Sara's story

"So how did your date go last night Aunt Sara?" Jenny's question pulling me out of the pleasant daydream I was having about said date.

"He really knows how to treat a girl," I replied still a bit dreamy, then I gave a good heave-ho to get back to reality, SGC and Jenny.

"So Uncle Jack still has it?" Jenny's question made me feel flushed a bit, and whether or not I wanted that smile it came readily to my lips.

"I know most don't think he has a romantic bone in his body..." I began with Jenny impishly interjecting.

"Don't worry I won't tell."

"...but he knows how to sweep me off my feet. Metaphorically and literally."

"So out of the blue or do you think it has to do with something specific?" Janet asked as she sat down at our table in the commissary.



I was not alone laughing at Janet's response, Jenny joined in with me. I still felt I had to defend my guy with some possible explanation.

"Maybe he's just in such a good mood since SG-X gave Earth Kronus' Ha'tak?" I threw out as a reason, I know it wasn't -the- reason, but I have to protect Jack's reputation.

He told me last night amid the candle light that he just wants to keep the romance alive. Married shouldn't mean we stop having special times together.

While I personally think he might have been either taking lessons from Daniel, or reading a self-help book, I'm not going to sully his efforts by trying to find out.

"Oh yes the same Ha'tak we're lending the Tok'ra for whatever plan they have," Janet tossed back her salvo as we dug into what the commissary schedule declared was lunch.

"To help promote the Tok'ra-Tau'ri alliance," I gamely sent back and decided Jenny needs to be in on this, "Why aren't you with them now?"

"I -know- how to fly a Ha'tak. I don't have to be taught, or learn my way around it before we send it off," Jenny said with a shrug.

Times like this I tend to forget how much our young Gallifreyan knows.

"Roger is on it now learning his way around," Janet said and I can see despite the cool exterior she's warming up now the subject is turning towards her guy.

"You're not the only one whose man is missing in aerospace," the surprising voice of Maureen Robinson has us up and giving hugs, after she puts down her tray, before we know it.

"When did you get back?" I ask as last I knew she was still among the Re'tu.

"Not long ago, I wanted to check on the latest results for the roshna we promised Mr. Boch," she said sitting down, "Also thought it would be nice to see the family again..."

"Except John is off with that Ha'tak," Janet volunteered.

That's when I perhaps shouldn't have let my small irritation show, "I can see sending SG-8 and 10 along, but not so much SG-1."

They could see what was really bothering me and decided to humor me anyway. "Well Teal'c knows his way around a Ha'tak, Sam has a father in the Tok'ra, Daniel can read Goa'uld and Sha're has enough memories left to possibly fly the ship," Janet listed taking a break from trying to decide what exactly is on her plate.

"What I don't get is why the robotic duplicates gave us the ship in the first place," she went on speculating, "You'd think they would keep it."

I shook my head, "Their Jack said something about finding Oz and not needing the witch's broomstick. Whatever that means."

"They did say they were moving, and will be in touch once they've relocated," Jenny said finishing her lunch, such as it was.

"What is it with our allies, is everyone moving?"

Drey'auc's Day

"You're doing well Sha're, apparently its coming back to you," I listen to General Carter encourage Sha're as she pilots the Ha'tak with Colonel Austin and Majors Nelson and Healy looking on.

As I understand it SG-10 has the most experience piloting alien spacecraft and so are lending their expertise as well as learning to fly a Ha'tak during this mission to the Tok'ra.

"Jacob any chance we'll have time to look at the hyperdrive before we leave?" Professor Robinson asks in a polite manner.

"I think Sha're has things well in hand up here. Once Jenny joins us we can head to the current Tok'ra base. Come long Professor, and party," he said the last with a smile and while I don't get the humor it did bring smiles to the rest of SG-8.

Those that were here.

I understand that Major West and Captain Walker are with my husband going over 'pointers' about flying an Udajeet.

One this mission is over the Tau'ri will have a fleet of udajeets to work with instead of the one that nearly killed my husband and O'Neill earlier this year.

"Come along Sam I know you'll like this part of the tour," General Carter called out to his daughter who seemed torn between wanting to stay and watch what Sha're was doing and following her father to see how Goa'uld technology works.

I am surprised when my husband shows up. I would think that he would be teaching the Tau'ri up until we had to leave.

It turned out I was both right and wrong.

He did intend to teach until the ship was on its way, but not only the Tau'ri.

"Drey'auc, attend," he said in a tone that I know to the Tau'ri would sound harsh and demanding, but I hear the tender undertones that nearly make me smile as I walk over to him.

"Sha're weapons if you please," and after a moment a weapons console rose up out of the floor.

"Drey'auc stand here," he instructed and I stood in the spot he told me to stand, but instead of teaching me in the manner of the Jaffa, he does so as I have seen O'Neill teach his wife how to shoot a Tau'ri weapon.

Teal'c moves up behind me, our bodies close and touching, his arms reach around to place my hands on the domes that control the weapons.

His words are deep, soft and sonorous as he tells me how to fire the Ha'tak's weapons as his hands over mine move as the lessons progress.

This is not the Jaffa way and I couldn't be happier about it.

Sha're's story

"That was exciting Dan'yel," I try to reassure my husband as we orbit the world where the Tok'ra presently dwell. I can tell he's still worried that recalling my time when Amonet ruled me would be hard on me.

It is, but the Tau'ri need to know or have someone who they can trust pilot this Ha'tak.

I know Jack doesn't trust the Tok'ra completely and had been against lending this ship to them for this one mission. But General Hammond was firm and gave the order.

"Are you sure you will be alright up here?" Dan'yel's hands on my shoulders does much to make me sure I will be.

I still turn to him to speak though, regretting that I have to move away from his hands to face him, "I will Dan'yel and you know Jack needs you down there with the Tok'ra. Saman'tha will stay up here as well as Jenny, Don, Steve, Jeb, Tony, Roger..."

"Alright, alright, I get the point. You'll be fine and surrounded by the SGC's brightest and bravest."

"No my Dan'yel," I reach up with my hand to his face then stand up on my toes to kiss my husband, "The brightest and bravest is right here and he's going down to the planet below."

Jon'athan, Doug, An'thony, Sam'eul, Jeannie's Tony, Steve, and Rog'er have plenty of questions that fill the time the Tok'ra are loading their base onto the Ha'tak.

I miss the fact that a Goa'uld spy Tanith had escaped and warned Apophis of the Tok'ra's plan. There is much activity as Tok'ra rush to either evacuate to an alternate base through the Chappa'ai or search for Tanith. I hear there is a Goa'uld fleet is on its way here. The biggest every assembled and one that belongs to only one demon.

This time when Dan'yel asks me later I have a different answer, "Are you alright?"

"No, Dan'yel I am not."

I try to be brave, everyone needs me to be brave, but right now I just want Dan'yel's arms around me, which he I feel a heartbeat later.

"He is coming Dan'yel," and we both know who I mean.

"Sam's plan is going to kill him in a way no Sarcophagus can ever bring him back Sha're," Dan'yel's words like his arms sooth me a bit.

"Will it work?" I should know better than to ask, if Saman'tha offers a plan it will work, but I have to ask, "Will placing a Chappa'ai into the sun here make it blow up?"

"Here reasoning is sound. Dialing P3W-451 where there is a black hole will suck in enough of the sun to make it go nova because it will disturb the balance between a sun wanting to explode anyway and its mass holding it together."

I don't understand all of what Dan'yel is saying, but that makes me trust it more. I can hear in his words he's more repeating what Saman'tha said rather than what he understood what will happen.

This time I don't move out his embrace, but hold his arms around me with my own, "So Apophis will die finally and stay dead. The demon who ruined our lives will be forever gone."

"I am glad Tanith escaped to give us this gift."

"Alright Sha're take us out," Jacob's voice surprise us both, but Dan'yel is slow to let me go as he turns to face the others who walk into the Pel'tak.

Jack, Jacob, Jenny are faces I expected to see, Ma'chello's I had not.

He saw the question on my face and answered it with a cackle and clap of his hands, "I wouldn't miss the death of so many Goa'ulds for anything."

However there are two faces I do not see and that worries me, "Where are Drey'auc, Teal'c and Saman'tha?"

Dan'yel would say as if on cue since Saman'tha enters the Pel'tak right after I ask my question.

"The last of the Tok'ra have been evacuated and the Stargate's been loaded into the cargo bay. We're good to go," she informs all of us, SG-8 and 10 following behind her.

"Teal'c is still trying to track Tanith out in the desert and Drey'auc is with him," Jacob explains and sees my worry, "We'll go back for him. We just need to deliver the Stargate to the sun and then see if this works."

I spot Jack looking around and then move as if someone might beat him to his goal of hoping up onto the throne of the Pel'tak.

Everyone looks at him and he says one word that makes no sense to me but everyone else seems to understand what he means as he remains sitting on the throne, "Shotgun."

"Sha're take us out," Jacob says and I turn to the console to begin to pilot us towards the sun.

At first I didn't understand what Jack meant as he asked, "Jacob, shouldn't you be driving?"

Driving isn't that about those dreadful car things?

"You have something against women driver's Jack?" Jacob asks in return and now I'm sure they're talking about cars.

"This is not a car!" I say more forcefully than I should have.

The room is painfully silent and I regret my outburst immediately.

Jacob ignores the silence and looks over the shoulder Dan'yel is not standing behind, "We're on course for the sun. I see the fleet on long range scanners. At current speed they'll be here in 68 minutes."

Saman'tha follows her father's lead to move past the silence my outburst created, "The timing has to be precise. Once we're close enough to the sun we'll slow to five percent light speed and release the Gate. That should give us more than enough time to get away."

I'm grateful for their efforts and it makes the journey not so tense as I hear small conversations begin among the many people here in the Pel'tak.

We're almost to the sun when I hear the doors open and turn to see Saman'tha and SG-8 leave. Dan'yel answers my unasked question, "They're going to set up for the Stargate drop."

It does look like this is going to work and Apophis will soon be dead. The Chappa'ai is soon dialed to the place it needs to be and on its way to the sun.

Then we come under attack.

"Sha're weapons," Jacob says and I raise the weapon console from the floor of the Pel'tak. He moves over to it and begins to fire at our attacker as the Pel'tak fills up with SG-1, 8 and 10 all asking what is going on.

"We're under attack," Jack says from the throne silencing everyone, save Jacob.

"An Al'kesh, must have been cloaked."

We shake from several more hits and hear Jacob say, "She's too quick."

"Death-gliders," Jack says, "Austin take your team down to the hangar and launch two gliders, West and Walker you join them."

"I could use a second," and at first when Steve says that I think of time, then I recall a udajeet is piloted best with two.

Jack hops off the throne, "You got one now Colonel, let's go."

It is so frustrating. I try to bring up shields again and again, but must concede defeat and tell everyone remaining in the Pel'tak, "Shields are inoperative."

"It can't be Apophis, it's too soon," Jacob muses as he continues to fire at the Al'kesh.

"Udajeet launching," I report before another hits cause the power to fail. I do not need to explain the obvious when the lights go out.

"You must have hit him once Jacob, the Al'kesh is just sitting there," Jack reports over the radio, "Oh wait, must have fixed themselves, they're headed off. We're chasing it."

"Let me see about fixing us," Jacob says on his way out of the Pel'tak, "Ma'chello, Sam, Jenny, Professor Robinson come with me."

"Doug, Tony, Samuel, tag along," Jona'than says to the rest of his team. I feel Dan'yels arms around me again while we wait to hear that either the Al'kesh was destroyed or power is restored.

Lights, which means power, comes back on. "I should get to flying us again, Dan'yel," I remind my husband who understandably regretfully lets go of me.

"I'm heading for Vorash," it is the fastest way to pick up the udajeets rather than have them fly back to us and we need to pick up Drey'auc and Teal'c.

"Dan'yel! I am picking up the fleet, they're here."

"He's a little ahead of schedule. The other ship must have warned him to pick up the pace," Jacob explains as he and the others walk back into the Pel'tak.

"Where did the Al'kesh come from?" my Dan'yel ask as I try to race Apophis' fleet to Vorash and our friends.

"Tanith, he probably had the ship nearby laying in wait for him. It explains why we were attacked so soon," Jacob offers as an answer.

"I hope our Jaffa friends are ready at the rings like we agree," Jacob says as Vorash comes in sight, "We'll have one pass we can make and then we have to get out of here."

"We should be in radio range now," Saman'tha offers.

"Colonel O'Neill what's your status?" Jon'athan radios as he now is the highest ranking officer as Dan'yel has explained to me before.

"We took out the Al'kesh, but it looks like there is a fire fight going on down at the rings, several Jaffa, Tanith against Teal'c and Drey'auc...Teal'c's down, Drey'auc's hit, looks like with a Zat. We're going in."

"What can they do in udajeets?" I quietly ask Dan'yel.

"Strafe the area I suppose, get the other Jaffa to back off," Dan'yel explains as I pour my wishes into the Ha'tak to get there faster.

We are not fast enough.

"Break off Sha're they're almost in orbit," Jacob tells me and I hear Jon'athan radio next.

"Colonel, get your gliders back here. Apophis is beating us to the planet," he waited and didn't hear anything back, "You can't do anything more from there. We aren't giving up, we still have time for a plan."

"Well we cleared out the Jaffa at least," I hear Steve say as they pull away from Vorash, "Sharp shooting and flying everyone. Let's head back to the barn."

"Sha're take us away from Vorash, swing us around the sun," I hear and with tears in my eyes I obey.

Oh Drey'auc you have never abandoned me, how can I do this to you now?

I watch three udajeets approach us and apparently it gives Ma'chello an idea, "I think I know a way to distract the fleet. They're here for the Tok'ra, let's give them the Tok'ra."

"Let's head for the udajeet bays, I'll need every hand except you Sha're. You stay up here and be ready to move into orbit of Vorash when the fleet accepts my gift of a distraction."

Left alone I let the tears go and then wipe them away. Everyone is depending on me. Drey'auc is depending on me.

I see that the Chappa'ai has entered the sun. Then I see all the udajeets launch from this Ha'tak. We don't have enough people to fly that many udajeets, so how can this be?

"What happened?" I ask as the others return to the Pel'tak.

"I rigged the udajeets for remote guidance," Ma'chello answers and I look around for someone to explain what that means.

"Remote control Mrs. Jackson," Steve says, "We turned all the gliders into UAVs."

"Unmanned combat air vehicles," Dan'yel whispers. I had heard the term about the SGC and Jon'athan's son Will is very good with them.

This is a case I'll not let Dan'yel know I knew what that meant. We just watch the udajeets fly off and then Apophis' fleet chase after them thinking they're filled with Tok'ra no doubt.

"Back on approach," I tell everyone.

"Less than 4 minutes before the sun begins to supernova," Jacob updates everyone, this is going to be close.

"Let's ring down ourselves, Teal'c and Drey'auc had been hit, and weren't moving after we strafed the other Jaffa," Jack says on his way out.

Only Saman'tha, Dan'yel, Don and Jeb follow them out. The rings could only transport so many at once.

"We're in orbit now, they're ringing down," Jacob tells the others, "Come on Jack, come on...They're up!"

"Where's Teal'c?" I hear from behind me a minute later, I don't turn from operating the Ha'tak, but Dan'yel has, "I see Drey'auc, but no Teal'c."

"We saw signs of his being dragged to the rings, Apophis must have him now," Steve says.

"Sun going supernova," Jon'athan says with awe I cannot feel knowing Teal'c is about to die with Apophis.

"We've got to go now!" Jacob announces and I engage the hyperdrive.

And if fails seconds later.

"What happened?" Dan'yel asks before I do.

Ma'chello walked up to the console and I moved aside.

"This is not good," he said moments later, "Some of you may not have noticed a flash before we exited hyperspace, but it represent our catching the part of the supernova's effects on our hyperspactial window. It may have only been a few seconds journey but it was far in advance of how fast a Goa'uld hyperdrive can do."

Jacob finished studying the readings and turned to the rest of us, "Folks we're in another galaxy entirely."

"Which means without a supernova to affect us it will take 125 years to get back," Ma'chello pointed out.

Sara's Summary

Where are they? No-one really knows and so far our allies have not yet reported back about the success of the mission to get rid of Apophis' fleet.

Success because SG-1 has always won. Jack has always pulled off these impossible missions. So it has to be success.

I wont' think of it any other way.

They'll be home soon. They'll be back. Jack and I will drive home and talk about his wild adventure and we'll likely have another barbeque just to celebrate Apophis' demise.

It's been a good year, where at the start of it I thought I might be out of a job with Drey'auc joining SG-1, and Sha're getting more involved.

Didn't think there was much for the SGC alien welcoming committee of one to do.

Now we have Shaun'auc, Marty, Loran, and I can't forget Chake, all insuring job security even if Sha're does become a full time member of SG-1 next year.

So next year has promise and right now I'll just finish up this diary entry and wait for SG-1 to dial in again.

Wait for my Jack to come home to me again.

Author's note:

I want to thank everyone who has hanged in there for this season where I experimented a bit too much with different ideas and notions. I do hope everyone has enjoyed season four of Stargate: Wives and you'll be back when season five starts up.

Again thank you everyone!