His knees hit the damp exterior of the forest grounds as violent liquids exploded form his throat. Inuyasha used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth off as he other clutched at his abdomen, as he let out a slight painful groan.

'What the hell is going on?!' was the hanyou's only thought.

He could feel the liquids rising in his throat again, but at the same time someone called out his name.

"Inuyasha." that cold, hard voice. Yep. That was definitely his mate.

The hanyou bent over and hurled.. For the second time that day.

"It is to my knowledge that these aren't the signs of pregnancy Inuyasha is possessing, Lord Sesshomaru." Lady Kaede informed. She pressed a cool folded cloth on the hanyou's burning forehead as Inuyasha's entire frame continued to twitch in agony.

The Lord of the West nodded, if only slightly, to the old miko's information and scrutinized his gaze on his mate's unconscious form. The woan had not finished her little speech, however, as Sesshomaru intently listened to her choice of wording.

"Lord Inuyasha's symptoms also show the opposing view of a pretense. He is very weak physically and emotionally as well as possessing a lack of energy; in other words, he is slightly, if not fully, drained of power. Therefore, it will be crucial to keep a keen eye on him."

She stopped momentarily to allow the Lord to process the information, before continuing.

"Now, may I question Sesshomaru-sama: Is this Inuyasha's first time in heat?"

The youkai nodded, eyes still trained on his mate.

"And, in which I'm assuming Inuyasha is the Beta in this relationship, everything, according to Inuyasha's symptoms, is quite normal. The reason he lacks strength now is caused by his body's will to accept the changes surfacing- as he is of age to bare pups. His insides are slowly morphing in order for Inuyasha to accomadate the future baring of a child. I shall inform Sesshomaru-sama that your mate shall rely on you more than often; his heat has not subsided, as you've noticed, because an inu's first heat shall last longer than any other."

"You're still in heat, baka. No demon could withstand the heat unless they claim or become claimed by their future mate."

That statement was applied to all Alphas and Betas in heat, whereas Sesshomaru never utilized this piece of information to accompany the fact that Inuyasha was a submissive... and this was his first time experiencing the heat. So the given information was inaccurate.

"When the pain and aching subsides, Inuyasha would be prone to pregnancy. That will be in about two weeks. I shall create a herbal tea to help him sooth the aches and fever for now." Lady Kaede bowed slightly, making sure to show respect to the Lord of the West and his half-brother, before she exited the hut only to become bombarded with concerned gazes and questions.

As she shut the opening, the younger miko, reincarnation of Kikyo, rushed up to her side.

"Lady Kaede! Is Inuyasha alright?! How is he feeling?! What happened to him? Why is Sesshomaru inside with him?! Aren't you concerned for Inuyasha's safety?! Can I go inside to see him?!"

The maiden sighed, her worn fingers massaging her temple as she listened to Kagome rant out her distastes and concern for the young one. She watched as Sango came up behind the young miko to pull Kagome off her arm, trying to calm the modern girl. Miroku stepped forward to offer his apologies for Kagome's actions, before he moved away to latch an arm on the miko's wrist; along with Sango, they dragged her quite a few meters away.

As the younger sister of Kikyo moved to another hut where the herbs and medicine situated, she heard the voice of the young kitsune that sat perched curiously on a wooden stool next to the hut. A curious countenance plastered itself on the kit's features as he questioned in his usual child-like voice: "Why has Sesshomaru-sama become Inuyasha's mate if their hatred was displayed so fiercely in their fights?"

The old woman pondered in thought, a small smile rising among her tired face.

Some things were left to be unsaid.

Inside the inus' hut, Sesshomaru lifted his Otouto into his arms while he leaned back onto the futon-raised bed, pulling the young hanyou with him and laying him in a sleeping position horizantally on his lap. Craddling his mate ever so gently, Sesshomaru coldly refused to respond to his roaring inner youkai.

Inuyasha's bare chest was slicked with a sheen layer of sweat and while his breathing labored, he clutched tightly at Sesshomaru's robes, wrinkling them within the palms of his grasp. His brow scrunched up in pleasurable pain at the intimate connection from his mate. Sesshomaru could smell the deliciously delectable scent of the effects of his Otouto's heat, as well as the evidence of Inuyasha's arousal trapped within the hanyou's hakama.

'Relieve mate now!!'

He growled lowly to himself when the door opened, limiting Inuyasha's and his time alone; at the very moment, Sesshomaru's mate stirred, awakening from his slumber.

Arms reached forward to fasten themselves around Sesshomaru's neck; Inuyasha released a loud groan, body burning to the touch of his mate. Slowly, Inuyasha straightened his slackened posture in order to encase his mouth around the demon lord's pale column. The pup sucked vigorously in a hasty manner, pulling himself closer to Sesshomaru.

Unable to deny his mate even the simplest of things, the Lord of the West frankly sighed, but glared harshly at the raven-haired miko who stood enraged at the door, beholding a bitter and slightly appalled expression of distaste. The miko, meeting his glare, scowled back, her arm shaking as she held onto the steaming cup.

Inuyasha, who was distracted by his heat, continued to lick, kiss, and suck at the lord's neck, lower body flipping to lay directly on top of Sesshomaru's slightly upright one in an intimate fashion. Inuyasha groaned as he slid his groin against his half-brother's in an attempt for release. His hips moved up and down needily, humping his mate; he moaned loudly when strong claws wounded themselves around his waist to sit him still.

"Sessh..." the younger inu whimpered, ceasing his movements and tightly shutting his eyes; he leaned closer to Sesshomaru's chest and held on firmly. The inuyoukai's gaze softened when he stared at his mate. Lifting up a hand, he lightly patted his Otouto's hair in soothing strokes.

The miko, whom still was in the room, watched angrily as Inuyasha's affections were casted away to that demon. She furiously stomped up to them and slammed the quickly cooling herbal tea on the small nightstand before throwing a glare at Sesshomaru. As she headed towards the only exit in the hut, she was stopped by the youkai.

"Ningen." It was a one-worded demand, strong and threatening. The miko turned around, half expecting an attack. When the lord stayed rooted in his seat, she sighed in relief, releasing a breath she knew not held.

"I want you to remove the Kotodama no Nenju." A command; it was not a request.

Kagome narrowed her eyes, obviously refusing to allow the demon lord to intimidate her.

"No," she spit out.

Sesshomaru growled, his youkai demanding to be released to tear this insolent ningen apart. He hissed. "You dare refuse this Sesshomaru."

Kagome's countenance shone that of a grisly expression. "That necklace was given to me by Lady Kaede to control Inuyasha. Without it, he could be destructive."

Sesshomaru snarled; he was Inuyasha's alpha, mate. If there was anyone who could control his Otouto, it would be him; and even so, he would do so with respect a mate would show.

"You believe you could command and enslave Inuyasha against his will, don't you, selfish ningen." It wasn't a question. "You do not know the anguish and pain he has gone through, and yet you still are stubborn enough to believe that you can control him on your whim. Ignoramus. How foolish of you. It is your selfishness that derives Inuyasha from the life he deserves. He will not be hunting for the Shikon shards, for he does not need such power after that necklace releases him from helotry.

You feel power, do you not? Complete self-satisfaction from keeping Inuyasha within the palm of your hand. That shall be your downfall, ningen, for Inuyasha can slaughter you without lifting a finger. I suggest you choose your decision wisely shall I rip you in half."

The miko stayed silent, heeding the warning. She had never thought that the Kotodama's spell would take away the hanyou's freedom. Now that she thought of it, Inuyasha had every right to be relinquished from its wrath.

Without further argument, she maneuvered forward and nodded solemnly. Reaching out a single arm, Kagome loosely gripped onto the beads around Inuyasha's neck and took a moment to stare at the hanyou's beautiful sleeping face. Sesshomaru noticed this and suppressed a perilous growl, holding in the need to bark at the mere human who dared to try and steal his mate. The miko noticed, however, and quickly closed her eyes and muttered a spell under her breath. When she let go and backed away, the beads shattered into a million pieces, all of which were flakes, and disappeared all too quickly.


"S-Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha's weak voice penetrated the silence. Upon waking up, he felt lighter in a sense. Groping blindly at his neck, his golden orbs widened hysterically in content. "Thank you, Aniki," he heard himself murmur as he caught sight of Sesshomaru.

The demon lord who held his Otouto in his arms perched himself onto a sturdy tree branch before smiling slightly at Inuyasha. He nodded once in acknowledgement, settling the pup between his legs and brushing away the silver strands that hid the hanyou's neck away from sight. The youkai bent forward to lap at their mating mark between Inuyasha's neck and collarbone.

Inuyasha moaned approvingly, seeking the warmth that his mate provided. He tried to focus on the words his mate spoke instead of the wonder sensations his body was experiencing.

"How are you feeling, Otouto?" It was the same cold voice, yet Inuyasha knew that his half-brother cared. He nodded his answer of 'fine', noticing it was drawled out as a moan. He blushed when he more felt than saw the smirk that curled onto his Aniki's lips.

The Lord of the West nodded satisfied, as he informed the younger demon of their current status. "We are in the Western lands as of now, Otouto. After your interior formation is complete..." Sesshomaru smirked, once again, an arm approaching to caress Inuyasha's stomach, "You're going to birth us an heir."

The hanyou's blush deepened into a dark scarlet before he was pulled into a fierce, possessive kiss.

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