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"Where. Is. He." Hermione grunted as she gripped Harry's hand.

Hermione lay in a St. Mungo's bed, a hospital gown covering her swollen stomach. One hand was attached to the side bar beside her, the other clenching Harry's red hand. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley were also in the room, but Harry had the misfortune of having the closest available hand.

"He's on his way, dear," Mrs. Weasley said as he set down a cup of ice, "Evidently his errand lasted longer than it should."

Hermione nodded and let go of Harry's hand, ignoring his whimpers of pain, as the contraction ended.

"The one day he leaves my side," Hermione took a breath.

Then, the people in the private room heard loud footsteps and shouting.

"Where is she," a deep voice yelled and was answered by more than a dozen Weasley's pointing to the door.

Suddenly the door shot open loudly, a disheveled Ron standing there, panting loudly. Obviously, he had been rushed because half of his cloak was hanging off one arm, his shirt and hair ruffled. He leaned against the door, trying to catch his breath while the rest of the family looked into the door before it swing shut. After a moment, Ron walked forward and Harry moved out of the way quickly.

Ron took Hermione's hand, kissed her sweaty forehead and said, "I'm sorry I was late, love. The Ministry wanted to ask me a few questions about that last minute. They told me it would only take five minutes."

"It's fine, Ron. I'm just glad you're-"

Hermione broke off as another contraction started. She let out a small scream as he grabbed Ron's hand and squeezed it tightly.

"Bloody hell," Ron gasped as he moved with his hand that was being twist.

"Ron," Hermione drew out in a painful moan.

"Yes, 'Mione?"

"Do. Not. Ever. Touch. Me. Again. Do you hear me? EVER!" Hermione yelled.

Ron let out a squeak of fear, his eyes wide. When Hermione heard laughter from outside she grabbed her wand and sent a spell threw the door.

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY," she screamed and all laughter died off and we replaced with fear.

Molly gasped and grabbed Hermione's wand, muttering something about forgetting that.

After Hermione calmed down and Ron flexed his fingers, the Healer came in. She was a tiny woman with black hair. Her bright smile annoyed Hermione a bit, since she was the one in pain, so the Healer should not be so chipper. She was the same Healer that delivered Rose, so Hermione trust her, but at times like these, she got on Hermione's last nerve.

"Okay, Hermione, I think we're almost ready. I see your husband's here," Healer Walker nodded at Ron. "Let's see how we're doing."

After a few minutes of the Healer checking Hermione out, she pulled back and nodded. Two other Healers walked in to assist her. Both conjured up a few necessary tools and machines as Ginny, Harry, and Molly walked out of the room.

"Hermione, it's time. When I say go, I'm going to need you to push. Mr. Weasley, you've got to encourage her as best you can. This'll be easier than your first delivery but it's still the same," Healer Walker said, not noticing Ron's eyes darkening a bit.

She said go and Hermione pushed, Ron holding her hand tightly. With a wet cloth in his hand that he was pressing on her forehead, Ron kept talking to Hermione. Telling her that she was doing great, to keep going. He reminded her to breath and that she could do it. After a little less that 5 hours a small cry could be heard throughout the room.

"Mr. Weasley, would you like to see your little boy?"

The healer placed his son in Ron's arms. He had tuffs of reddish hair and when he opened his eyes they were brown, just like Hermione's and Rose's, not blue like most babies. He was perfect and beautiful and something he and Hermione had made together, made out of their love for each other. Ron walked over to Hermione's bed and put their son in her arms so she could nurse him. Hermione pulled down her dressing gown and the baby latched on quickly.

"Of course our children would get your appetite." Hermione said wincing just a little but then looking in Ron's eyes and smiling.

"You gave me two of the most perfect children, you took me back after I all but left you, you have loved me even when you shouldn't have. You are amazing." Ron said before bending down and kissing Hermione passionately. Hermione kissed Ron back. Their pressed their foreheads together panting heavily.

"I love you Ronald, forever and always." Hermione said with a few tears in her eyes. Ron wiped them away and kissed her softly.

"What should we name him?" Ron asked.

"I was thinking Hugo Ronald Weasley." Hermione responded.

When Hugo was done eating Ron took him back in his arms. "Welcome to the world Hugo Ronald Weasley. It's a wild ride."