself onto the top step and rested my head on my knees as the tears began flowing more freely this time. I had done everything I could to not think about him or that night in the woods and had succeeded up until now.

The house showed little to no signs of inhabitants making it seem like all I had to do was knock and Carlisle or Esme would be there to open the door, and Edward would be sitting at his piano. The thought of Carlisle's name sent off a tiny spark inside me, or maybe it was just the lightening, either way I thought I felt something. I had always tried to ignore it but there had been a small part of me that saw Carlisle in a different light that I couldn't explain, but then again I never really paid attention to it. I imagined his blond hair and god like features, the swift way his hands moved as he tended to any injuries I received. Since I'd never given myself a chance to really consider the possibility of being with him, it felt wrong doing it now. But regardless, I wished he was here with me right now, mending my broken heart like he fixed my broken bones.

I wasn't sure if I had imagined it or not, but I could have sworn I heard something from inside the house, a very faint sound barely audible over the rain. After a minute or two of sitting very still and listening intently, I figured I had just imagined it or that maybe a small animal had found its way inside. I turned my head to the left and gazed into the trees when something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and my gaze shifted to the window next to the door. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to what I was seeing, and then another second to register what it could be.

A silhouetted figure.

Someone, or maybe something peering at me from inside of the house. Instantly my body reacted as a scream forced itself out and I jumped to my feet only to lose my balance and tumble off the porch, my head slamming into the gravel. I struggled to keep consciousness and get up to run away; I could hear a door open and close from somewhere. I tried to sit up, to retreat from the footsteps I heard coming towards me but I collapsed onto the gravel. I rolled over on to my back, maybe I could fight it off, but as two hands reached down for me, my eyes rolled back and I slipped under.

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