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A/N: Hello! So this is a story written by ScribbledLove and mahoganyBENch. For the whole story behind it, go to our profile. Just a fair warning, the story is a tear-jerker, so if I were you, I'd pull out the tissues. Enjoy. :)

What He Would Have Wanted
By: cALLIEfornia BENches


I was dead. I was sure of it. Every sign leaned toward my future ashen body lying on the floor. Lifeless. And this moment in my godforsaken life was easily the most perilous I had ever endured. Greater than the ballet studio that was etched vaguely in my mind.

And yet, it wasn't. I was hunched over their shoulders, gagged, blindfolded, and gripped in a steel-trap vice around my stomach. Each step my captor took led to a tightening of their grasp on me. But it wasn't impossible.

I could get out. I could fight. Even in my state, I could squirm and cause a fuss.

But I didn't see the point.

He was gone. Out of my doorway and out of my sight. All effort to escape my captor's hold was gone. It was gone long ago. It had left with his touch.

I could tell we were rounding a corner. Even my instincts were bidding against me and had counted the steps and turns of my body's journey. I wasn't going to let my mind get caught up this time. I was going to deal with the pain with very ounce of pride left. No tears and screams. Smiles, maybe.

I was going to die. And it was in his name. In their names. Death was going to welcome me with open arms while I looked into his dark face. And behind him would stand and angel brighter than the sun sparkling over his chest. I would be home.

The footsteps stopped, as did my slow and steady fantasy.

"We're here," the voice shrilled. "Death is just beyond the door." With that, I heard a slow creak punctuate the silence. The blindfold flew off of my eyes with a flash.

And I was pushed in. The door closed.