My mom doesn't love me

Gabriella Montez was the youngest of the children in the Montez household, Matt, 8 and Sam who was 12.

But the strange thing was that her mom always found time for them but never Gabriella and being the baby of the family she ought to be mommy little girl, but not Gabriella.

Her dad was the one who put the effort in to make time for his daughter; he knew why her mom didn't make time for Gabriella, because she didn't love her. Yes, she was her birth mother but for some reason when she was born her mom didn't feel what she had felt when her other children were born, joy, happiness, excitement. No Gabriella's mom didn't feel like that even though she pretended like she did, but only until she was about 1 and a half though.

When Gabriella was 4 years old she overheard her mother talking in the kitchen with her father.

"I don't know why but I just don't love Gabriella, I never did and I never will. I'm sorry but it's the truth." Maria, the woman that had given her life.

"I thought that you were only going through depression at the start but it just never went away." Her father told her mother.

"Do you love her, truthfully, do you love Gabriella?" she couldn't believe that her mom was asking her father if he love his darling daughter.

"Of course I do, you think I wouldn't?" her father asked.

"Well I just thought that if I didn't that there's just something about her that makes her... unlovable." Her mother replied.

"Do you know how cruel that sounds, that you don't love your only daughter?" he said before storming out of the kitchen door, where Gabriella had been listing the entire time. She quickly hid under the stairs.

Her father opened the door, about to walk on when he noticed that his daughter under the stairs with tears in her eyes.

It hit him then that she had heard the whole conversation that went on in the kitchen.

"Sweetie? Did you hear mommy and me in the kitchen?" he asked her just to make sure so he didn't start trying to explain when she hadn't even heard the conversation.

Gabriella just ran up to her room crying loudly and saying to herself, 'why doesn't mommy love me? I love her.'