Disclaimer: I do not own anything within this story except the little area in which it takes place (which I made up). This was written purely for pleasure, not for profit (which is what I'm not making writing fanfiction).

Author's Notes: Not much to say about this. My shortest story so far, right after Computer Observations but that doesn't really matter, now does it? It was somewhat inspired by Regina Spektor's "Another Town," which I'd wanted, but failed, to make a video for. That's really about all there is to say about this, so, unless I end up thinking of anything else to say, please enjoy!

It had been exhilarating. It always was, really. Watching the ground fall away as he rose high, high up into the sky, seeing the fluffy clouds as they rolled past; everything felt so thrilling, so new to him. But…

After ages living out of suitcase and hotel, surviving on fast-food and anything microwaveable that he could find, travelling had gotten old fast. Now, on yet another plane, Sora glanced out his window and couldn't stop the largest smile he'd worn for a long while from crossing his face as he saw the most welcoming sight: home.

He was out of his seat the moment the passengers were released and, bag in hand, he made his way off the plane and down the ramp as quickly as he could. He emerged from the tunnel-like gate right into a crowd of people, milling about as they greeted friends and family and all other manner of loved-ones. Sora nibbled on his lip, worrying it with his teeth as he leaned from side to side, bouncing on his toes as he tried to see over the heads of the masses, tried to see the person he'd missed the most in his absence. Then, suddenly, the crowd cleared, and there he was.

He stood straight and still, managing to appear bored and alert all at once, and Sora felt his mouth curl into a grin even wider than the previous one. His fist tightened about the strap over his shoulder and he drew in a deep breath before, "Leon!" Eyes the color of a stormy sky turned to him at the joyous shout and lips quirked into that tiny, almost unsure smile that made his heart swell.

All the air in the man's lungs was forced out as Sora launched himself forward, latching himself about the other's waist and squeezing tightly. Pressing his face into the familiar texture and scent of the cotton tee he mumbled as a hand was laid upon his head, "It's been so long." The body beneath his cheek shook gently when Leon chuckled.

"I missed you too, Sora, but it's only been a couple days."

His grasp tightened momentarily before he looked up, releasing the other, "It feels like so much longer."

"Of course it does. Now come on, where'd they send your bag? I want to go home."

Sora smiled as the man turned and he reached out and took Leon's arm in hand, pulling in close. His cheek found its way to the familiar, worn leather sleeve of the jacket, rubbing softly against it as he toyed with the equally worn straps hidden beneath the cuff. "Home sounds good," he murmured absently as he was lead off towards the baggage claim area.