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Title: Heat Vulnerability

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Summary: Something is happening to Inuyasha and he is desperately in need of help. What happens when Inuyasha goes into heat and stumbles upon Sesshomaru? And Kouga? InuSess warnings: Incest, yaoi and possible profanity

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Heat Vulnerability

The young Inu-Hanyou desperately tried not to escape his fellow companions, if it weren't obvious that demons from 5 miles within reach could smell his delicious scent and would sooner or later attack and claim him. Well, you guessed it. Inuyasha was in heat. Oh why he hated himself right now for being a hanyou. He had been thoroughly convinced that he was a uke after the encounter with Kouga two days ago.


A whirlwind was seen from a short distance as Inuyasha and his acquaintances lifted their heads to find the ookami prince, Kouga, at their presence in a matter of time. Inuyasha rolled his eyes as everyone else in the group seemed to beam at the sudden appearance. What irritated the inu most was the certain smirk he got from Kouga. Oh how he hated that smirk from the youkai or at least he thought so. In his mind he was actually debating on whether or not he should pull out his Tetsaiga and cut his 'supposedly' rival into millions of pieces, but fought against the urge.

"What the fuck are you staring at ookami?!" Inuyasha screamed at the wolf prince.

After Inuyasha's outburst, he took notice that the smirk was still plastered on Kouga's rather flawless face.

"Well, Inuyasha I see you haven't seen the change your body has overcome, eh?" Kouga mused. "for one's opinion I think you smell absolutely delicious and look absolutely stunning ."

Inuyasha's eyes widened as those phrases left Kouga's mouth. There was definitely something wrong and he tended to find out. A small blush was apparent on Inuyasha's cheeks, but he ignored it.

The hanyou's eyes narrowed in a cold, silent threat as he yelled, "What the hell are you talking about, you flea bitten wolf?!"

A small breeze was felt right before Kouga appeared behind Inuyasha, wrapping a pair of strong arms around his torso, hands landing on his chest as he whispered "you're in heat hanyou and first time …. Am I correct?" The ookami practically purred in his ear as a tongue trailed out and licked Inuyasha's right cheek.

The blush on Inuyasha's face seem to darken as he squirmed in the arms of Kouga. Anger was evident on the hanyou's face. He also noticed he received quite a few stares from everyone in his group except for Shippou who was very use to this sudden change in a demon. Inuyasha, then tipped his nose downwards slightly to smell himself.

Golden eyes widened in horror as he, himself, let out a low, pleasurable groan when the wolf prince trailed one of his hands lower to rest just above his groin. Inuyasha heard Kagome, Miroku and Sango gasped audibly, but he didn't care. Various sensations were happening to his body and although his mind told him not to be submissive, his body acted against his command, or rather it was his demon that was acting up. Kouga smirked as he observed Inuyasha's condition. To tell the truth, he wouldn't mind taking him as a mate. He also knew the puppy was strong, beautiful and flawless and that's what all semes look for in their time of heat.

"You see Inuyasha, you're quite submissive. Sooner or later someone will claim you as their mate whether you agree or disagree. Be ready when that time comes." Kouga whispered. He tilted the hanyou's head and gave him a chaste kiss. Although Inuyasha's body didn't respond to any actions, his mind was racing hundreds of miles per hour. The fear for himself and not to mention his companions will be inevitable until mating season was over and he had successfully been claimed. But until then he'll have to be extremely observant at all times.

"See you puppy. Until next time." glancing at Inuyasha one last time, the ookami smirked and disappeared in a whirlwind, back to the directions he came from.

Inuyasha, on the other hand, walked over to a tree a few feet away and slumped against the truck. Life was gaining up on him and he was getting caught. With one last look in the directions Kouga left, Inuyasha fell into a light slumber.

End of Flashback

As all demons have explained to Inuyasha, being in heat was unbearable and as for himself, Inuyasha thought he would die any minute now. The group had found a meadow just outside of the forest grounds, and decided to have lunch and rest there. The hanyou was hovering above a branch, unable to join the rest since his body was reacting too fast to this heat. Inuyasha's body was burning, it felt so hot and all the inu wanted to do was rip off all his clothes and let the wind cool down his body temperature. He knew, though, he couldn't do anything right here in fear of what the humans thought of him.

The hanyou could feel his body trembling with lust and want, he couldn't deny what his body needed and he was going to make the situation some how bearable to withstand. Inuyasha jumped down from the tree he was sitting on a minute ago, which caught his group's attention, and ran straight into the forest. Screams for him to return could be heard, but that only made Inuyasha run faster or at least as fast as his legs would allow him too. After running approximately 55 miles away from his acquaintances, Inuyasha ceased running and fell face first onto the damp floor.

'oh god' he thought frantically as he tried to pull himself up, but without success. He came out here to help himself, not put himself in more danger.

His vision blurred as he panicked about the outcome of his loosing conscious, but soon gave into its effects. Inuyasha looked up at the sky once more before seeing a silhouette appear before him, scooping him up bridle style and movements were heard right before he passed out from exhaustion, and the heat.

Sesshomaru sighed as he brought Inuyasha into the cave he had been resting during his trip to the Eastern Lands. He was slightly surprised to find the hanyou in heat, acting like the weak half breed he was, on the ground. Not that he cared so much about him, but the fact that Inuyasha was in heat changed the whole situation. He wasn't going to allow the unconscious inu to be claimed unknowingly by some other fucked up demon who wanted to lay claim on the Western Lands, since Inuyasha was also Inu No Taisho's offspring. At this point, Sesshomaru's blood was boiling, his features didn't show his actual emotions though. The thought of some other demon claiming Inuyasha made him furious, but not knowing the exact cause, he threw the thoughts away.

He was a youkai and Inuyasha's half brother, which meant he held the responsibility of finding the half breed a mate and judging the situation in this condition, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Sesshomaru was and still is an experienced youkai when it came to heat. He had entered his annual heat two years ago and although he didn't mate, he found comfort in relieving himself. And yes, he was a proud seme. As a seme he couldn't make rash decisions on finding his mate, and now that he had the chance, he concluded he will take Inuyasha as his mate. Sesshomaru smirked slightly at the thought. Its going to be one hell of a night and he didn't even feel one bit of sorrow for neighboring humans and demons.

Sesshomaru glanced at Inuyasha, watching his broad chest rise and fall during every breath he inhaled. He walked over to the hanyou and ran his hand slightly over Inuyasha's forehead to find it burning up rapidly. The damn half breed was running a fever. Sesshomaru mentally cursed to himself before lifting up the surprisingly light hanyou in his arms and heading farther into the cave where a waterfall was located. As the destination was reached, Sesshomaru laid Inuyasha by the rock wall, while proceeding to strip the hanyou.

After he was fully exposed to Sesshomaru, the lord laid him carefully into the pool of cool water as he sat down on the bench next to the waterfall. He watched Inuyasha for a moment before going back into his thoughts. What he was rather inquisitive about was the reason that he had handled the situation in a more, gentle matter than he normally would accomplish his tasks. The youkai growled deep in his throat as he found the inu-hanyou was having an effect on him.

'oh, this feels so cool, so fresh like… heaven…' Inuyasha's thought as he opened his golden orbs half way to find himself in a dim surrounding with a small, yet familiar scent lingering around himself. As his vision cleared, Inuyasha found himself soaked in cool water and his clothes were still on… right?

Inuyasha stared down at himself and almost, almost jumped out the water. He had a reason too. He was naked!! The young hanyou started to freak but suddenly the thought crossed his mind. Who had undressed him was the constant question that was clouding his mind. It couldn't possibly be himself, I mean come on he was unconscious.

As the water beside him rattled, Sesshomaru snapped out of his thoughts to be more focused on the now conscious Inuyasha. It wasn't much of a surprise when Inuyasha turned around and spotted Sesshomaru all the while, practically alarmed, trying to put up a fight. After gathering his courage to speak, Inuyasha found his voice.

"What are you doing here, Sesshomaru!?" Inuyasha hollered at his half-brother. His voice didn't sound as steady as he hoped and he cursed himself for showing such a weakness to Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru had a slight smirk on his face. "Be quiet half-breed. Is that any way to talk to your elder, more specifically someone who saved your ass in heat?"

"B-But why would you do that? You hate me and I hate you!" Inuyasha replied.

"Isn't that what we all think?" the youkai mumbled before smashing his lips onto the hanyou's. Inuyasha eyes widened in shock and mostly surprised as he felt the hot tongue gliding across his lower lip asking for an entrance. Hesitantly, Inuyasha opened his mouth letting out a small moan of pleasure when the hot tongue traced every spot in his cavern before rubbing his own, asking silently to join into the 'fun.'

The hanyou timidly responded to youkai's request. Hot, wet tongues clashed as Inuyasha was pulled out of the water, hands guiding his toned legs around Sesshomaru's waist. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around his half brother's neck and shoving his hands into that soft, silky hair while proceeding to deepen the kiss. Sesshomaru on the other hand, laid one claw on Inuyasha's lower back while the other two fingers prodded at Inuyasha's entrance. The hanyou gasped as he felt a small pain in his backside from the intruding fingers.

Sesshomaru continued to kiss Inuyasha with fury and passion, as he moved his fingers slowly in and out of the tight entrance. As if to distract the hanyou the best he could, he trailed wet, sloppy kisses down Inuyasha's throat, before sucking eagerly at his collarbone and down his chest. He then added a third finger and thrusted deeper into that tight heat before brushing past a bundle of nerves. The inu let out a raspy moan before moving backwards to meet the hand. After hitting the spot a couple more times, Sesshomaru retrieved his fingers, settling his half brother on the wooden floor, before striping out of his armor kimono and hakama.

Inuyasha's eyes widened at the size of his brother. Oh, he was gonna get fucked real bad, and tomorrow he wouldn't even think about walking. After Sesshomaru's body was hovered over Inuyasha's, he attacked the pink nub sucking eagerly as the devoured more of the heat scent that came from the uke. After leaving the hardened nipples, purple love bites could be detected on each side, but they didn't care. Both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru needed to fulfill their desire at the moment. As wet kisses were laid on the hanyou's torso and abdomen, a claw ran down the length of Inuyasha's body before landing on the heated flesh in between his groin.

A whimper was heard from the hanyou as the hand roughly grabbed his cock and started stroking at a very slow, teasing pace. "Since when did the youkai like to tease.' was a thought that popped into Inuyasha's mind before the hand was removed and a warm breath was felt on the inside of his thigh.

Sesshomaru laid small kisses up and down Inuyasha's thigh as he ceased when his face came in counter with the inu's massive length. Although it wasn't as big as his own, it was close to it. The thick purple vein on its side was pumping slightly, needing heat. Sesshomaru wrapped his lips around the head of the dick and dipped his tongue in and out of the leaking slit, savoring its taste.

"Ughh.. Sessh.. " Inuyasha moaned as he tried to buck his hips, but a claw was laid on his hip to prevent that. Inuyasha was still squirming under Sesshomaru which gave the full demon a good chance to take the distraction as an advantage. In one swift motion, he engulfed the entire length into his mouth until he hit his back throat while wrapping his tongue around it sucking feverishly as he heard Inuyasha give out a loud moan that filled the cave and bucking his hips forward as an instinct. Sesshomaru relaxed so he wouldn't gag as he started bobbing his head up and down.

"Ngh… mo-more, mmm.. Faster.." the hanyou moaned as he tried to push the youkai's head further down. After a few more hard sucks and licks, Inuyasha came into Sesshomaru's mouth. Semen poured into the western lord's mouth as a small amount of the pearl liquid dripped down his chin and onto Inuyasha's thighs. As Inuyasha road out his semen, he reached one hand behind the youkai's neck and fucked his mouth until every single drop was gone.

Afterwards, Sesshomaru pulled away as he watched Inuyasha's flushed face, before the hanyou lifted his own legs to hover above his chest while spreading them showing the youkai what he had to offer that swollen clothed dick. Inuyasha watched as that pink, got tongue trailed across Sesshomaru's bottom lip as he too, subconsciously did the same.

Inuyasha watched as Sesshomaru leaned down in between his legs, keeping eye contact all the while. Hot kisses were placed on his inner thighs as the inu moaned feeling his cock harden at such an affection. Eye contact was broken when he felt his half brother's tongue thrusting into his entrance. Inuyasha threw his head back as it hit the floor, and eyes rolled behind his head as he practically fucked his brother's gorgeous face. Sesshomaru soon pulled away when he found that the hole was slick enough to handle is own manhood.

The full demon placed both hands on the sides of the hanyou's head as he positioned himself. With one simple, graceful thrust he buried himself to the hilt of Inuyasha, while proceeding to move in and out slowly. Inuyasha let out a loud groan followed by a whimper as he wrapped his arms around Sesshomaru's neck. Sesshomaru continued the slow motions until he felt the uke thrust his hips forward, signaling to move faster.

"Sesshomaru, ugh.. Move… harddeerrr." Inuyasha moaned as he bucked his hips upward to meet each one of the youkai's thrust. They were just the way he liked it: hard, fast, deep and at a inhuman pace.

Sesshomaru continued his thrusting as he reached a hand down to stroke the flaccid cock. Once it was touched, the entire length erected into full bloom. The lord leaned down and captured Inuyasha's lips as they shared a hard, passionate kiss. As those luscious lips were released Sesshomaru continued his thrusting looking for that one special spot. He shoved his dick all the way till the hilt then pulled back till the head was at the entrance and repeated his motions until..

"oh goddd, right there Sessh.. Ugh… faster.. Mmm…!!" and that's when Sesshomaru knew he had found it. He pulled all the way back before shoving himself inside hitting that same spot. The moan that left both their lips could've left any demon dripping wet. After one final thrust from Sesshomaru, Inuyasha came coating the dick that was penetrating him and his lower stomach. The young hanyou then slowly passed out from the energy lost as Sesshomaru continued to fuck that unconscious body.

A loud groan was heard from Sesshomaru before the ass muscles clenched onto his dick and he released into the warm, unconscious body under him. He pulled out slowly and collapsed on top of Inuyasha. A few minutes later he, too fell asleep moments later. He would have to mark Inuyasha when they wake up from their slumber.

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