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2 years later …
Jeffersonian Institute
Office of Angela Montenegro
Washington D.C.

Angela Montenegro sat in her office in the Jeffersonian, sketching quietly while her three year old niece sat on the floor near her desk. The child was quite content to sit there and play with her pink teddy bear. This being the same pink teddy bear that had set off the "Battle of the Care Bear" between her parents, Seeley and Temperance.

Feeling contemplative and introspective, she glanced over at the platform to where Brennan was supposed to be supervising the newest selection of Forensic candidates for 'The Project' as it had become known.

That project had become a resounding success, unparalleled in the history of the FBI. It didn't hurt that Booth and Brennan had full control over the partner pairings and used their uncanny methods of his heart and her brain to work on it.

However, the object of her thoughts wasn't currently on the platform where she was supposed to be.

Taking a sip of coffee, she turned back towards the small miracle that had galvanized the famous couple into action.

Katy O'Brien Booth, the child in question, was the spitting image of her mother, except she had her fathers' ears and hair. The bright green eyes were something else entirely.

Brennan had babbled on about recessive genes but the romantic in Angela knew that it was the mixing of the deep brown and sky blue that produced it. She also had her Father's native understanding of body language and matters of the heart … in addition to her mothers scary Genius I.Q.

Max Keenan, thoroughly loving his role as Grandpa, had remarked that she was as quick to pick things up as Temperance was at the same age. Maybe even quicker.

She was also very, very observant. Due to Booth's foul mouth when he was upset, there was the debacle of her learning how to say the word "crap!" and "fuck!" after she just started talking. It had taken them months to re-enforce the idea of those being bad words.

That phenomenon was about to show itself again.

"Aunt Angela … why is Mommy getting fatter?" said Katy.

Angela, not expecting that question, started choking on her coffee.

After wheezing a bit, she turned towards Katy and asked her:

"What … What makes you say that sweetie?"

"Well … Mommy was complaining to Daddy about fitting into her jeans this morning … and last night she threw the box of pills that she takes every day at Daddy. She got him right in the forehead. Mommy walked over then and kissed it, like she does for me when I get a boo-boo … and Daddy said 'I hope it's a boy this time, I'm over whelmed by es-tro-gen in this house' before she shoved him and walked away …"

Angela sat there stunned. No … freaking … way … she thought.

Looking down at her small charge she said:

"Come on kid, grab your bear and lets go find Mommy … she has some explaining to do"


Office of Temperance Brennan-Booth

Brennan was in no shape to answer questions right at the moment. As a matter of fact, she was passed out on her couch and snoozing away. She wasn't even moving, a small gentle snore coming from her indicating that she was deeply out.

In her dream though, things were completely different. She was at the first park the family had gone to just after revealing everything to her colleagues and friends.

She sat on the blanket watching Katy, Seeley, and Parker run around on the grass trying to tag each other. Both kids were attempting to grab their father, who was acting like an overgrown kid himself.

She was enjoying taking in the scene when a shadow fell over her. Surprisingly, she felt no fear at the appearance of the man that stood near … as a matter of fact, he looked surprisingly familiar.

"Hi, do I know you?" she asked.

"Hello Temperance. It's been a while since we've seen each other. About two years in fact." He said.

"Two years … two years … McClellan, right?"

"Yep, you're correct. David Connor McClellan at your service."

"Oh. It's too bad this is a dream. I would have liked to see you and your wife again"

"Yes, this is a dream … and it sort of isn't"

"Excuse me? I don't understand?"

"Well … look at it this way. You're familiar with String Theory and the idea behind multiple dimensions, correct?"

"Yes, I'm familiar with it."

"Well, this is one version of a universe. You could say that in the main one, you and Booth haven't gotten together yet … in another, disastrous things happen to you and he before you admit your feelings … and a different version could have you two hiding your relationship while others observe from the outside … or maybe in another you meet a 400 year old New York City Police Detective and solve a serial killer case. Are you following me?"

"Err … yes, I think so"

"Either way, I'm here to calm your fears about the news you just received. Everything will work out fine. It did with Katy, right?"

"Yes, it did … but how do you know that everything will be OK again? This is another unknown factor into the mix and I'm … scared"

"Don't be. I'll be making sure that everything works out OK for you, Booth, and the rest of your family"

"How? Are you … Are you Booth's God? Or a representation of him?"

With that statement McClellan snorted and started to chuckle.

"Heh, no I'm not God. As much as I like to think so otherwise, Erin knocks me back down to reality and puts my swollen ego back in its place. No … I'm one of the people that influence this place, but I'm not God. Far from it, as a matter of fact."

"Oh that's … good to know, I guess"

"As a matter of fact many people are probably going to be upset with me talking to you like this, but I couldn't think of any other way to end the story and please a whole bunch of them."

"End the story?" she said, with a small note of panic in her voice.

"Uh, figure of speech. Don't worry, things will be just fine for you and your family. I'm a sucker for a happy ending."

Brennan looked back towards where her child and stepson were now engaged in a tickle fight with their overgrown childlike father when she felt McClellan stand up and place his hand on her shoulder.

"It's time for me to go Temperance, and its time for you to wake up and explain a few things to Angela. Heh, I don't envy you having that job." He said with a smile.

"Wait, are we going to see you again?"

"Maybe, in some form or another. Depends on what comes to me. Goodbye for now, Dr. Brennan. It was a pleasure and an honor knowing you in this form."

With that statement Brennan's vision faded and the dream world around her dissolved.


Brennan awoke to a small hand touching her on the shoulder and shaking her gently.

"Bren, honey, its time to wake up." Said Angela.

Brennan's eyes fluttered and she opened them to reveal the smiling faces of Angela and Katy standing near her. Katy had her hand on Brennan's shoulder and was smiling at her mother.

"Hi Mommy, Aunt Angie said it was time make you "Spill" … but I don't know what that means"

Brennan, the dream fresh in her mind, sat up with a small groan, pulling Katy in towards her lap.

"Katy" she said "How would you feel about another brother or sister?"

Since she had been exposed to Angela from a very young age, Katy ignored the small gasp and muffled squeal that came from her Aunt.

"Mmmm … I dunno. Parker's enough to handle and he only comes over on the weekends. Would they be bigger than me?"

"No Honey, as a matter of fact they would be really small for a while and not able to play with you till they got a little older."

"But I could boss them around when they get older … right?"

"We'll talk about it later. For now, go play with that pink misrepresentation of an anthromorphic bear that your father insisted on giving you"

"Okay" she said, and hopped off her lap, going over to where she had deposited her bear.

Brennan watched her go then turned towards Angela, who sat near her with a glazed look in her eye.

"Are you alright Ange?"

"Oh, I'm fine sweetie. Are you ok though? This is something you have said you never wanted to go through"

Brennan took a second before she answered, her mind recalling the vivid dream she had just had.

"Yes Ange, I'm ok. I'm fine with it."

"Now are you absolutely sure that you're …. You know?"

"Yes Angela, I'm Pregnant."