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Don't ask how Ratchet can use a Keyblade! Just assume he can.

"Wake up Jak! Wake up!" Daxter was yelling and slapping at the useless lump that was Jak.

"Daxter quit it! You're really gonna kill him that way!" said Ratchet.

Jak lifted his head up to look at the two screaming furballs.

"Well, now that he's awake, what about him?" Ratchet pointed at Sora.

"We'll take care of him!" Donald exclaimed.

"AA! Talking duck!" said Daxter.

Goofy walked up to them."Stop screaming! Calm down!"

"Talking dog! AAAAAAA!" Daxter began to run around the area screaming.

Sora got off the ground. "What are you two screaming about?"asked Sora.

"Hey are these your friends." Ratchet asked.

"Yeah, that's Donald and Goofy. I'm Sora."

"Oh, I'm Ratchet. That's Clank, Jak, and the annoying one is Daxter."

Daxter interrupted."Now that the family reunion is over, how about we leave."

"Are you guys coming with us?" Sora asked.

"Well. we can't magically leave." Ratchet said.

"Is it okay with you Sora?" said Clank.

They turned around and headed to the Gummi Ship, hearing a loud woosh before they did.

"Not so fast." They all turned and saw that Axel was the person that said this.

"Oh, not this guy again." said Ratchet.

"I'm not 'guy'. The name's Axel. Got it memorized?"

"What are you gonna do about it?" Sora asked, trying to sound scary.(Which NEVER happens)

"I've been given these icky orders to destroy- wait! It was my idea."Axel said.

"So it came from the flamer?" Ratchet said.

Donald and Goofy laughed.

"Oh, was that supposed to be a JOKE?! Cause I'm not laughing!!" The room burst into flames.

"Someone is a little peeved." Clank said.

Axel called up his chackrams.

Donald screamed and ran off, followed by Clank, Goofy, and Sora.

Ratchet pulled out one of his Dual Vipers, but it didn't even phase him.

"Ratchet! I do not think your weapons are even hurting him." said Clank.

"You're right! How do I even kill him?" said Ratchet.

"Here, use this!" said Sora.

Sora tossed him Oathkeeper.

"This girly thing?" said Ratchet, dumbfounded.

"Just use it!"

Ratchet clenched onto the Keyblade, followed by Axel facing him.

"Burn, baby!"

"Watch him carefully. He pauses after each combo." said Clank.

Ratchet turned around and saw Axel hunched over, catching his breath. Ratchet ran forward, and hit Axel, defeating him.(Don't ask me how, even though no one reviews or cares)

"That was one tough blow, Nobody." said Axel.

Axel teleported away.

"Huh?" said Ratchet.

"What is a Nobody?" said Clank.

"When someone becomes a Heartless, the empty shell that they leave behind is a Nobody. Don't you understand?" said Sora.

Ratchet and the others stood there confused.

"Nevermind! Let's go to the Gummi Ship!" said Donald.

"Okay. Come on Dax!" said Jak.

Daxter shook his head."Why do I get the feeling that this is only going to get worse?"

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