The house was in an uproar when Jack had finally cracked his sleep ridden eyes opened. The sound of male's yelling and a woman's hushed voice had Jack scampering to sat up quickly. Being that the bathroom wans't that big and Jack did have long legs he kicked the metal trash can accidently causing him to freeze in mid motion. One hand still holding his weight off the cold marble and the other out stretched as if he was trying to grab something to balance himself out. His heart was pounding so loud in his ears he feared that it may also be echoing through out the small bathroom. After a short amount of time passed by and nobody had yanked the door off the hinges he calmed down slightly. Finally allowing himself to stand up fully he bent down trying to get the aches out of his tired muscles. Sleeping in the bathroom had really gotten to him.

Wait a minute...sleeping in the bathroom? What was he doing in the bathroom anyways?

Still being half asleeped Jack figured he was still in his old foster home. That meant that he was sure in for a punishment once he existed the bathroom, judging from the harshness of the yelling. What had he done? Racking his brain he tried to remember if he had broke anything last night, or if he had spoken back any. Nothing. He couldnt' remember anything! Oh what had he done to get everyone so up tight and angered? Tears stung at his eyes as he backed up, jumping in surprise as his back hit the door unexpectly.

As the door knob jiggled Jack once more jumped in surprised. His heart beat picking up as he spun on his heels, backing up toward the tub. His eye's were wide with fright as he awaited the punishment that he was sure to receive when the door finally got open. Jack allowed the thought for just a second to rack around in his head on how the door had gotten locked. He didn't remember switching the lock last night. Though he didn't remember a lot of stuff about last night.

Chocking back a sob Jack wrapped his arms around himself tightly. His head lowered alittle till his chin touched his chest. He was done for! The door knob jiggled alittle bit more before going completely still. For a second Jack allowed a breath to escape him before he once more froze up.

"Open the fucking door Jack!"A harsh voice snapped as a fist pounded into the door. Jack's eyes opened even wider if possible as a ragging war played out in his mind.

Should he open the door? Should he just take his punishment with a fuckin smile on his face? He was use to the beatings after all. He could deal with more bruises. At least they gave his pale skin color. At least bruises faded. It's when they did other things to him. Emotionally the scars never disappeared. They were always hidden deep down. Always.

Just when he was about to finally give up and unlock the door it suddenly flew open. Blaring missing Jack as it slammed roughly into the side wall. More then likely leaving a huge dent that would be poor Jack's fault also. A shiver racked through out Jack's frail body as he came face to face with Bobby Mercer. Suddenly it was like a light switch had been turned on in his head he could remember everything that had happened last night. He had been transffered to a new foster home, and had already had a bad run in with Bobby. Tears stung his eyes as he stared into the angry looking face of Bobby.

Bobby knew he was scaring the kid. People had always told him when he got angry his face took on another look all it's self. He could tell the kid was frighten to the point of pissing himself. He was shaking and he looked to be almost swaying. Bobby knew he should calm himself down but after waking up the sound of his ma sobbing her head off Bobby just couldn't seem to calm down. This kid had his ma thinking he had ran off in the middle of the night when all he was doing was sleeping in the damn bathroom. The bathroom for fucks sake!

He had a fucking room of his own. His mother made sure of was in hell would the kid want to sleep in a bathroom? He just didnt get this boy. At all.

Taking a deep breath through his noise and silently repeating the numbers one through ten in his head his grib on the door's edge slowly relaxed. Till his fingers released all together and he backed alittle bit out of the door way. Giving Jack just enough space to breath properly. All the kid needed was his personal space and Bobby was right. After he had backed up a few steps Jack seemed to calm down alittle. Well he seemed not to be swaying on his feet anymore.

"Kid..." Wincing Bobby trailed off as his voice came out very rough and harsh sounding. He so didn't need to scare the kid anymore then he already had. "Listen Jack right?" Even though Bobby asked a question Jack made no sign of acknowledging him. He just continued to stare out into space. His face completely blank of any emotion, his eyes empty. Void...lifeless.

That scared Bobby more then anything.

Taking a deep breath Bobby slowly walked back into the small bathroom. His hands out stretched as if telling Jack that he meant him no harm, even though the young boy totally ignored the sign as he cringed away from Bobby's figure. Sighing, Bobby turned around quickly yanking the door away from the cracked wall and slamming it shut. The sound echoing through both of their' ears.

Now if anybody was to ask Bobby what took place in that bathroom after the door was shut he would lie every single time. Even to his ma. He had a reputation to uphold after all and getting caught hugging alittle boy like a fairy sure wasn't going to help it.

Bobby's arms fit tightly around Jack's thin frame. His chin resting awkwardly on top of Jack's head.

Jack was taken completely off guard as Bobby reached out all of sudden and wrapped his arms tightly around him. He had already winced awaiting the slap, punch or whatever was to come. But he had never expected this. Never once thought this grown man would ever hug him.

His heart almost burst completely from his chest as he tried to get away. Tried to yank himself from Bobby's hold but nothing could pierce Bobby's hold. "Stop! Please don't hurt me!" He yelled as tears decended down his cheeks. He felt like he may pass out at any moment as he tried with vain to pull himself free of Bobby's tight hold. He had never been held...whenever anyone's arms were around him it was always to cause him pain. Pain that would leave him laying on the ground in agony for hours on end.

Bobby felt pity rush through him for the young boy. What had he been through in his life that had left him fearing even a simple hug?

"Hey...kid it's cool." Bobby whispered softly as he unwrapped his arms from Jack and moved a couple steps back.

Once free Jack instantly cowarded near the wall. His arms bending slightly upwards to shield his face from any blows and his legs crouched alittle low. Any other moment Bobby would of broke out into a laugh...Jack just looked so comical in his postion but at the aparent moment Bobby knew better. It just wasn't the time.

Sighing in frustration Bobby reached up to rush a hand through his disolved hair. "Listen I'm going to get mom in here..this isn't...I just...I can't deal!" He snapped at the end alittle too harshly judging by the way Jack flinched once more. Bobby silently cursed himself as he shook his head. He hand't meant to yell it's just he was soo damn frustrated. Not really because of Jack more on his part.

It irritated him that Bobby. The one person who always held such a hard edge about him was stuttering over some boy. Some fucked up kid!

He was really going soft.

He tried to force a small smile onto his face but it only came out as a grimace as he rushed to the door. His hand already stretched out as he reached for the door knob, but before his hand could make connact the door was bruietly shoved open. Barely missing Bobby's nose as it slammed into the wall. Opening his mouth he was about to yell out a few choiced curse words as his eyes' trained in on Angel who was standing in the arch way.

But just before he could even open his mouth his eyes widen from total shock.

As Angel came into view to both parties Jack quickly scurried away from the wall and threw himself at Angel. His arms instantly wrapping around the older male's neck as Angel quickly shot his own arms out to catch Jack before they both fell. "Hey kiddo it's all cool.." Angel's once loud booming voice was turned softer as he titled his head down some to stare into Jack's huge eyes.

Bobby couldn't believe what was happening.

Jack who moments ago cowarded away in fear of just a simple touch was latching himself onto Angel's body as if his life depended on it. What had went on last night? Damn he knew he was fasted pretty bad, but he would of seen something like this coming....wouldn't of he?

"Bobby please stop pacing your making my head spin." Evelyn Mercer frowned as her eldest son continued to walk the same path back in forth for over the past ten minutes.

After the incedent in the bathroom Evelyn was practically dragged by Bobby into the kitchen where he demanded to hear everything there was to know about Jack's history. She tried to explain to him as she sipped her cold, black coffee that it wasn't her place to tell him. That if Jack wanted him to know anything about his past then he would explain it all in due time. Saying he wasn't taking her answer lightly would be an understatment.

Lifting his head he gave her a brief look before starting back up again with his walking. His arms were crossed tightly across his chest and his face held a blank look. Though his body may be blank his mind was running on over time. It must be something terrible if his own ma wouldn't tell him. It just had to be!

His eyes scanned over the titled floor as his pace quickened. They all had been through their own shares of trouble, their own shares of pain but everytime Evelyn would explain to the other boy what it was. She would kindly ask them to remain silent though as if they didn't hear it from her already but now she was acting as if the word privacey truly meant something!

A bitter laugh rose it's way to the edge of Bobby's lips but he bit it down. Now was not the time. Clearing his throat he stopped his movements as his head snapped quickly up to stare into his mother's worried face. "Why is it that you told Angel, Jerry and even me about each other but saint Jack enters the house and he's all of the sudden a fraigle glass!" He snapped at her not intending his voice to come out as harshly as it had. He was just sick and tired of walking on egg shells. The boy hadn't been there more then a day and half and already he had caused Bobby a great deal of pain in his ass.

He was taking all the attention from his ma and even Angel. That wasn't right!

Evelyn frowned at her son. She figured he would be more understanding then he was currently acting. She figured he out of everyone would understand how Jack was feeling. Bobby hadn't always been the toughest kid around. She remembered when he had first entered through her doors as Jack had done yesterday. Bobby was even more of a scared, frightened kid then Jack was. She remembered how he latched himself onto his social worker's leg and begged not to be left alone. It took her months to get him to open up to her.

She figured out of everyone Bobby would have been the one to take Jack under his wing instead of Angel. Tough, loud mouth Angel.

At the thought of Angel and how he had taken Jack under his wing so quickly brought a smile to her face. She twirled around in her seat and directed her gaze into the living room where Angel was curled up onto the couch with Jack's head resting on his chest. Angel had matured even though her worries were in the direction that he would still stay that mislead kid.


A finger snapped right in front of her face jarring her back to reality as she jumped alittle out of the wooden chair she was parked in. A frown once more marred her loving face. Bobby was really starting to irriate her. "What is it Bobby?" She asked softly praying that her voice held calmness instead of annoyance as it had sounded to even her own ears.

Bobby stared at his mother for a moment before shaking his head. His eye's clouded over with an emotion that wasn't clear to Evelyn. "Nothing." He replied in a blank, detached voice as he gave her one more stare. His eyebrows drawn together as his eyes stared right into her own. It was as if he was trying to read her. A shiver raced through Evelyn's body as she directed her eyes somewhere else. Over on the fridge right in the middle where a section was covered in old, dried up brownie mix. The boy's had forgotten to clean it up a few weeks ago and Evelyn had just been too packed with things to do to actually stop and just give it a once over.

She jumped once more in surprise as the sound of the front door being slammed loudly shut. Lowering her eye's to the ground she sadly shook her head. Poor Bobby was having a hard time dealing with the arrival of Jack. She just hopped things worked out with them.

Jerry Mercer stared at his older brother with a look of compassion firmly held on his face. His brother was currently curled up on the couch with Jack laying on him. Even though his eyes were directed straight at the tv that was broadcasting some sport's show his fingers witch were intangled in Jack's mane still gently moved through his hair, giving sign that he was paying attention to the sleeping body on his chest.

The one question at the back of Jerry's mind bugging him to no end was, When had Angel grown up?

Jerry sighed as he leaned back into the cushion chair. His eye's still on Angel and Jack.

"Dude if your staring so much just take a picture." Angel said in a calm collected voice with out even turning to stare at Jerry. For the past ten minutes he had felt like something was staring at him, and to tell the truth it creeped him out. He hate having eyes on him for no reason. Sure he was holding Jack but the kid practically threw himself at him. What was he to do? Tell the kid to back the fuck off?

"I would but I'm afriad you'd break the damn camera." Jerry's laughing self easily caught the throw pillow Angel tossed at him. A smirk plastered on his face as he calmed down.

"Your an ass!" Angel hissed in a quiet, hushed voice.

The little bundle cuddle up near Angel stirred alittle, directing both older boy's eyes on him. Angel sighed as Jack fell back into a deep sleep. His arm curling up to cover his doe eyes. "The boy finally fell asleep we don't need him to wake the fuck up." Angel whispered as he glared pointly at Jerry.

Jerry just laughed shaking his head as his hands flew up in front of him.