Shelly vs. Winona

Yeah, so not my longest (or best) fic. Point is, it's funny and random.

Shelly - is in Team Aqua ; has curly red hair (but not ugly, like Ronald McDonald's)

Winona - Fortree City Gym Leader ; has purply hair (yes, I said purply)

Anyway, mostly for Kaida. Meant to write it a few weeks back, but sorta forgot.

It was a regular day. Shelly was walking, drinking tons of alcohol. She was in a dive park just outside of Fortree City.

" Da-da-da-da-da ! Alcohol is coooool ! " Shelly cried, skipping and slurring her words.

Suddenly, she bumped into Winona, the Fortree City Gym Leader. Shelly gasped. " You owe me my money ! " she hissed.

Winona shook her head. " That's Roxanne you're thinking of, not me. So, back off. "

" NO ! "

And so Shelly started to get into a fight with Winona. The red haired woman laughed and giggled as Winona popped Advil into her mouth. " Hey, Winona ! Have an ill ? Pop a pill ! " she said, giggling.

" Now, that is not the truth ! " Winona hissed. " I only pop pills because I have anxiety attacks ! "

" Boo - hoo ! Eusine cries less than you do ! "

Winona blushed a fiery red as she hit Shelly with a radioactive Eggo. Shelly gasped as the Eggo fell flat on her face. " Oh, my God ! You threw an Eggo at me ! "

" Yeah... "

" That is sooooo weak. I can do a lot better. "

Shelly snickered as she threw a pokeball to release none other than Sasuke Uchiha ! She squealed. " Sasuke-kun ! Use your flame thingie ! " she cried.

Sasuke just shrugged. Shelly, having a low tolerance level, threw Sasuke into Winona. Winona gasped. " AAAAAHHHH ! NOOOOO ! SASUKE-KUN ! "

Shelly giggled as she poured maple syrup on her head. " Wheeeeee ! Shelly get sticky ! SHELLY GET STIIIIICKYYYYY ! "

Winona, having a lot more intelligence than Shelly could ever hope for, sweatdropped. " Shelly...I'M GONNA CHASE WALLACE UP A TREE ! "

Wallace poofed out of nowhere. Winona grinned as she chased Wallace up a tree with her golf club.

Shelly began eating Eggoes. Lots and lots of Eggoes !

And Winona went on a golfing rampage, hurting pedestrians and devastating the golf course.


And here is the format I used to make it. You'll see that it's in order.

Starts with : Alcohol
Setting : Dive Park
Gets in fight with : Winona
Makes fun of : Pill - popping
Gets hit with : Eggo (radioactive)
Retaliates with : Sasuke
Pours maple syrup on her head.
Winona : chases Wallace up a tree.
Ends with : Shelly eating Eggoes !
And Winona : goes on a golfing rampage.