Chapter 4

Flashback EPOV- Cullen household

The sound of Bella's car alerted me of her angelic presence, next, the slam of the car door a few minutes later. I grinned as I heard the steady beat of her heart..

Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump... Ah, music to my ears.

I rose fluidly from the couch to stroll down the hall, not wasting time to go by human pace, reaching for the doorknob. A flash of Emmett's thoughts came washing across my mind only seconds before he side tackled me. The sound of two runaway trains smashing into each other filled the spacious hallway.

Lucky for Emmett, neither of our parent figures were home. Not so fortunate for me- he took the liberty to throw me to the ground as he pinned my arms down. I could hear Bella's pulse race. She was probably wondering what the cause of all of the commotion was.

"Emmett, you oaf, get off of me," I growled, eager to be free of my brother and wind my arms around Bella's waist.

"Not likely, Edward," Alice popped out of nowhere, at ease. "Emmett, move Edward to the couch, will you?" He grabbed the top of my arms, smashing me onto the couch roughly. I let him, willing this to be over as soon as possible.

"What about Bella?" I glanced to the window to see her rusty Chevy in the driveway.

"Don't worry; I got it covered. I told Rose to take her shopping for me. She needs to spend some quality time with Bella; after all, we're going to be spending a lot of time together… all around the world." She flashed me a brilliantly evil smirk as I read her mind.

"Alice…what could you possibly gain in the act of taking Bella for a field trip around the world?" I gaped at the insane idea in Alice's head, completely exasperated.

Well, bro, just so happens, I came up with the idea. Emmett's smile grew bigger if plausible as he voiced his part in his mind. I rolled my eyes at the only-Emmett-would-come-up reasons in his never-too-serious-brain.

Alice started to pace the room indifferently as she explained out loud. "I had a very interesting vision of Emmett trying to come up with the perfect bet that would make you lose."

My brow furrowed at this, and she rolled her eyes. "Edward, you have the highest advantage here. You can read the minds of your opponents, see the future through my thoughts, gain a advantage of knowing before Jasper decides to manipulate you…" she trailed off, and I couldn't help but admit that this was true.

"Why involve Bella? She's got nothing to do with this," I hissed, disliking the idea of my innocent girl getting caught up in this.

Alice nodded, seeing my point. "Ah, but she has everything to do with this. See, Emmett and I were thinking… how could such a vampire be taken down? Emmett then asked me, 'What is his weakness?'" She beamed a diabolical, triumphant sneer.

Bella, I automatically thought, my eyes widening a hair of a millimeter as I realized what she was implying.

She was going to bet on my Bella.

"Of course, there is no bet without a punishment for the loser. That will be explained in time," Alice quickly chirped. "And each of us will have a team. Your team is Emmett and Jasper. Rose and I are on the other team."

"Where does this leave Bella?" I snarled. Emmett smirked.

"She is the center of this game. Everything she does, where she goes, what she wants for breakfast. The team that keeps Bella away from the other the longest before the deadline wins. Which means if we have to move swiftly all around the world, place to place to do so, then so be it."

"And how do you plan to decide which team receives Bella first?" I read her thoughts and growled loudly. She merely smiled devilishly.

"May the best team answer your question."

"When does this madness start?" I quizzed.

"Five o' clock p.m. after you get back from your hunting trip this weekend. That will Monday, while Esme and Carlisle are gone."

"And if I decline from this bet?" I asked. Emmett laughed stridently as Alice came closer, only inches from my face.

"You don't have that option."

End Flashback.

Bella POV- Airport

I could only stare at Rosalie in traumatized admiration as she dazzled the poor, naive teenage airport worker into impossible first class tickets for the next flight from Forks, Washington to Paris, France. She smirked victoriously as five grown men scrambled around her to pick up our luggage.

"This way, ladies," an important looking man led us into the airplane, past very uncomfortable people into another area containing two spacious aisles of large, cushy leather seats. Alice danced through the walkway and practically floated down into her seat. Rosalie followed the same, and I was left to gracelessly drop to my seat.

I glanced at my watch; it was 5: 30 am. I had zonked out sometime crossing the North Atlantic Ocean.

"Bienvenue en France!" An automatic, artificially cheery voice rang though the whole plane, jerking me from my dream of swirling topaz.

Welcome to France.

I stood up with Rosalie to exit the plane, but Alice was frozen on her seat, eyes blank. She hissed suddenly, her eyes narrowed. "What's going on?" Rosalie demanded.

"They've decided our consequences."

"Well out with it!" Rose said impatiently. Alice turned to her first.

"Rose, you have to kiss a werewolf." The blond vampire gaped with her mouth hanging uncharacteristically open, her eyes wider than the moon itself, and her hands hung limply at her sides. Recovering from her shock, her face melted into a furious expression, chanting "No." about a million times. Alice slammed her hand over her mouth, ceasing her voice.

She brought her troublemaking gaze over to my face. "You already know that you won't be seeing Edward at all for another few months if we lose." she paused to roll her eyes.

"Edward chose that?" I spluttered in disbelief. Alice shook her head.

"This was discussed beforehand. He had no choice," she smirked at me, leaving me speechless.

"Well, what's your little punishment?" Rosalie snapped, having recovered her voice. Alice grimaced, her pixie's face unpleasant.

"The punishment for me is that I will wear anything that any of the guys will want me to wear…for six months, so in a way, it's like they design a personal wardrobe for me" I smiled inwardly at her flinch, thinking of what they would do to her. Rose let out a sharp laugh, obviously thinking the same, making Alice's eyes turn into slits.

"Excuse me, but you ladies need to get off the plane," a flight attendant stammered nervously. I looked up to see the rest of the seats empty.

"Game time," Rosalie said in a casual, lazy voice as she pushed past the fumbling man, revenge clear in her narrowed eyes, making my blood run ice cold.

Carlisle POV

I reached for Esme's smooth hand as we drove up to the house from our hunting weekend. I listened, expecting to hear Bella's heartbeat, Edward's music in his room, Rosalie in the garage with Emmett, or Jasper speaking with Alice.


I exchanged a concerned look with Esme before increasing the speed of the car, wondering where everyone could possibly be. I pulled the car around the drive and into the garage.

The spacious room was empty excusing my Mercedes. Esme sped to the next garage, back in seconds. "The Jeep is missing."

"They left deliberately. You would think they would have called when they left…" I trailed off, looking up to see Esme's heart shaped face crumpled in worry. I enveloped her in my arms, hating to see her so burdened by the unexplained absence of our children.

"We have to find them," she murmured, stepping away from me. I nodded and led her into the house. We stopped in the doorway, anticipating for our usual greetings of hugs and warm "Welcome Home" 's, but all that came from the house was deathly hollow sounds of the voices of the forest.

"I'm going to look down here, you look upstairs Maybe one of them left a note…" she ranted then galloped away further into the bottom half of our home, becoming a caramel blur as she whisked to the kitchen. I flew all the way to my study and noticed right away that many of my maps and certain books were missing. I sighed. Yes, they were gone for a purpose, and they could be anywhere in the world. For what or why, I could not fathom.

I could hear Esme searching frantically downstairs as I opened Edward's door, freezing mid step. Oh, this would not end well.

Esme's POV (A/N: Oh, boy ;D)

"Carlisle? What's wrong?" I wondered what my husband was doing, seeing him frozen in Edward's doorframe. He jumped slightly.

"N-nothing, darling," He quickly stuttered, swiftly closing the door, but not slick enough; I noticed the scent of trees were fresher and the tiny glittering pieces of the shards of glass on the floor. I hurled myself at him, knocking him down onto the floor and into the room. I saw that the room was disorganized, but the enormous gap in the window infuriated me. One hundred different scenarios raced through my head. I zoomed in on something embedded in the side of the shattered frame.

A piece of cloth.

I took it to further examination, twisting it in my head a hundred times to gaze at it in different angles. I heard the quiet shuffling behind me as I guessed that Carlisle was making a run for it. "Halt, Carlisle! Don't move," I hissed though gritted teeth; immediately the shuffling ceased.

Then I caught the distinctive label as Louis Vuitton, I sniffed it. It had my scent.

The kids went into my room?! I snarled, hearing the barely audible thump as Carlisle jumped behind me.

"Carlisle follow me." I dared not to look at him, fearing that I might tear him apart like the children when they get home.

He silently trailed behind me as I saw that the door to our room was open.

They had better not touch my antique box or else… Right on cue, and speak of the horrific deed, and it shall come true. Around my beautiful chest was all the jewelry that Edward gave me, all tangled up and linked. Some of them I haven't even worn or touched in years.

I felt my non-existing blood boil, distinctively lowering myself in a crouch readying myself to pounce out the door and to shear their limbs off –excusing Bella of course- before Carlisle placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Dear, I think it's best if you perhaps didn't create another hole in the house?" He gestured to the door behind me as I realized I was about to change the wall in front of me into rubble.

I breathed through my nose, detecting the stale scent of my children. "Shall we go hunting for another target?" I suggested, breathing in the scent in the air for Carlisle to catch on my point.

"Of course, Esme, but let us pack first? They took some of my maps and books, so they must have planned some kind of world search or flee, and they could be anywhere. The world is a vast place with sunlight, and we can't be caught in the sun or running too fast." He was making much more sense than my outraged mind was, and I nodded stiffly. "I'll organize everything, and you, my dear wife, please don't hurt anything. Maybe you could keep yourself busy and untie your jewelry." He pecked my lips before sprinting off swiftly.

I sat on the floor, picking up the first bracelet. I saw that the link was imprinted with bulky indentions that automatically reminded me of my son, Emmett's fingers.

Rage rekindled as I settled for choosing my first victim of my wrath.


Madds: All right, troops! Overview!

Tiffany: -stands up- The bet is that one of the two teams- Alice, Rosalie and Edward, Emmett, Jasper- must steal Bella and keep her away from the opposing team the longest before the deadline! They have to run all around the world to keep Bella from getting stolen from the opposing team! Bella has decided on being on the girl's team at the moment. Esme is furious and Carlisle must follow her to stay on her good side. SIR! -salutes-


Tiffany: YES SIR! collapses-