I developed an obsession with Prince Nuada a while ago after seeing the movie. Face it, the guy is bringing sexy back in many beautiful ways. So I thought up this story, Just to warn you there will be lemon, and I may even throw in a little bit of GirlXGirl love... we shall see... anyways, Enjoy!

-Snow Maiden25

Blood everywhere

Blood everywhere. On the floor, on the walls… it had covered the palace next to the river. Sabariel had escaped only by her nurse maid pushing her into a hidden room behind a picture. Now, hours later after the humans had left, Sabariel found the bodies of all the others laying about… even her parents had not been spared.

Only 6 years old, a little drop in the river in the lives of Elves, she was still a baby if anything. She walked around her nursery and picked up some things not covered in the blood of her nurse maid. A golden necklace, a stuffed toy bear her father had given her, and a opal braclet, a small board game, a golden cup with emeralds on it from her mother. Placing her bear, the cup, and the board game in a bag she slung it over her shoulder and walked from the silent palace.

While most human children would be shaking and crying in a corner, Elvish children knew what must be done in the most dire of situations. She had to get to Bethamora, she would be safe there. Sabariel wondered if Princess Nuala would be there, they had met only twice, once when they were 4 years old and then again earlier this year. The two of them always played together, especially in the gardens, picking berries and eating them or even watching the fish in the pond.

Prince Nuada, her twin was another matter… she even remembered how she met him. Sabariel had never seen a boy her age before…

Nuala and Sabariel had been playing in the garden, hide and seek. She squealed as she found Nuala who ran from her around a bush. Sabariel followed close on her heels the stopped. Next to Nuala stood a boy who looked just like her, he looked Sabariel up and down, then leaned closer to Nuala.

"Who are you?" He snapped, sounding jealous.

Sabariel let out a gasp and turning ran back to her mother and the queen, the little boy ran after her.

Sliding behind her mother and putting space between the two of them, the little boy moved next to his mother, the Queen of Bethamora.

"Sabariel? This is Prince Nuada… he is Princess Nuala's twin brother." Said the Queen. Sabariel peaked out at him and he made a face at her.

"You aren't afraid of him are you?" Sabariel's mother chimed in. Sabariel scowled and shook her head. "Well, then say hello." Her mother pushed her forward, The Queen did the same to Nuada.

"Nuada, say hello to Lady Sabariel." His mother ordered softly, stroking his head.

"Hello." Muttered Nuada, barely audible then he turned to his mother. "She was chasing Nuala!" His mother shook her head. "They were playing, she wasn't in trouble." Nuada looked over at Sabariel again.

"Aren't you going to say hello to Nuada?" her mother asked. Sabariel pushed her face into her mother's dress shyly. Nuada walked closer to her, she looked up at him and moved around her mother, trying to keep him at a distance. Suddenly he pounced and Sabariel let out a squeal and dashed off, Nuada right behind her.

The road to Bethamora was long and hard for a 6 year old human child, but for an elf it was only slightly trying. At day she slept soundly in the brush and at night she trudged along, safer among the animals and the magical creatures of the night. Occasionally, a troll or some other magical folk would give her a ride on their wagon as far as they could go. She would often lay on that cart and look up at the stars above, wondering if Nuala and Nuada were doing the same.

"So you are the only one left?" Said King Balor as he sat on his throne. Sabariel nodded her head. "I came here, because I thought maybe, you could help me?" She asked innocently.

The Queen smiled and walked over to her. "Of course we will help you darling." She ran her hand over Sabariel's fine blonde hair and the little girl looked up at him.

"Nuala and Nuada will be over joyed to have their friend living so close to them."

Sabariel's room was placed next to Nuala's, and soon the two girls created a door behind two paintings that connected their bedrooms. Between the two of them they shared secrets, toys, treats and laughter. Often their nurse maid would find the two girls curled up together on one bed with wrappers of treats around them, or books they had been looking at.

Nuada didn't like the closeness of the two girls, they always seemed to exclude him from their "talks", although through Nuala he knew what they talked about. One night while the two girls were sitting in Nuala's room on her bed giggling and talking the door opened and Nuada walked in. (Now they were 13 years old, 7 years had flown by quickly.)

"What are you doing here?" Asked Sabariel, Nuada walked over to the bed, looking her up and down, then said. "I came to see my sister." He climbed on the bed with the two girls and then laid down between them.

"Father said the humans have attacked another settlement." Nuada began. He was wearing a top that fell open showing his developing muscles. He looked at Sabariel, turning his head. Deep in those eyes of his… it laid dormant, something Nuada didn't fully understand, and something both Nuala and Sabariel were too innocent to contemplate. Lust and attachment… so when Nuada reached out and pushed a strand of hair from Sabariel's face, and accidently touched her skin he yanked his hand away as if burned. Sabariel gasped and looked down at him.

"Humans are merciless creatures, they can't stop their streak of murder." Commented Sabariel finally. Nuala jerked her head up. "They are still a young race, Sabariel, they aren't fully developed. They don't understand fully what they are doing."

Although she hated it, Sabariel had no choice but to agree.

"After what humans have done to me, I do not care for them… but, I agree… they are still children."

Nuada snorted and sat up looking at the two girls. "You are both mad, they are murdering pigs!" He almost yelled.

The door flew open and there stood Wikani, their nurse maid. "NUADA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!"

Nuada, although he was arrogant at age 13, jerked and his eyes went wide and his mouth fell open with surprise.

"OUT! OUT!" Wikani walked over and swatted him, he moved of the bed with great speed and went to the door.

"I wasn't hurting anything!" He whined out, then turned and ran from the room, Wikani on his heels.

The next day after their language lesson the children decided to go for a walk into the lower sections of the palace. The three of them had classes together, it was as if Sabariel was a princess herself.

Nuada looked excited as they came to a door with two swords crossed on it. "The weaponry!" He spouted out and opened the door quickly, almost running into the room. Nuala followed after him and Sabariel walked in, looking in wonder. "I have never seen so many weapons in my life." She commented to Nuala who nodded then touched a bow and arrow, looking it over.

"Look at this!" Nuada said holding up a red sword and smiling with wonder, then instantly he turned to look at Sabariel, seeing she was holding something in her hands, her eyes, those clear blue eyes twinkled with delight as she looked it over.

A silver lance, in its shorter form, a design was on the blade and Sabariel with a laugh twisted it around and swiped in the air with a jab.

"It is so smooth… when I have a husband, I want him to be the best warrior in all of Bethamora, and be able to use any weapon." She commented out loud. Nuala turned around. "Really? I would settle for a husband who enjoys to read and talk."

Nuada took the lance from Sabariel and looked at it. "I want him to be the best warrior in Bethamora." The words echoed in his ears, at the time he didn't even realize this move he was making at a young age, he was already beginning to set himself up for later in life.

The next day Nuada began his intense training with the silver lance. He wanted to become the best warrior, not in only Bethamora, but in the world.