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Jack stared at the white house with wide frightened eyes. His heart was pounding in his ears as he took deep uneven breaths. 'It's a new start Jack.' His social workers words repeated themselves over and over in his mind. Of course it was a new start but that didn't mean it would be a new out come. This woman wouldn't be any different then the rest of them. She would use him for the money and then abuse him to get her jollies.

Jack tightened his arms around his waist as he continued to stare at the house. Not moving an inch. Afriad that if he did the elderly woman standing in the front doors arch way would punish him. For the past fifteen minutes she had been staring at him with her soft beady eyes. It was almost like she was picking him apart. Piece by piece.

But not once had she asked him to enter the house. So Jack remained unmoving. Not wanting to start off on the wrong foot.

He wondered if him staring at the house with wide eyes was upsetting her. His face took on an instant look of panic at that new worry. He quickly ducked his head. Allowing his mop of blond locks to cover his dull, lifeless eyes.

You would figure a seven year old boy would at least have a speck of life in his doe eyes. Most seven year olds did. But Jack wasn't one of them. He had seen to much in his short life. Had been used to the point of almost breaking completely.

If he counted correctly this would be his ninth foster home in the last year and a half. That must have been some kind of record, he thought sadly.

"Jack..." The soft spoken words had Jack jumping in surprised as he slowly lifted his head to stare at the woman once more. This time his face showing nothing but confusion. This was the first time he had heard her speak since Drew his social worker had dropped him off. He expected her voice to sound like everyone elses. But her's didnt hold the anger or the disgust for him. Her's was soft and motherly in a way. Her gaze was also.

Evelyn smiled inside as she saw that she had finally caught Jack's attention. She had been trying for what seemed like the last half an hour. But staring at him just seemed to scare him even more she thought sadly. Poor boy had been through so much in his life. As many years as she's been taking in foster kids she hadn't came across one that had half the background Jack had. No child should go through anything close to what Jack had suffered she thought as she finally released her hold on the door frame. She hand't even realized she was holding it as tight as she was. As she flexed her fingers the muscles protested from being bent for such a long period.

"Would you like to come in?" She asked softly making sure to keep her voice a mer whisper. She wondered slightly if he heard her but from the look of surprise that instantly captured his face she knew he had. She felt her heart contract some. This poor boy, she thought once more. He was shocked that she was asking him inside his own house! What did those monsters do to him? She questioned silently as she saw the battle rage on inside Jack.

At her question Jack wondered if she was joking. Was she testing him in a way? Was she going to put him in his place? He shivered at the thought as his arms seemed to tighten even more. He felt like he couldn't breath but he continued to hold himself. It made him feel safe kinda. Jack was throughly confused. He didn't know how to answer her question with out getting himself into trouble. He felt tears sting his eyes. He didn't want to cry but the thought of receiving another beating was just to much for the seven year old to handle. "Jack." Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts as his eyes once more connected with her soft ones. He felt like he could trust her. Witch was strange. He hadn't trusted a soul for such a long time.

But what would happen if he didn't answer her? Would she just leave him outside?

The day was dieing away. The sun slowly lowering witch meant the temperature was also. Causing Jack to shiver due to him only being clad in a pair of loose fitting jeans and a stained top that use to be white. But you couldn't tell from all the dirt subsiding on it. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to answer her. If she was lieing to him it wouldn't be the first time, and it wouldn't be the last. He my's well figure out what kind of person she was up front, he thought as he nodded his head slowly.

Her smile seemed to widen even more as she threw her arms out in front of her. Even though she was a slight distance away from him the action still caused Jack to jump backwards. A sqeak escaping him. The only sound he had made since he arrived a short time ago.

Evelyn frowned as she allowed her arms to fall at her sides. She had finally made a slight prgress and here she had to ruin it. She felt pissed at herself but hopped it didn't show on her face. She had been standing in the middle of the door for a while now and she knew her other boys would be getting home soon and they would want food. She had to find a way to get Jack inside. She scrunched her face up in thought before it once more broke out in to a smile. Confusing Jack even more then before.

"Jack dear...do you like to cook?" She once again asked the question softly. Waiting till he was ready to answer. She prayed he at least nodd.

Jack repeated the question in his mind for a few seconds. Did he? He did enjoy watching his foster mothers cook but he was never allowed in the kitchen. He also wasn't allowed to eat any of the food so he resented them for that. Did that mean he resented cooking also? He also scrunched his face up as he released his hold on himself. He reached up with a shaky hand and rubbed it over his tired eyes. He started to nodd his head but thought better of it. What if she allowed him in his kitchen and he broke something. Then she would be furious with him! He felt like his heart would explode at the thought of the woman in front of him hitting him. He instantly shook his head from side to side. So fast in fact he felt he had given himself whip lash.

Evelyn's smile faded a little. "Oh..." She drew her bottom lip in wards a little as she thought some more. "Why don't you take a nap then as I cook dinner?"

The mention of sleeping had Jack finally realizing how tired he really was. He hadn't gotten any sleep last night due to his mind wondering about the exact lady standing before him. Plus the other kids in the orphanage they had placed him in for a few days were wide awak also. Most of them wanting to cause trouble and play all night. He nodded his head some.

"Good...then come on inside dear and I'll show you your room." She whispered as she turned around slowly. Her grayish hair swishing as she started to walk inside. Hopping beyon anything that Jack would follow her. She didn't know how much more she could take of being outside.

Jack watched her enter the empty house and wondered if he had truly done something wrong this time with out knowing it. He was good at that. He clasped his hands together and rubbed to gain warmth back in to them. He itched to have a cigeratte. Just one puff but figured the elderly lady wouldn't like that to much. Plus he had smoked his last one a few nights ago. Witch meant he had to fine a way to a grocery store to 'gain' a new pack.


He cringed as he heard her soft voice yell for him. He sighed as his feet seem to start moving on their own. He wished he had enough strength to hold them back. But they still continued to move. Stopping just before he entered the house. He still didnt trust her all that well. What would she do to him when he entered the house? When the door was shut behind him? When she locked the world out.

She stared at him confused for a moment before a short laugh sliped through her parted lips. Jack frowned deeper wanting nothing more then to yell at her. To curse her out for laughing at him. But he knew he couldn't. He would be skinned alive if he dared.

She reached up to brush a few fingers through her unwildly hair. "I really don't have time for this." She whispered more to herself then to the poor kid outside. He looked as if he was scared to even breath a breath of air inside her house. She wanted to reach out and shake him. To push him into the house but knew that would only throw her back hundreds feet more. She couldn't offered that.

"How about I explain to you where your room is and then I start working on dinner. You can come in whenever you want to. Sound good Jack?" She asked a question to him once more for what felt like the fifth time. He hadn't answered yet and she wasn't that surprised to receive no answer then. She sighed. "Your room is the second one to the right." She explained softly her eyes softening as she stared at him. Giving him a slight nod of the head she turned around and was gone in matter of seconds.

Probably trying to get as far away from him as possible, he figured. She was no different then everyone else. Wanting nothing to do with him. He took a deep breath as he waited a few minutes. Wondering if the door was going to be slammed shut in his face. Wondering if the whole talk about his bedroom was just a silly joke at his expense. He knew his place. He was to sleep outside like all the other fosters homes insited.

But still after standing there for a few minues and the door remained open. Jack coughed a little wondering if the old lady had crocked. His eyes scanned all around him. Back and forth as he very slowly moved forward. His legs shaking as he took one giant step inside the house. The warmth instantly filling him.

He heard a soft humming sound coming from what he thought was the kitchen. He felt light headed as he continued to move farther in the house. His heart was pounding so fast he wished a few times that it would just stop. He stopped moving as he reached the beginning of the old stair way. He shut his eyes tightly as he waited for the sounds of heels clicking on wooden floors. Waited for the harsh words directed at him. But still nothing came. Jack was very confused by now and felt tears sting his eyes. He hated being confused. He turned his head to the left and then to the right, making sure he saw no sight of the old lady. Once he was sure she wasn't around he rushed up the stairs. Taking two at a time.

He tried to remember what room she said was his but truthfully Jack wasn't even paying any attention to her. He thought what she had been saying was all a lie so he didn't figure there was any point in listening. As he stopped by a random door he hopped he was right as he pushed it open. He didn't bother with turning the lights on. The window that was facing the door didn't seem to have a curtain on it so it gave off the light from the sun. He saw that the room looked simple enough. A bed, window, small desk near the far corner and a bunch of posters that held hocky players on them. There was also hocky sticks laying around and tons of clothes. Jack instantly knew this wasn't his room but he was to tired to even really care. He moved like a robot as he dropped down onto the unmade bed. Face first half on and half off. He wrapped his arms underneath his head acting as a pillow as his eyes slowly closed. He was out in a matter of seconds. His soft breathing the only sound that could be heard.

Evelyn was so busy with cooking dinner she hadnt even really thought to see if Jack had came inside or not. She hopped he had. She slowly stopped whipping the spoon around the plastic bowl in her hands as she turned her head slowly toward the direction that lead to the front room. Should she check on him? Would he think that she thought he was a baby if she did? Scrunching her face up once more she sighed. Lowering her head to stare at the mixture of food in the bowl for a few seconds. She slowly lowered it to the counter top that held a bunch of different things that she was using also. "Dinner has to wait." She whispered to herself as she moved quickly out of the kitchen. Her shoulders squared as she rouned the corner. If Jack wasn't inside yet she was going to have to pull the guns on him. She hated doing it but the boy was going to catch his death.

She stopped right at the door that was still opened. Her arms coming up to wrap around her waist as a gush of cold wind blew in. She squanted her beady eyes looking out into the distance of her wide yard. No signs of Jack. The sky had blacken a lot now and she wondered if he had came inside. Would he of shut the door? He was probably scared she would yell if he did. She nodded her head as she slowly slammed it shut. After she had done it though she regretted it. She hopped the noise hadn't woken Jack up. She turned her eyes up toward the stair way for a few seconds a soft smile on her face.

He'll be fine once he meets the others, she thought. She knew Jerry would instantly act as the father figure like he did with Angel. He would try to teach Jack new things. At the thought of her middle son she smiled shaking her head some. He would make a great dad some day.

Angel she wasn't that worried about either. She knew he would be jealous with him being the youngest at the moment. But she didn't think he would take out his frustrations on Jack. Angel had the need to protect weaker people then him. Now that Jack was a Mercer Angel wouldn't harm him in any way.

That just left Bobby. Evelyn knew her oldest son had a wild streak about him. He had a rage that could burn fire but she also knew he wouldn't harm one of his brothers if his life depended on it. She knew once he meet Jack he would take to him like water and fire. He would see Jack as a challenage set up for him to conqour. And knowing Bobby he would..sooner or later.

The smell of smoke broke her from her thoughts as her eyes widen. "My chicken!" She yelled not thinking of waking Jack, or scaring him as she rushed out of the room faster then she would if a bee was chasing her. She stopped as she yanked the oven open. A hand reached out to slap over her mouth as she sighed. Ruin..Black as the night sky. She shook her head reaching out to turn the oven off. "Looks like pizza tonight boys." She whispered into the silence of the room.

It was late into the night when Bobby Mercer arrived back home. Everyone had already had their pizza and went on to bed. The day's events taking a toll on Evelyn. No one had the heart to wake the still sleeping Jack though. So they stuffed away a few pieces of pizza for him and Bobby in the fridge before heading off.

Bobby groaned as tried to shut the door quietly but only ended up making the old wood work squeak even more. He stumbled a little as he pushed himself away from the frame and slowly started to walk toward the stair way. He misjudged his diestantion though and ended up walking right into the kitchen. Almost catching the corner wall by accident.

Bobby Mercer had, had a tireing day. He played hocky of course with his brothers and after beating the asses of just about everyone there he decided he would head out to the bar get some drinks in before he had to arrive back home for dinner. To say his day didn't go as plained would be an understatment. He ended up killing someone once more and then washed away his worries with tons and tons of mixed drinks, beer, whatever you can name he had.

At the moment his body ached and his head pounded. He wanted nothing more then to jump into his warm bed and sleep for at least a few months but his stomach growled loudly like it had been doing for the past few hours. Being like any other man his stomach always got first prioraty. He yanked the fridge handle open loosing his balance once more as his hand was still holding it as it flung outwards. He cursed softly under his breath not wanting to wake his mother. She would flip if he did at this time of night.

His eyes searched back and forth and seemed to scan over the pizza many times before he finally seemed to see it. He reached in and grabbed the first plate and slammed the fridge shut. Dropping down into a wooden chair he started to chew away. Normally his mind would of registered the second plate full of pizza but he was just to drunk to even see clearly. He sure hopped what he was currently stuffing in his mouth was pizza.

After a few minutes of eating he had finally finished off the whole plate of pizza. Leaving his plate on the table he made his way up the stairs. Holding onto the railing more to keep his balance then for support. The stairs creaked under his weight and Bobby rolled his eyes. If Evelyn didn't buy new doors and stairs he was sure to be caught next time. He somehow seemed to find his room in the darken hall way. Kicking it open he allowed it to swing back shut gently. He leaned back agains the door for a few minutes taking deep breaths. As he kicked his shoes off and threw his shirt onto the floor he moved toward his bed. His pants fell down to the floor and he steped out of them as he moved onto the bed quickly as the cold air hit his sweaty body.

"God i'm freezing." His husky voice whispered into the silence of the room.

He closed his eyes and stretched as far as he could. But before he fully threw his arms out and his legs he hit something solid. His eyes opened slightly as he reached out blindly searching for the object he hit. But as his hands touched what felt like material and flesh he felt very confused. Since when did he have someone in bed with him?

He moved closer to the sleeping figure as he sqaunted his eyes hopping to see in the dark but still nothing. He continued to allow his hands to run up and down the body trying to figure out who it was. But as his hands stopped at the top of a pair of jeans his eyes widen even more. He couldn't tell before from the thin frame of the figure but now as he touched the jeans he knew it was a boy.

"What the fuck!" He screamed as he seemed to come back to his sinses. He felt the body stiffen beneath his touch.

Everything that happened next seemed to play out like if it was a movie. Jack opened his eyes quickly and as he heard the male voice and felt the hands touching him he freaked. He jumped out of the bed as if it was on fire and moved to the farthest corner of the room. Curling up in a ball as tight as he could. He clenched his eyes shut and soft whimpers could be heard escaping him. He rocked himself as tears formed in his eyes. He knew this family was to good to be ture. The moment he closed his eyes somebody was trying to..to touch him like the rest of the males did at the other homes.

Bobby had now sat up in bed stared at the spot Jack moved to. He wondered what the fuck was going on. Then it all seemed to come back to him. Like a running time bomb. His mother's new foster kid was arriving today. He knew there had to be a reason why he had to make it back for dinner, he just couldn't remember it. But why was he sleeping in his room?

Bobby shook his head as he slowly stood up. His tight muscles cracking as he moved along the carpet floor toward Jack's curled up frame. He bent down and slaped his hands on his knees to balance his drunken self. He knew in the back of his mind he shouldn't of been talking to the other. He should of just got up and went to get his ma. She would know what to do. But she would also scold him for being drunk and Bobby being well Bobby hated to be treated like a kid. So he decided to handle the situation on his own.

"Listen kid." He started holding his hands out in front of him now as Jack seemed to whimper louder at the sound of his voice. "I didn't know you were in my bed." He made sure to put great point on the word 'my'.

Jack felt his eyes widen alittle more as he started to cry louder. He had asked for it then. He was after all in the others bed. What was he to do now? He thought as he continued to rock back and forth. The only thing that came to mind was to get up and allow the other to finish what he was doing.

Jack felt his heart stop as he slowly opened his eyes. He moved to stand up finally noticing just how close the other was. He could smell the booze on the male's breath and that seemed to make Jack's stomach drop even lower. Tonight was not going to end right for him, he thought as he walked past the other. Making sure to keep his head down. He had no right to stare at the owner of the house. He was after all a guest. He dropped down onto the bed in a sitting postion.

Jack really didn't want to talk but he knew he had to get his point across as he saw the look of confusion on the males face. He was probably surprised that Jack was just going to allow him to take him, with out putting up any fight. He cleared his throat as he slowly opened his mouth. "I...I'm sorry." He whispered his throat raw from not using it in a matter of weeks.

He reached up and with shaky hands threw his shirt off of his body. It landed somewhere on the ground near the other piles of dirty clothes. Fits in nicely Jack thought. He then leaned back onto the bed. The soft sheets doing wonders to his cut up, brusied back. His hands were shaky to the point that he couldn't seem to grip the button on his jeans to undo them.

Still Bobby stared on highly confused now. He wondered if he had, had way to many beers and was just passed out somewhere. That this was some weird ass dream.

Jack had finally gotten his jeans undown and kicked them down to his knees. He threw his hands out around him as he sighed. Tears streaming at a fast rate down his sunkin cheeks. "I know my punishment." He whispered in a broken voice as he shut his eyes.

He never did see the look of confusion on Bobby's face quickly change to anger as he stood up. Now he knew this had to be some dream. Did the kid really think he was going to fucking fuck him!? He shook his head as he felt bile rise to the edge of his lips. He swollawed slowly not wanting to ruin his carpet at all. He continued to shake his head as he stomped his way over to the boy. The whole not wanting to scare the kid thing way out of his mind at this point. He loomed over him as he growled angrily.

"You must be fuckin crazy if you think I'd touch you!" He shouted as loud as his haorse voice would allow. He knew he was being cruel but the thought of him a grown man touching a young boy in such a way sent a hot surge of anger through him. He knew he didn't know the kids past but if he was running on his drunkin mind at the moment. So he figured the kid had wanted him to fuck him because the kid was attracted to him in a way.

Jack whimpered loudly as he cracked open his eyes. "Don't hurt me!" He yelled loudly. In fact he yelled so loud that not seconds later the door opened wide and there standing in the hall way was Evelyn, Jerry and Angel. Eyes opened as wide as they could go at what they saw.

Bobby turned to stare at them a moment. His mouth hanging open as he went over all the details in his head. Both boys almost naked. An angry, and obvious drunkin Bobby standing over a scared shitless Jack.

He was fucked.

Plain and simple he was more then fucked.

If he got out of this alive he wouldn't ever drink again kind of fucked. He saw the way Angel cracked his knuckles and saw Jerry's shoulder sqaure some. Both boys were ready for a fight if they had to be. Evelyn though just moved quickly into the room. She stood between both boys in the space that they offered. She reached out and put a wrinkled, small hand on Bobby's sweaty chest and pushed him away as hard as she could. Her face was contracted into a look of anger and disappointment as she turned to Jack it softened.

"come on sweetie." She whispered as she reached down and ignored Jack's flinching as she quickly redid his jeans for him. She yanked him up slowly and pushed him out of the room. She turned to Bobby and shook her head.

Yep..Bobby was fucked so bad that he was going to be dead before sundown.

He shook his head as he lowered himself onto the bed. Exactly on the spot Jack was moments ago. The spot still warm with his body heat. He groaned as he quickly moved and instead dropped onto the ground. His hands coming up to cover his face as he shook his head. He slowly started to sober up he came to his sinses some. He was in a loads of trouble but if he knew ma she would want an to hear both sides.

Why had he drank so much!?

Damn that little brat. If he got out alive and still had a home by the end of the night he knew he wouldn't be having anything to do with his ma's new project.

To Be Continued

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