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Due to an increase of individuals born without "Hearts", also termed a "Nobody," it is hereby decreed that any such individual found should be reported to any local authority. To ensure the safety of our people, a "Nobody" will remain so labeled throughout their life on their "birth" records.

Queen Alice


Since their appearance, there have been acts of violence against "Nobodies". To prevent further prejudice against these individuals, their caretakers shall keep their anonymity from "birth". A "Nobody" shall keep this anonymity throughout their life, if they so choose. Although labeled according to their "special" status, these records will be kept secret from the general population, and only those deemed qualified will have access to them.

King Oswald


It is hereby declared that those to show discrimination in any form against a "Nobody" will be punished under the law. Discrimination will be intolerable, and a "Nobody" will from here forth have equal rights.

Let it be said and written that this will be the first in many steps to ensure that we eliminate this intolerance that has gone on too long against those who have no say in their circumstances. This will be the beginning of an age of tolerance and respect.

King Mickey

Chapter 1

those who do not exist

It started with detention and as usual that meant it started with Hayner.

Roxas would never describe himself as a troublemaker. He always had the best intentions, it was just that he had the luck of getting into the worst situations. It was what had established him as somewhat as a rebel. Being friends with Hayner didn't exactly help the situation either.

He would've found it funny had he not been the victim of being labeled a problem child by teachers ever since he was young. Even though, he couldn't remember ever causing any major problems. Adults just didn't seem to like him.

He glanced at the bit of paper and tried not to curse his self-proclaimed new best friend for getting him into this type of situation.

Room 101 was scribbled messily on the detention slip that also drearily informed him that he was going to lose 30 hours of his life in the coming weeks.

Roxas stared at the slip pensively. It looked like Room 101 at least. It might have been a 107. Mr. Suoh's writing was small and not the least bit tidy. He was an absentminded school security guard, which may have accounted for the frequent fights that occurred in the school on a weekly basis.

While trying to read the room number (the best he could come up with was 101), Roxas pondered his situation and came to the conclusion that such terrible luck only seem to befall him.

Even he could admit that he had it coming. Was he really expecting for such a scheme to come off without a single hitch? Hayner's scheme had seemed brilliant when he had told Olette, Pence, and himself. They had gotten so caught up in it, that not even Olette's cautious words could have brought them down.

To think that it had only been a way of making some extra munny, so they could go to the beach or the amusement park. That had been Hayner's intentions at the beginning anyhow. Somehow, Hayner always seemed to be the mastermind of their little "schemes" yet he was the one to escape the blame that, more often than not, followed afterwards.

This one had been the biggest undertaking that they had ever attempted. His time with them had extended back only a month, but in that time he had managed to land himself in quite a few unwanted situation with his friends.

How had holding an illegal Struggle Tournament near school grounds ever seem like a good idea?

Roxas wasn't too sure, but he had a feeling that Hayner's enthusiasm and persuasiveness was the root of the problem. He promised himself to never get carried away again. This time they had kind of been asking for it...

They had planned a Struggle tournament carefully in the large park that was just two blocks away from the school. They had passed out flyers and spread the word through the high school rumor mill. Promising prize munny for the winner of the tournament also promised that they wouldn't be short of contenders, and they weren't.

They had been planning all along for either Hayner or Roxas to win though, and so keep the prize munny for themselves. Roxas had amazed them with his natural skill when he had first tried against Hayner. They were convinced that one or the other would be proclaimed the winner.

Charging 15 munny as an entrance fee sealed the deal. It was the only way they would have any prize munny to give in case Roxas and Hayner would fail to win, which was unlikely. Sure, it was breaking a couple of school rules, but it wasn't like they minded once almost a hundred kids showed up, each bringing the required fee.

In essence, it hadn't been such a bad idea.

In practice, it had been a failure, with Roxas paying the consequences alone.

Trying to keep a group of almost a hundred kids quiet while a Struggle Fight was underway proved to be...well impossible.

Not that the others hadn't tried. Roxas had been too busy on the thrill of advancing to the final rounds to really realize the problem that the others were trying to contain. Hayner had been knocked out of the tournament during the second round, and so it was up for him to win.

They hadn't thought things through well enough, it seemed. Hayner, Olette, and Pence just simply couldn't contain all the noise. Eventually someone heard all the teenagers cheering away and decided to call the school officials.

Suffice to say that Mr. Suoh had been sent to deal with the problem. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Suoh decided to show exactly when he was about to finish Seifer off in the final round. Already aware that Roxas was a "troublemaker," Mr. Suoh decided to assume that somehow Roxas was to blame for everything. He decided to ignore the other students who ran off in every direction at the sight of an adult.

So while Hayner was probably counting all the munny they had earned, Roxas had been receiving the longest and most tedious lecture of his life. He was sure that his friend would apologize later, and offer Roxas a larger share of the acquired munny, but at the moment he was feeling too tired to summon the energy to be appropriately angry.

After the aforementioned lecture of eternity, Mr. Suoh had shaken his head in a show of being disappointed and lamented that there was no other way for Roxas to learn his lesson than to serve detention.

All things considered, it could have been a lot worse. Had Mr. Suoh known that they had charged entrance to the illegal tournament, they would have lost all the munny and served a much longer detention or possible expulsion. He;d gotten off pretty easy if he thought about it.

Of course, Roxas wasn't in the mood for considering anything, except how to pass the next 2 hours without dying of boredom.

He walked slower as he reached Room 101, hoping to prolong his arrival. Upon reaching it, he peered through the small window on the door, trying to discern if it was the room he would be spending the next few weeks in.

It was a dimly lit room, and Roxas had to strain to make out anything. He could see a couple of teens, but they had their backs to him. He couldn't see a teacher, but he or she may have well of been on the other side of the room. Only a few desks could be seen, and they were all noticeably in a bad state.

There was a person nearby, though and his unmistakable red hair confirmed his identity. Roxas was new to the school, but even he had already been warned against the real "bad" crowd.

Axel definitely fell into the category. He was a loud-mouthed boy who had a habit of carrying around a lighter and casually bringing out in class or in the halls. You learned to avoid that type of person rather quick. Especially, after watching them set their school food on fire, because he thought it smelled funny. Not the most stable of people, Roxas had gathered.

Oh yeah, Axel's presence pretty much confirmed this was the detention room. Although Axel didn't seem like the type of person to actually come to detention, even though he was probably assigned to it everyday.

He turned the knob, and to his misfortune, found it to be unlocked. He sighed, and walked in, determined to get the first empty seat, and preferably avoid anyone's notice.

Roxas didn't often get what he wanted.

"Well, what do we have hear?" a mocking voice asked. He found himself face-to-face with a pretty blond girl he had never seen before. Her hair was arranged in a hairstyle that gave her a young appearance. However, her eyes and smile, which might have given her an innocent look otherwise, were sharp and cold, "Looks like someone's caught in our trap."

"You lost, kid?" another voice called out, and Roxas turned to Axel, who was gazing at him with the barest hint of a frown. He had his infamous lighter out, and making a steady click as he closed it and opened it. He got closer to him, pushing the blond girl to the side, making her frown.

Roxas eyed it warily before responding. "Is this detention?" he asked, hoping his voice sounded steady.

Another boy, with blonde hair in an odd style gave a short laugh. "Worse, kid."

Fear put aside, Roxas was feeling a little annoyed at being referred to as a kid. They weren't that much older than him.

He knew enough of the room's inhabitants to guess where and with who he was. Luck was just not on his side today.

There were a few unspoken rules at Twilight High, like at any other high school. Roxas had the disadvantage of being the new kid, but he had been given a crash course on the politics courtesy of Olette, Pence, and Hayner.

Break one of them, and usually a detention was the least of your concerns.

You don't get on Cloud's or Leon's bad side.

You never stare too long at Tifa's various assets. (Or at least don't get caught doing so.)

Flirting with Kairi or Aerith was never a good idea.

You don't make small talk with Fuu.

Roxas hadn't been here long enough to understand why these and other rules were in place. Hayner, Pence, and Olette merely stated the facts, and he followed them easily enough. He didn't particularly care why, and merely assumed that it was in his best interests to not get off on the wrong foot.


The very last two rules, though were the ones most vital for getting through high school without bloodshed.


One, Organization XIII doesn't exist. You don't see, hear, or speak about Organization XIII.

Two, if the Organization happened to exist, you don't get in their way.

Unfortunately, Roxas had just broken the first if his suspicions were correct.

"Detention's in 107," a boy he recognized as Xigbar said from his seat. He had an easy smile on his face, but Roxas didn't trust the slightly menacing look he would've sworn was in his eyes. "You the new kid, right?" he asked, slowly rising from his seat.

He nodded, and edged his way closer to the door, hopefully not being too obvious. "My mistake. I'll be going then."

"Not so fast," the sole girl called out, making her way towards him, licking her lips, and then placing a finger on her lips. It made her look playful, as though she was about to share a secret with him. "We can't just let you wander in here. What if you decide to slip up about where we meet?" she questioned, tilting his chin up to face her.

He was downright terrified of the girl. Somehow she managed to look threatening, even with her odd pigtails and sweet face. He heard Axel sigh, and then muttered,"Larxene, leave the kid alone. He doesn't look like an idiot."

"Thanks," he replied before he could stop himself. Axel gave him an amused smirk, before casually waving his hand, in what Roxas gratefully recognized as a dismissal.

Another strongly built boy came forward before he could leave. "Shouldn't we keep-"

"No," a blue-haired boy said immediately. He gave the boy a sharp look, before looking at Roxas. His eyes were drawn to a tattoo, at least it looked like a tattoo, of an 'X' between his eyes. "You may leave."

Roxas didn't need to be told twice. He was in the process of turning around, when a hand clutched his shoulder almost painfully.

"Not yet," a voice said from behind him. The door that was to be his escape was suddenly closed, and he resisted the urge to groan in desperation.

"Roxas," the older, oddly gray-haired boy said his grip getting just a little tighter. Roxas stared in confusion at the boy. How had he known his name? He'd seen the boy around school, one of those who screamed 'Unapproachable'. "Get in. You're in my way."

Roxas sighed as he entered the room, he'd been so close to leaving just a few seconds before.

Two rules were broken. With a grim foreboding, he wondered if bloodshed was still avoidable.

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