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The Golden Army Chamber was filled with hundreds upon hundreds and hundreds of undestrictuable warriors. The ruins of Bethamora were hard for the Elves to look at, Nuada walked about and saw the entrance to his old bedchamber, opening the door he remembered all the women that had lain in that bed with him… and then there had been Sabariel, the only one he could see laying on that bed, sighing and gasping in pleasure, or watching him practice, then rubbing her hands over his body

"Move Along, Sabariel!" hissed Nuada, pushing her further roughly and then turning to his sister he gently pushed her into the bedchamber.

"Brother, you don't understand what you are doing…" Said Nuala with a soft cry, putting her hand on his arm

"Silence, Nuala." Said her brother and walked over to the bed, no dust had accumulated in the room although it was thousands of years old now, the bed sheets were left just as he remember, throwing back the covers he looked over at Sabariel.

"Get on the bed." He ordered her, Sabariel shook her head and backed away from him, Nuala began to plead with her brother once more, but he raised his hand and she went silent.

Nuala turned away tears in her eyes. Sabariel walked over to the bed and then laid down on it, looking up at Nuada.

"This is only for the passion I desire, nothing more…" He said, reasoning with himself more then anything and with that he ripped off her dress. Sabariel let out a cry and then closed her eyes, not even looking into his face.

Nuada pulled off his top tunic until he wore only his trousers. "Nuala, leave us!" He ordered, turning around but his twin was already gone.

"Only for the passion…" He whimpered out, but Sabariel didn't even glance up at him, she was looking at the wall. Nuada leaned over her, his body over hers, looking down at her with a heart-broken look, his hair fell around her face.

"Kill me, Nuada."

The words ripped through his heart hearing the words from her. He pulled away from her slowly. He couldn't do it… he couldn't make love to her, or even just have sex with her. Nuada stood up and walked to his closet, throwing it open.

Nuala, our friends will be here soon. Wear your Gold and Red dress.

He pulled out his Golden tunic, then reaching in pulled out a black dress with a gold girdle…. He remembered when Sabariel had worn it, then left it in his chambers.

It had been a festival for the moon… Nuada had danced with Nuala, and then taken Sabariel in his arms and kissed her, then slowly danced with her in the moonlight, looking into her eyes and even smiling at her. That night he'd made love to her in the garden and then laying her in his bed, curled up around her as she slept, stroking her hair.

Flashing back to the present Nuada turned to Sabariel and threw the dress t her. "Wear this." He ordered and then undressed slowly, looking away from her. "After the army destroys man kind, I will keep you dressed in more appropriate garments for a concubine." He said, bearing his naked form. He heard Sabariel's breath catch in her throat as she looked over thim, his well sculpted body from behind, all muscles covered with milk white skin, Nuada turned to look at her and felt something odd…

He would never see her again? He pushed that feeling out of his head. This confrontation would end with his victory and he would use her in bed as a part of his celebration…

That's all she was… all she was…

The B.P.R.D. walked up the steps to the inner chamber, Hellboy stretched a little, having that spear tip out of him made him feel more alive then he had before. Liz walked behind him, still shaken up by what the Angel of Death had predicted.

He would bring about the destruction of the human world, had she made the right choice?

A door opened and Nuada walked out, Nuala and Sabariel trailing behind him.

"So you have come, I assume you have brought the crown piece?" He asked, dressed in a golden tunic and his twin in a matching gown it was Sabariel who stood out in the small group.

"Actually, we have come to discuss…" began Johann, with his thick German accent.

"I wasn't talking to you Tin Man! Abraham..." Nuada said this last name with almost a loving quality, reaching out his hand.

"As you can see, my sister is safe…"

"Abe you didn't!" Cried out Hellboy as Abe stepped forward pulling out the gold crown piece.

"You would do the same for Liz!" He said and tossed the piece to the prince who snatched it out of the air. An inner voice teased the prince, You would do the same for Sabariel, so why do you manipulate the love of this man?

Nuada pushed away the thoughts of Sabariel, his heart ached badly as he even remembered her. Fitting the piece onto the crown he placed it on his head proudly.

"I am Prince Nuada, Silver Lance and leader of The Golden Army. Does anyone deny my right to rule?" He called out loudly.

The ground began to shake beneath them, and the gears began to move in the inner chamber. Sabariel looked around the room, her breath came out in a small gasp, she felt her hair fall over one shoulder. She looked pale, fear filled her… the army was returning, it was happening… all over again, her dreams her terrible dreams.

The ground shook again as she saw the warriors walked up the steps and she stumbled back, Nuada's arm went around her waist and supported her.

"Kill them!" He ordered his army Sabariel cried out softly, Nuada's heart ached at her displeasure. "Please don't do this..." Nuala begged, Nuada grabbed her upper arm and pulled her close, both women near him, but only one made him feel whole again.

"He lied to us!" Cried out Abe with a look of surprise.

"Abe, old buddy if we ever get out of this alive, we gotta talk." Said Hellboy as he slammed his gun shut and the battle begin.

The B.P.R.D. fought well, but they were no match for the indestructible army. Tears fell down Sabariel's face and she begged Nuada to stop.

"Nuada call them off! Please… please…" She cried out, looking up at him. A look of pain crossed his face, his anger and hard core breaking as he looked at the woman… he'd destroyed her.

Disgust at himself filled Nuada, he should have stayed with her, he should have returned and spent his time only with her, making her happy and making her smile again. Instead he had been caught up in what he thought was best for his people… and forgotten all about her, the one who needed him most of his people.

"I challenge Prince Nuada, for the right to command this army!" Hellboy's voice broke through the chamber. The army froze and turned to face the Elf Prince, horror flooded Nuada and he said,

"Who are you to challenge me? You have no right!"

Nuala pulled away and said, "Yes, Yes he does! He is Anung Um Rama, son of the fallen one, he is worthy, a challenge must be answered!"

Nuada was filled with disbelief, and then looked down, he felt Sabariel's body leaning against him. Fear flooded him, only seconds into his new rule, he was challenged it was very unsettling for him. Gently pushing away Sabariel he said. "Very well, I accept."

He then turned to Sabariel and pulled her close kissed her lips.

"I have been a fool, gone mad, all this time I wanted good for my people and I forgot the true reason I have been fighting for our people. I wanted the best for you, the best for our children." He touched her stomach… no life, not yet…buts soon he would place a child in her.

"I will return to you, directly after this challenge and I will prove to you that I will never reject you again." The last kiss he gave her was perfect, filled with his love.

And then for the first time since they had met, he said those three words she'd desired to hear.

"I love you." He said and pulled away from his woman and walked down to meet the challenge.

Nuada was brilliant in battle, doing flips and jumps about the room evading the swing of the demon's sword, and then he clutched his arm in pain and groaned. Sabariel turned and saw blood on Nuala's arm and she clutched it. Sabariel let out a gasp and looked at Nuada worried, her eyes bore into his soul. He couldn't loose, not while Sabariel watched him, not while she stood there waiting for him…

The fight moved onto the moving gears and Nuada's spear extended and he stabbed at the demon, violently. Hellboy fell into the gears and disappeared be reappered soon. Nuada kept up his attacks, but soon Hellboy had grasped him around the beck, Sabariel let out a scream.

"I got you, you slippery bastard!" Hellboy tossed the prince onto the floor and jumping down put the spear to the prince's throat.

"Kill me, you must… I can not stop." He said softly. He would have to break his promise to Sabariel, during the fight he realized that.

"Clear your damn head, your lady is waiting for you… let go of that dream, you keep your life." The demon removed the crown and walked away. Sabariel sighed, that evil thing was gone, now her Nuada would return to her… but what happened next made times top.

Nuada pulled a dagger from his belt and stood up walked up behind the demon… then froze as blood flew from his chest. "Nuala.." He choked out and turned to look at his twin.

Turning Sabariel saw with horror and Nuada had plunged a dagger into herself.

"No…NO!!" She screamed and ran to Nuala and began to cry. "Why! WHY!!"

She shook and stumbled backwards, sobbing and felt the blood on her hands where she'd touched Nuala.

"It needed to end, he is suffering…" Nuala fell to the ground. Nuada trembled and fell forward, Hellboy held him up.

"I have made many mistakes… I never did all the things I should have for Sabariel, I never kissed her enough…" He whispered out weakly, then he choked out. "The humans will tire of you… which holocaust will you choose?"

The world slowed as Abe moved next to Nuala and began speaking with her, Sabariel couldn't hear the words… only saw Nuala lift her hand and put it against Abe's… she turned and saw Nuada pull away from Hellboy and walk towards her, looking at her with regret and shame, then glancing at his sister.

"Nuala my sister…" He choked out and looked at Sabariel. "My love…" He reached out his hand and crumbled into ash, falling to the ground.

Sabariel was silent, then a scream escaped her mouth and she couldn't stop crying.

"Sabariel, we should go." Said Abe, trying to comfort the elf maiden who sat next to Nuada's ashes and sobbed.

"No… NO!!" She stood up slowly. "The Angel of death… I shall go see her." She touched Abe's shoulder. "You will have your Princess back… soon, very soon.."

Leading the way to the Angel of death's chamber, she walked in. The Angel turned to look at her with a smile.

"Sabariel, Blue Flower, I have waited centuries for you…" She said with a hiss and her eyes on her wings opened.

"I want to make an exchange, my life for the lives of Nuada and Nuala." Sabariel offered, knowing the Angel of Death wouldn't be able to resist… but instead the Angel smiled and walked closer to her. "No… not your life, I want your soul… your beautiful, love filled soul will suffice." She whispered to the beautiful Elven maiden.

"Take it then…" Sabariel choked out.

"You will live, yes you will live, but until your soul is retrieved you will walk on the world above… you will be soulless… you will be human."

"Do it, and let me be human, if only Nuala and Nuada will return to life."

The Angel smiled and instructed her to lay down in the middle of the circle. "Try to relax… the minute you walk into the sunlight your memories will be erased of your times here." She said and all around Sabariel a blue light shined.

Abe walked forward. "You don't have to do this…" He called out, Sabariel smiled softly.

"I don't have to… I want to."

A blue light filled the room and in place of Sabariel laid a young woman with long brown hair, but when she opened her eyes, they were crystal blue. Sitting up she looked at the Angel of Death and stood up.

"Leave this world… Human woman." Said the Angel and disappeared. She walked over to Abe and touched his shoulder. "Take care of Nuala."

"I will…" He promised.

"And please… give this to Nuada…" She handed him an opal bracelet, one she'd kept since childhood on her wrist." Abe nodded, tears in his eyes. "Don't cry Abraham… this isn't the end, it is the beginning of many great things."

With that Sabariel walked out of the chamber, she walked towards the opening to the world above and heard Nuada's voice, she turned and saw him and Nuala walking, still slightly disoriented.

"What are you doing here, human?" Snapped out Nuada, Sabariel smiled at him.

"Take care of your heart, Silver Lance." She responded, Nuada's eyes widened with surprise, it was Sabariel.

She opened the door and the light engulfed her.


In a flash she was gone.

Nuada shook and then falling to his knees began to cry.


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