Notes" This started out as a story that had nothing to do with HP. But I found it today and decided to redo it. I hope you all like it.




Hermione was dressed to kill as she walked into her living room. Her hair had taken her over an hour to get just right. She had teased and sprayed it to within an inch of her sanity. Her makeup was applied just right, not to heavy not to light. Her lips were painted a brilliant shade of red. Her dress wrapped around her body hugging ever curve and making her look like a goddess in its pale white color. It fell just above her knees, and showed off her toned legs. Her shoulders were bare and looked golden against the dress.

She turned the T.V. on and went to pour herself a glass of wine. The deep red elixir filled the glass making it look like the stain glass windows in the church she went to as a young girl. She grabbed the bottle and her glass and heard back into the living room. The seen on the T.V. was one of joy and gayety. People were jumping and dancing around.

She sunk back into the depths of the couch. She would not be leaving her house tonight. Her heart hurt too much to force herself to be around people that wanted to make her happy. Her happiness left when he did.

Her thoughts traveled back to him. He had been her first true love. They were meant to be together forever, but one day he just left on a mission and didn't come home again. Her eyes leaked tears as she thought of her lost love. She looked down at her wedding band that she still wore. He was everything she dreamed of and even now that he was gone he still played the starting role on all her dreams.

She heard a knocking at the door and got up to see how was intruding on her night alone. When she opened the door her breath hitched in her throat. He was standing there in his uniform, an old and battered bag at his feet.

"Ron?" Hermione asked softly. She pulled her wand a moment later, pointing at his throat. This had to be a cruel joke. The man she loved had been gone for 3 years. He was dead and he was never coming back.

"Hermione it's me. I swear it, ask me anything." The man begged. He had fear in his eyes and something else, something that looked like rejection.

"Where were we when I told you about my father?" Hermione asked in a gruff voice. She was pissed that someone would play this joke on her.

"We were in my room at the Burrow. I was lying on the floor and you were on my bed, we were holding hand. You had on my Quidditch practice shirt and a pair of jeans; I had on a pair of jeans and no shirt. It was the day after we made love for the first time." The man said putting both of his hands in the air in a sign he meant her no harm.

"They told me you were dead." Hermione said as the tears poured down her face. The man had tears in his eyes too.

"They told me they were going to tell everyone I was dead so I would have a better cover. But they promised me that you would be told the truth. I made them promise before I agreed. I just found out last night when the mission was over that you didn't know. I'm sorry; please Mione I never meant to hurt you." Ron said taking a step forward. Hermione lowered her wand and stepped into Ron's waiting arms.

Ron wrapped her strong arms around Hermione and pulled her as close to him as he could. He could feel Hermione's tears socking his uniform but he didn't care. The only thing that mattered was she was in his arms again. The last three years had been hell on earth without her by his side.

Hermione pulled away from Ron and took his head leading him into their flat. Ron set his bag down by the couch and pulled Hermione bag into a hug. He just needed this for a few more moments. A few moments later they sat down on the couch.

"For the last 3 years I have been deep under cover. I can't really tell you much but I can tell you I helped bring down a man who was buying and selling underage witches." Ron said taking both of Hermione's hands in his.

"I never stopped loving you Hermione. I never once stepped outside the bonds of our marriage and cheated on you. I didn't know I was going to be gone this long but I'm back now and I will do whatever it takes to have us back again." Ron said looking into Hermione's eyes. They were the deep blue she loved and dreamed about.

"I want us back too Ron." Hermione said in a whisper. "But there is someone else in my life right now. I think you two should meet; you are both a lot alike." Hermione said looking at Ron. She saw his face fall. Hermione stood and took Ron's hand again. She lead him to the small room next to the master bedroom.

It was a little girl's room. It was purple; there were dolls and magical toys around too. On a cot in the corner of the room a little girl slept, Ron saw she couldn't have been more than 2 and a half. Hermione walked over to her and picked her up in her arms.

"Ron Weasley I would like you to meet your daughter, Rose." Hermione said holding the sleeping child. Rose stirred in Hermione's arms. Hermione kissed the little girl's forehead when she woke up.

"Mummy?" The little girl said in a sleepy voice. Hermione smiled at her little girl; she had Ron's read hair and freckles but other than that was her at that age.

"Can I hold her?" Ron asked very softly.

"Baby girl, remember the photo I show you of your Daddy?" Hermione asked. Rose nodded a little. Hermione showed Rose the same photo of Ron every night before bed. "Would you like to meet him?" Hermione asked Rose. Rose smiled much the same way Ron would and nodded. Hermione passed Rose to Ron.

"Daddy!" Rose laughed once she was firmly in Ron's arms. Ron's tears feel quickly and he held her tight against his chest. He had wanted a child for as long as Hermione and he hand been married. He just wished he hadn't missed her first 2 years.

"Hey baby. Daddy's home now, I love you and I'm not going to leave you again alright?" Ron asked looking into the same warm brown eyes as Hermione had. Rose brought her hand up to Ron's face.

"Love you Daddy." Rose said before settling back into Ron's arms and falling to sleep. Hermione took Rose and put her back on her cot. They walked out of the room so they could talk without waking Rose again.

They walked back into the living room and sat down again. "I didn't know. I swear I wouldn't have left if I knew you were going to have my baby. Please I'm so sorry Mione." Ron sobbed as Hermione held him. She rubbed his back until he calmed down some.

"It happened the last night we were together before you left; she was born 9 months to the day later on your birthday. " Hermione said softly. "She's so like you, she's a lot like me too." Hermione said as a few tears came to her eyes.

"She loves to hear stories about her Daddy, look at photos, whatever as long as it's about Daddy. She loves you as much as I do." Hermione feel back into Ron's arms and this time he held her.

"I love you both. Just seeing her once and I love her more than everything but you." Ron said against the skin on Hermione's neck. He was Rose's father and that was enough for him to love her. She looked so much like Hermione it floored him.

"It's late. We both need a good nights sleep before we can figure anything out." Hermione said pulling away from Ron a little. Ron didn't say anything he just looked down at his hands. Hermione got up and started to walk towards the master bedroom.

"Aren't you coming?" Hermione asked almost shyly. Ron's head snapped up and his eyes connected with Hermione's.

"Hermione . . . I . . . you don't have to." Ron studded out as he got to his feet.

"Ron you are my husband, I haven't been able to hold you in three long, lonely years. I'm not saying anything's going to happen tonight but I want you next to me. Is that a crime?" Hermione asked giving Ron a soft smile.

"No Hermione it's not." Ron said picking up his bag and walking with Hermione down the hall.

Hermione shut the door and turned to face Ron. "I'm going to go change. If I remember right you always use to sleep in just a pair of boxers right?" Hermione asked turning a little pink.

"Mostly yes." Ron answered as his throat went dry.

"Then you have everything you need." Hermione grabbed a shirt from her dresser and went into the master bathroom, shutting the door quickly.

Ron removed his uniform quickly but he left his undershirt on. He knew that Hermione had told him he didn't need to but he didn't what to seam like he was pushing her for anything. He knew it would be a long road to be back to where they were before.

Hermione opened the bathroom door and walked out wearing one of Ron's old t-shirts and nothing else. She was shaking just a little but she was trying to hide it. Ron turned and saw her and couldn't stop a whimper for passing his lips nor could he stop his body's reaction to her.

"I'm sorry." Ron said as he turned around to hide himself. "I'll just go sleep on the couch." Ron said as he started to walk way for Hermione.

"No." Hermione said rushing forward and wrapping her arms around Ron's chest. "I want you here with me." Hermione said placing a kiss on Ron's back through his shirt. "Please stay, I need you." Hermione whispered in a voice Ron had never heard from her before.

Ron turned around in Hermione's arms and hugged her tightly. "I need you too Hermione." Ron whispered before he bent down and captured Hermione's lips with his. It was if no time had passed, It was perfect and loving and everything both had wished for over the last few years. Hermione pressed her body against Ron's and heard him groan deeply.

Ron pulled away as she watched him turn bright red. He grabbed his wand and said a few cleaning spells. Hermione laughed when she realized what happened.

"I didn't know you missed me that much." The tension has left the room and Hermione was glad for it.

"I'm sorry. It just felt so good to have you in my arms again." Ron said walking over and sitting down on the bed. He laughed a few moments later. Hermione sat next to him on the bed taking his hand in hers.

"I know that we have a lot of things to work on and talk about but tonight can we forget everything and just hold each other? I need that feeling again." Hermione said linking her hand with Ron's.

"I need it too Mione." Ron said as they both moved to the head of the bed and got under the covers. Hermione laid on her side and Ron spooned her from behind; her body fit against his as perfectly as it had three years before.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here for you when you had Rose. I wish I was." Ron whispered. His hand moved to Hermione's belly and rested there; his thumb stroking the smooth flesh.

"I wish you were too." Hermione turned onto her other side so she was facing Ron. "She's so like you. She's funny and sweet and brings such joy to my life. And I know you are going to be a wonderful father to her." Hermione said cupping Ron's cheek with her hand and kissing me softly.

"I want . . ." Ron said breaking off.

"What do you want Ron? I will give you anything I can." Hermione said moving her head to look into his eyes.

"Can Rose sleep in here with us tonight?" Ron asked with almost a guilty look on his face. Hermione got out of bed and a moment later walked back into the room with Rose. She settled her down between them.

"Thank you." Ron said softly as Hermione laid down behind him. She wrapped her arms around Ron as Ron held Rose close. They feel asleep like that. A family at last.