Heart of the Sword

Chapter 05: Interlude (Blood Red and Bone White)


"I am a part of all that I have met"
-Alfred Tennyson

Outside of Time

In a place beyond physical constraints, Benihime waited.

She could feel her power being drained by Kisuke's binding and shifted uncomfortably. The binding pulled at her very being to sustain itself, and, had her wielder not known her every facet and edge as she herself knew his, it would have failed and killed them. It still might, if she couldn't balance the pull with her own strength. Still, she had faith that Kisuke knew what he was doing or, at the very least, would figure it out before they perished.

That didn't matter though. What mattered was finding the other part of Kurosaki's soul, and the being that could most help Benihime in that regard was on her way.

"I cannot stay long." Sode no Shirayuki's voice echoed through the plane before she appeared. "My Lady has received word of the discovery of Kurosaki Ichigo's hollow and she is on her way."

The other sword spirit was reserved, but not as cold as Benihime would have expected after what Kisuke had done to the young Lady Kuchiki.

"It won't be long, I just have a request to make of you. Not," Benihime added at Sode no Shirayuki's distrustful glare, "anything you would find unappealing."

"Make your request then."

"I ask only that you keep an eye out for the rest of Kurosaki's soul. You, of all blades he has crossed, are most entangled and you have easy access to places beyond my immediate reach. If you receive word of him or find him tell me and I will tell Kisuke."

"I will, if only for my Lady's peace."

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