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Note from the author (Chicky): Spoilers through Search and Rescue season five episode one. John and Keller are in the infirmary on the Daedalus. He is trying to convince her to let him help in the search for Teyla. The first sentence is what John says to Keller. I tried to type his words the best that I could, and I just added more after that. )

Lost Chances

by Chicky (Beach Chick)

John's bloodstained fingers grabbed onto Dr. Keller's arm as she tried to turn away. He met her gaze as steadily as he could in his condition.

"I have had a chance to rescue a teammate before...and slipped through my hands. I am not letting that happen again."

Jennifer Keller looked away, knowing immediately who he was talking about. John had let the chance to save their former leader Elizabeth Weir slip through his fingers, and he was now trying to make up for what had happened by saving Teyla.

She looked back at him. "In your condition, you can't expect to-"

"Doc, please," John said sternly. His lost puppy dog eyes pleaded for her to clear him for duty.

"Elizabeth meant a lot to all of us," Keller said gently trying to reason with him and let him know that she understood how he was feeling.

John looked her in the eyes.

"She meant more to me than anyone else on Atlantis." His words were only a whisper, but the emotion behind them hit the doctor with such powerful force.

Clearly John had felt more about Elizabeth than he had ever admitted. He might have even loved her. This news wasn't shocking for her to discover. She hadn't been on Atlantis long before the incident on the Replicator homeworld but even she had noticed the strong bond between the Atlantis leader and the Colonel. Being a doctor, Jennifer knew all to well what it was like to lose someone unexpectedly, and blame yourself for what had happened.

John was still looking at her intently waiting for her decision.

"What happened…wasn't your fault." She laid her hand on top of his.

He placed his other hand on top of hers and tried to keep his emotions in check.

"Yes it was. I'll never be able to redeem myself for leaving Elizabeth behind, but helping Teyla will be a start. Please, let me do this."

The End