Power Outage: Chapter 4

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The night was slowly starting to fade, and power was turning back on in various places up and down the block… but not at Mode. The only lights they had were from other buildings and streets likes that were coming back on.

Daniel sat on the floor in the corner, carefully resting against the wall holding Betty is his arms. The storm was slowly beginning to pass with an occasional light rumble of thunder and a rare flicker of lighting. Every now and then, Betty would stir, almost waking up. To keep her calm, Daniel would gently stroke her soft hair and whisper quietly into her ear. Betty calmed down immediately, his voice bringing a smile to her lips.

Daniel smiled in return although she couldn't see. It had something to do with the fact that he was tired. He wasn't too worried about what would happen whenever the lights would come on. They hadn't completely crossed the boundary between friendship and romance, which was a good thing at the moment. He had always known that he felt an attraction towards her; he just never knew it was so strong. He was absolutely sure that he had fallen for her. It was amazing that a night in the dark with your object of desire can make you realize.

It was the kind of feeling where you can't help but wonder whether that person is thinking the same thing about you. Not like infatuation. Deeper than that. Not lust. More meaningful. Love.

Betty shifted slightly, unconsciously moving her hand from her lap over to where Daniel's hand was laying on her arm, squeezing it gently. Daniel blinked in surprised. He was stunned by her comatose forwardness. He stroked her hair again, carefully. He delicately pushed her hair back away from her face, and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

Betty's hand dropped from Daniel's hand as she started to blink, her eyelashes fluttering. Was that a dream that she had just had or did Daniel really just kiss her? Hilda would have a field day with that one. Betty sat up, remembering that she was sitting on Daniel's lap; her face flushed a light shade of red.

"Daniel…" she whispered softly, feeling his soft eyes on her face when she turned on his leg to meet his eyes. "How long have I been asleep?"

"About forty-five minutes," his tired sounding voice replied.

Betty stared in response. "Why didn't you sleep?"

Daniel shrugged, averting his eyes from hers, and then looking back into them. "I wanted to make sure that you were okay."

Betty moved her hand to his arm, thanking him without saying a word. Daniel blinked and nodded with a smile. Betty still gazed into his eyes, thinking about how wonderful he was for doing that. Amazing.

Daniel brought his hand to Betty's face, slowly and carefully tracing her jawbone, looking her in the eyes. Betty was startled by this movement at first, but soon she felt at ease under his touch. Before she knew it, Daniel captured her lips with his in a soft, slow, romantic, but electrifying kiss that sent jolts of passion through her entire body. It took a moment to get over the shock before finally reciprocating the kiss slowly and tenderly. Daniel's arm slipped around Betty's waist pulling her closer to him, and Betty's arm slipped around his neck, her fingers running through his hair.

And then the lights came on.

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