It only took a few days after the engagement for us to realize that having an actual ceremony with friends and family would be an unwise decision. The reason being very obvious, even though Carlisle and I had been seeing each other for several months, Alice was the only one who knew; and to sit down and try to explain to everyone the situation would be impossible, and it would be likely that it wouldn't be accepted being that Carlisle looks as if he's at least ten years older than myself. I had already graduated, and had my acceptance letter from Alaska, so it was pretty clear what would happen next; Carlisle, Alice and I would move to Alaska; and college would wait until after my transformation and my adjustment into being a vampire. As for the marriage itself, we decided that a courthouse and signed papers would be enough and even with Alice sulking in the corner it was perfect.

"Hey! Guess what?!" Alice said from behind me.

"What?" I groaned from the exertion of trying to tape up the last over flowing box of my belongings from Charlie's house. Charlie had been scarce the past few days and I guessed it was because he was avoiding saying good-bye.

"Well, Jasper is coming back and he's going to live with us in Alaska!"

"That's great!" I responded, Jasper had been down South with some old friends and I was surprised it had taken him this long to come back.

"Here let me help you…" Alice said taking the tape from me and swiftly closing the box.

"Oh!" Alice gasped suddenly, dropping the tape. I briefly panicked until I recognized the blank expression as her having a vision and sat patiently until it ended. She sat there silently for a very long time and I started to get worried until finally she spoke.

"Hmm.." She said thoughtfully.

"Is everything okay?"

"Well, I'm not sure. This has been happening a lot lately and I just don't understand why he's being so secretive all the sudden!" Alice said with frustration. She picked the tape up and set it on the empty desk before sitting down in the office chair and folding her tiny hands in her lap.

"It's Edward, isn't it." I whispered. I didn't need to ask her who she was having visions of, but I couldn't stop the words from slipping out. I sat there in a sort of trance staring at the carpet imagining all the horrible things that could be wrong.

"Now don't get all upset, he's fine. He's actually been staying with the Denali Coven for awhile, but lately I've been having odd flashes of him; they're not clear, and he's absolutely furious, but he's trying to keep me from seeing what he's doing."

I couldn't speak. The fact that Alice had been having visions of him was reassuring in that I knew he was okay, but I could think of only one reason as to why he'd stay with the Denali. Tanya. I was instantly annoyed reminiscing on all the times he assured me that he felt nothing for her, but there he was. I tried to tell myself I was being silly and that it was none of my concern, what place did I have to be so upset when I had already committed myself to Carlisle, but I just kept reasoning that I had no choice in Edward's absence and only made my decision to move on after he made it clear he wasn't coming back. I glanced down at the beautiful wedding band on my left hand and thought of Carlisle and all the wonderful and caring things he had done for me. He stayed when no one else did, he didn't insist on me staying human because he knew it wasn't what I wanted, he didn't make me sit through an embarrassing marriage ceremony because he understood it wasn't for us, he hasn't forced me to do anything I didn't want to do giving me everything and nothing all at the same time. I was happy; Carlisle had brought me back when I was drowning in my own black pit of despair and, in a way I sort of owed him; but most of all, I loved him. Truly, and completely, and more than I had ever loved anyone or thought I was capable of loving someone.

"Bella?" Alice said from beside me; I hadn't even noticed her move but she probably did it faster than it took me to blink.

"I see your future with Carlisle, and you're happy and you love each other and--"

"I know, Alice. I have no doubts; it was just a shock to think about Edward again." I looked up at her with tears in my eyes. We sat for a moment staring at each other until finally she embraced me in a cool, but loving hug.

"We're sisters, Bella, forever and always. I will always be there for you no matter what and whatever happens I will protect you." I giggled at this thinking of tiny, little Alice protecting me, even if she was virtually indestructible.

"Someday you won't have to." I said smiling to myself. "So when will Jasper be here?"

"He should be back tomorrow at the latest, he left a few days ago but he just called me earlier today. Alright well lets finish packing here so we can get back to the house."

All that was left was to load up my truck, Charlie still wasn't home yet but I planned to come back later and catch him off guard so he had to say goodbye. I stared blankly out the window on the drive back to the Cullen's house; or my house….my other house. It was still weird to think that the Cullen house was now also my house, as well as the Cullen name. I couldn't help but think about Edward, and especially about Alice saying he seemed upset about something and being evasive. It was slowly eating me up inside trying to figure it out; I wanted to forget about the whole thing and focus on the more important things like my move and Carlisle. I wanted…no needed, to see him and touch him and feel his strong, cool embrace and relish in him as a whole. He had gone hunting earlier when I left for Charlie's but that was hours ago and he would be finished by now, probably in his office packing the last of his books. Not everything would be packed up since the house still belonged to him, but the things we would need to be away for awhile were coming with us. We pulled onto the familiar road surrounded by forest and my heart immediately picked up the pace knowing that soon I would be in his arms. I was practically bouncing in my seat and almost didn't hear Alice say that something wasn't right; but it didn't matter because at that moment we drove out of the trees and up into the driveway to see Carlisle's limp body thrown out of a third story window.

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Chapter 13: Take one

Giving Alice complete control over every aspect of the wedding was both a blessing, and a curse; I enjoyed not having to do anything since this wasn't my sort of thing anyways, but she was constantly asking questions to which I had no answers to.

"Okay, which pink is better, this one….or this one?" Alice asked holding up two roses that looked exactly the same to me.


"Or maybe we shouldn't do pink, that's very baby shower-esque and lord knows your not pregnant. How about a blue- no that's another baby shower color?"




"Bella, are you even paying attention?" Alice was now blocking my vision of the space I was absent mindedly staring into.

I Sighed.

"No, not really, I-"

"Bella! Do you even care!" Her voice was shrill and surprised. Of course this was Alice; she just could not comprehend how someone could care so little about something 'so big' as she would refer to it.

"Yes, I do care, it's just that this isn't really something I know much about. I don't think I've ever even been to a wedding. All I know is I wear a white dress, and he wears a tux; as to what the appropriate color of flowers or the design on the invitations or the type of cake, I have no idea about any of it. It all looks nice to me."

Alice stood there staring at me with a blank expression, one hand gracefully placed on her hip. I knew she wasn't going to let this go until I had an opinion about something. I sighed again.

"How about lilac?"

Not two seconds after the words left my mouth did her face light up and I quickly discovered that that's all I have to do to get through this, just pick something and she'll be fine. After that it was easy; I was sure not to choose the first thing she showed me, because then she'd know that I was just picking stuff to make her happy, but also wouldn't wait too long because then she'd assume I was losing interest again. And I was willing to do anything to speed up this process and get back to Carlisle. The guy had it so easy, all he had to do was go pick out a tux, and how hard can that be, they all look the same. I swear I'm not even going to want cake at my wedding because I had spent nearly a day at a cake shop with Alice trying every cake, every frosting, picking out the style of lettering, and the two figures I wanted on the top. I giggled to myself imagining a scene from an old horror film, a Dracula complete with a black and red cape and a damsel in distress placed on top of my wedding cake. Of course we could never do it, but how fitting, and unfitting, it would be; not to mention hilarious.

After a very long day, we finally headed home and I was so anxious to just lay in bed with Carlisle and forget the whole thing. Of course I still wanted to get married, I just didn't want to think about the actual ceremony anymore today…or tomorrow either, for that matter. Maybe a nice hot bath would calm me down and release the tension that had built up in my back and shoulders, or maybe I could ask Carlisle to give me a massage. I almost giggled to myself when suddenly Alice seemed to lose control of the car and began swerving all over the road; I glanced at her blank expression and reached for the wheel.

"Alice!" I screamed while trying to right the car that was headed straight into the barrier guarding the side of the bridge. I'd never tried to pull her out of a vision before and I didn't know if it could be done.

"Alice please! Please come back!!" I was steering the car the best I could from obstacles but her foot seemed to be pressing down more on the accelerator. She already drove faster than I would ever dare and now the speed was increasing and I didn't know how much longer I could control it until my human reaction time was too slow and we crashed. Alice gasped and her whole body convulsed into one exaggerated shudder; it only took her a second to realize what was going on and she grabbed the wheel slamming on the breaks and spinning us an inch away from a tree. I collapsed in her lap crying hysterically and feeling drained from the adrenaline and panic.

"I'm so sorry Bella, are you alright!? That's never happened to me before!!" I could barely hear her over my own sobs, my whole body was shaking. She held me until I calmed down, stroking my back for comfort; eventually my sobs stopped but I still felt drained and slightly bruised.

"How are you feeling?" Alice asked me.

"Not sure yet, my whole body is aching." I sat up and sunk into the passenger seat. We sat in silence the rest of the way home, I kept waiting for her to tell me about her vision but she hadn't said a thing. It was unlike her and as we pulled up to the house I couldn't take it anymore and decided to ask her what she saw.

"It's Edward," she said, "he's in town….and he knows about the wedding."