I took Edward's hand and together we walked back to my house

I took Edward's hand and together we walked back to my house.

The whole way back I stared at his face. I couldn't believe how messed up I had gotten in just a few hours of thinking he was gone forever. But here he was, looking back at me as if he had never said any of those dreadfully painful things. Nothing's going to change the things that he said, but when I looked into his eyes all I could think of was that her was here, and I could tell, he was never going leaving me.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I'll never do that again. I guess that was just some kind of test to see if your life would lead in a better direction, but it didn't look like you were going to heal anytime soon. Bella, I don't like how you are so…addicted to me. It's very unhealthy. Especially if something happened to me, you have got to learn to let go easier."

We were now on my front porch. I looked into brown his eyes, no longer the golden topaz of his vampire thirst. This was so unlike Edward, even if he was now human, he would never make comments like these. Sudden resentment towards Edward's words filled me from head to toe.

"Then tell me Edward, why did you come back, if you think that I am such an awkward selfish person?" I tried to keep my voice calm, but it was shaking with anger.

"Bella, no that's not what I meant," he defended, looking for the right words. "I just…" He gave up and just said "I just love you Bella. I'll never do anything like that to hurt you ever again."

I was still angry, thinking he had a lot of nerve to do that, knowing what it would do to me. I lifted my hand, before I even had time to think, and punched him in his stomach. He doubled over, now that he was human, and started laughing. "What…?" I stuttered, wondering why he would be laughing at a time like this.

"Does that mean you forgive me?" Edward chuckled, smiling my favorite, crooked smile, though it was less dazzling as it had been as a vampire.

"Ugh," I moaned in defeat. I couldn't help but smile back. He stood back up straight to embrace me. Again, that sudden, unexpected heat filled me. Almost the exact opposite of a touch of a vampire.