This is a story that my friend Sapphire Mizu (Tiffany) and I are writing together, and we are both psyched about writing this!

Alice POV

"Alice!" Edward roared angrily, his voice echoing deafeningly throughout the whole household, no doubt waking Bella up. I grinned wickedly as I swiftly darted around him and ran as fast as heck up to his room and slammed the door in his face, his nose only centimeters away from the door. True, he was the fastest in the family, but I, Alice Cullen was the sneaky, devious one. Which was probably why I was the one in his room while he, on the other hand, was hammering on the door so hard, that I was fearful for a split second that he was going to break through the door; I knew he wouldn't. Alice knows all.

Mission one: Lock Edward out. COMPLETE.

Commencing Mission Two.

Bella POV (8 seconds beforehand)

It was his voice that jerked me from sleep. It rang through my head, hurting my ears. I shot up in the colossal bed in Edward's room when he bellowed Alice's name furiously. I wondered idly what Alice had actually done to make him this agitated. I didn't have much time to ponder this thought before Alice fabricated in the room, smashing the door in a very furious looking Edward's face, very narrowly missing his perfect nose. I could only see I his face for maybe half a second, though, but I could still ascertain that he was insanely enraged.

His deep onyx eyes, despite the fact that he had just been hunting, were filled with annoyance, his nostrils were flared, and his jaw was set. Alice crashed the door shut with milliseconds to spare, and it shook the whole mansion.

Instead of just ripping the door down, like I thought he would, he started banging on the door so hard, that it was shaking the whole house. Why didn't he just break the door down? Then I remembered last week when Edward had virtually been disowned by Esme when he, Emmett, and Jasper had gotten into a huge bet that went drastically wrong.


Edward and I were sitting on the couch in his room listening to music when I noticed Edward's eyes light up. I tried to heed what he found so amusing or interesting; I heard nothing. Stupid vampire hearing….

"What?" I asked inquisitively. He glanced down at me, possibly pondering how he found me so "perceptive" of noticing these things. He laughed quietly before murmuring,

"Emmett just talked Jasper into stealing… three army tanks." I started at him in shock.

"Army tanks?! As in ARMY TANKS?" I asked stupidly. He nodded, his eyes sparkling. "But why on Earth would he steal army tanks?"

"It's for a bet, and I'm pretty sure that they're going to drag me into it also…" he pressed his lips as he gauged my reaction to that. I stood up quickly.

"Well, are we going or not?" I asked him, arching my eyebrows at him. He just laughed and stood up to take my hand and lead me outside the house.

"Bella, where we're going for this…. Well we're going to have to run," he told me softly. I smiled a small smile before saying,

"It's okay. I don't mind anymore. It's breathtaking, riding while you run."

He smiled his crooked smile before pulling me on his back, making sure I was secure.

The thrilling ride up the mountains was mind-blowing, running at such a speed. Edward came to a stop in front of Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice, leaning offhandedly against three magnificent army tanks. Edward pulled my closer from behind as I turned around to see the view from the mountains and gasped. It was stunning, the landscape from so high up. I could still somehow see the clearing where the Cullen's house sat. It was so peaceful….

But that peace was soon interrupted by Emmett's impatient voice booming through the mountains, ricocheting around the whole mountain range,

"Well, are we going to get this thing started?!" Edward sighed and released me to turn around.

"Yes, we are. Jasper, you may start,"

"What is this bet about?" I whispered to Edward as I watched Jasper pick up the massive tank in one hand without difficulty, and walked closer to the edge of the mountain. Edward took my hand and led me over to the safety of beside Alice by one of the other tanks.

"Hi, Bella. Come to join the fun? She asked me, smiling brightly. I smiled back and nodded.

"We're betting over who can throw one farthest down the mountain," Edward explained quietly. I stared in alarm at him.

"What if it hit's a human?" I asked, panicked. Alice quickly dismissed the thought.

"I didn't see anything happen. It's perfectly save, and there isn't a human for miles," her eyes quickly flashed to mine before adding humorously, "Well except you…." Edward's grip tightened on me.

I returned my gaze to Jasper who was now estimating how far he was going to stand.

I couldn't help but ask, my curiosity getting the better of me.

"Jasper, how did you get three army tanks?"

He shrugged, his lips twitching. "I have my ways." Edward shook his head, smiling.

Jasper went back to finding the right stance and soon found his position. and hurled the mammoth tank down the huge range. We watched as it became a small dot, and then I couldn't see it at all. I had no doubt that they could still see perfectly clear of its whereabouts though.

Jasper allowed a small smile before stepping back to Alice. He motioned for Edward to take place. He kissed the top of my head before unwillingly grabbing the next tank.

He lifted it in a single hand like Jasper, the muscles in his arm barely flexing under his pale skin. He tossed it from one hand to the other offhandedly and winked at me as he walked to the side of the peak, measuring the weight in his hand experimentally as a slow grin crept on his face.

He took a few quick steps back before her tossed the huge tank down, down, down at an incredible speed. I realized that it was obvious that Edward would have used his speed over his strength to get the greater distance, but I couldn't stop my mouth from gaping as the tank whistled down so rapidly that I didn't even see it at all, but I certainly heard the crash as it thundered across the range.

He walked up to me slowly, grinned as he wound his arm around my waist. Jasper coughed loudly for a reason I couldn't exactly fathom at the moment, most likely due to the fact that Edward was dazzling me again"What do you think?" he asked teasingly. I smiled softly.

"I think that was remarkable. You have to teach me that in a hundred years…." He laughed at that.

"My turn!" Emmett boomed from the other tank with Rosalie. She walked over to where Alice, Edward, and I were standing to watch. She beamed at me as she came to a stop by Alice. I allowed a hesitant smile back. I quickly turned my attention back as I watched in amazement as Emmett waltzed up to the last tank casually. He pretended to have a hard time picking it up, putting his hands under it and grunting and groaning as he "tried" to pick it up. I laughed as he finally lifted it effortlessly in his huge hands and tossed it in the air a few times, smirking at Jasper, trying to intimidate him, but he seemed unruffled. Emmett turned his back to us and grabbed it in both hands, held it out in front of him and started spinning in quick circles to build momentum.

"Watch out!" Alice suddenly shrieked, grabbing Jasper and towing him out of his spot. I looked around frantically trying to find out what was going on, but a pair of strong arms suddenly wrapped around my waist as Edward grabbed me and dived out of the way, him landing on the soft grass, me on top as he broke my fall. I looked up quickly to realize why we had to get out of the way. As Emmett launched the tank in the air, the force knocked him off of his feet, throwing him backwards, pummeling him about 20 feet into the earth where we had been standing seconds beforehand.

I rolled off of Edward, my face turning red. He chuckled before standing up to put his hand out to me, which I took gratefully. Alice and Jasper stood up quickly and followed as we walked to the huge Emmett- sized hole in the ground, leaning over the crater, to see him grinning like a fool. His booming laugh rang through the ditch as he jumped out of the hole in one leap, causing all of us to lean back cautiously as he shook the dirt out of his hair, laughing.

His laugh disappeared when we all heard it. The sound reverberated throughout practically the whole Olympic Peninsula. A sound that frighteningly resembled the sound of the whole south wall of glass in the Cullen household shattering into millions of microscopic pieces.

Dead silence followed the horrifying sound.

It was interrupted by Emmett's voice, only a whimper,

"So, did I win?

Yes, he did win. Edward coming in second, and Jasper only three feet away from his. Emmett's tank had left a titanic perforation in nearly the entire glass wall of the house, resulting in a very, very, VERY livid Esme. When she came home with Carlisle from a small hunting trip, she couldn't even speak at first, she was so enraged. I was slightly frightened by the sight, never had seen Esme anywhere close to such an emotion.

"Who. Did. It," was all she hissed through clenched teeth. Everybody pointed at Emmett and screamed,

"Emmett did it!" Edward had grabbed me after that and ran me upstairs, fleeing with everybody else, leaving him to face the wrath of the mighty Esme and Carlisle.


Edward was smart enough to not rupture the door off it's hinges; he didn't want to be forced to pay for the damages, or even worse having the suffer the fury of a very aggravated Esme.

He settled for pounding on the door and yelling a string of profanities so fast I didn't catch a morsel except for my name, Alice's name, and airport.

"What did you do?" I shouted over the bashing of the poor door and Edward's furious voice.

Alice slowly turned around to look at me, and I didn't like what I saw. Her eyes glinted bright topaz, but they were full of diabolical mischief. "A-alice? What did you do and what does it have to do with me?" I inquired calmly, not wanting to provoke her when she had that… look.

She merely smiled deviously and shook her head. "Bella pack your bags, we've got a plane to catch."

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