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Chapter 1 : Offer

Sun was starting to go down in the land of Dinotopia.

Well for one man it was always sundown; not a positive rising, but the waiting for an eventually downfall; a change, even if it might destroy a whole world.

This man was Cyrus Crabb, sitting at the table in his shop right now, pondering if he should already close or let the illusion stay alive for a few minutes yet; that someone migth come in to buy one of his antiquieties.

As if anyone of those damn scaleys or their "pet humans" would want to buy something, that could remind them of reality or anything else, that´s apart from their ´´perfect and harmonic way of life´´´...yuck !

He thought, half disgusted, half amused.

Speaking of scaleys and reality, was that really one of those postal birds outside, in front of the shop window, peering inside, just waiting to be let in ?

He hoped not, he wasn´t sure what he would do to a scaley if he met one right now.

And one of those bastard creatures wasn´t exactly worth being thrown out of town.

He blinked a few times, and took a closer look just to be sure.

Grumbling he fingered after his cane, then - with a heavy sigh - stood up and hobbled to the door.

Shooting the little dinosaur an icy glance he opened the door just to shut it right behind it, once the creature was in. He also changed the note from ´´Open´´ to ´´Closed´´, and - having a suspicious look on the street - he turned his attention towards the newcomer.

Said one began to instantly chirp his message.

"For Mr. Cyrus Crabb from Waterfall City :" He began to croak.

"Yeah, that´s me." Cyrus nodded.

"Dear Mister Crabb, I´m sure you remember a good business partner, once you hear from him again, as I must say all of our businesses were true pleasures."

He raised an eyebrow.

No addresser ? What was that supposed to mean ?

"Which is directly leading me to the reasons I send you this note.

I just happened to gain possession of something extremly valuable, especially valuable for you, considering your ´´hobbie´´.

If you should be interested - which I´m sure of you are - then meet me as soon as possible in the Rainy Basin, to make sure nobody overhears anything...

End of message !" Croaked the bird-like dinosaur finally.

"The end ya say ?...Then, under this circumstances...get ya bloody scales outta

my shop !!" He yelled at the animal, trying to hit it with his cane.

The dinosaur flew through the open door once it was offered with no intention to come back.

With a heavier sigh than before, Cyrus sat down again, the message still ringing in his ears.

Who could have possibly sent me this message ?

Probably none of my smart business partners, as nobody would be so stupid as to seal a deal in the middle of the carnivores territory, no way I´m going !

...yet...he mentioned something about value..great value..for me...

...Oh damn this island and its three times damned scaleys !

I need to know what he has, dammit !

With this decision ended his inner argument.

Oh boy..I can´t believe I´m really gonna do it..

His eye wandered to one of the many clocks in the room and with an almost yelp he leaped to his feet - or in his case : one foot and a cane- quickly packed a few things like money and provisions in his bag and stormed out of his shop to catch the last bus to Volcaneum just in time.

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