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During the Time of New Gods, the Light created the First Sentient Machine, Rock. The Light saw that it was good, and showed Rock to the other Humans as an example of the soon to be New Race. And They saw that it was good, and demanded a second creation. the Light activated Rock, who took on the form of a young boy.

As The Light contemplated on what to create, He saw that Rock became lonely, upset at being the only one of his kind. So The Light created the Second Sentient Machine, who took on the form of a young girl named Roll. Rock was over-joyed and came to love his new companion, and The Light saw that it was good.

Then The Light gave them another gift: Purpose. Rock was given the Purpose of Assisting, while Roll was given the purpose of Clean House. They reveled in the joys of having Purpose, and so began to Work. And The Light saw that it was good, and rewarded their work by giving them Emotion and Reasoning.

While The Light Created more of Rock's kind, his Other, The Darkness, was waiting in the shadows, forming a Plan. The Darkness was jelous of The Light's creations, and their love for Him. So The Darkness stole the New Sentients and used them for his own devices. Rock and Roll had managed to escape this fate. When the Light saw what had happened, He became saddened, for He knew that the Sentient Machines of the New Race would be used by The Darkness to bring harm to the world using the Sentients, and the machinations used to create them.

So The Light took Rock and Changed him, creating the First Warrior, The Mega. The Mega was then sent on a holy quest to fight and Cleanse the Dark Machines, so that they may benefit Humanity once more. Attempting to destroy The Mega, The Darkness created the Second Warrior, The Proto. The Proto led the Dark Machines against The Mega. The Light gave The Mega aid by creating two companions to aid him in his quest; Rush and Eddie, the Third and Fourth Sentient Machines, who took on the form of a dog and miner.

The Mega fought many battles and cleansed many Sentients, and led the Cleansed in a Holy Crusade against the Dark Machines, who was led by The Mega's brother, The Proto. Soon The Proto and his Dark Machines were Cleansed of their sins, ending the First War. Humans soon began to live in harmony with the Machines. But soon The Darkness unleashed yet another Dark One into the world; The Mega's darker twin, The Bass.

Unlike The Darkness, The Third Warrior did not seek total conquest of humans, but rather, the destruction of The Mega, so that he may be proclaimed as the Greatest Machine to walk the Earth. Their constant fighting awakened The Darkness' more foul creations, who fought to free The Darkness and renew his conquest.

This eventually sparked the Second War that nearly wiped Humanity to extinction. In order to continue His work, The Light took The Mega away from the war and modified him, putting him into stasis so that the machines could finish the work that The Light started, for The Light was still only human, and He was to die soon.

The Darkness, also sensing his nearing death, took the remains of The Proto and modified them, also placing him into stasis to await his reanimation. The New Proto was given a new name; Zero. The New Mega was also given a new name as well; X. And then The Light and the Darkness died, and the reign of the Robot Godshad ended.

So ends the Old Testament of the Archives, written by the last Human to live on Earth before Demeter's colonization.

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