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By Doctor-T


It was a cool, autumn night in Tokyo, Japan. The silvery full moon was up, bathing the shadowy streets of night time Azabu-Juuban district in its unearthly, silvery radiance. It was nearly 9 pm on Friday night, and most of the inhabitants of the suburb were by now safely and comfortably tucked away inside their neatly painted and fenced houses, sheltered from the cool, gusty breeze that had sprung up within the last hour. Most of the inhabitants, but not all…

The soft moonbeams played down upon the running shape of a young, blonde schoolgirl, who was right this very moment speeding down one of the well-kept streets, her slender, long-legged figure intermittently being thrown into stark illumination by the yellow pools of light cast from the regularly spaced streetlamps, and also the occasional, glowing, house window. The girl was strikingly beautiful - even seen in a state of semi-panic like she was at that moment - with exquisite blue eyes framed by golden-blonde hair that had been tied into a bun on either side of her face. Two very long, blonde pigtails streamed out behind her like the twin contrails from a jet as she pounded down the pavement.

My name is Usagi Tsukino, my friends call me Bunny. I'm a lazy, fifteen-year-old, Juuban Middle School student - and I especially hate doing homework! I should have done it before dinner, like Chibiusa-chan did. But I got distracted somehow, and now, am I paying for it! I'm really late meeting up with my friends, now. WAAAAH!"

On and on Usagi berated herself for her laziness as she hared off up the road, passing a row of closed shops, before skidding to a halt before the entrance to a narrow alley between two multi-storeyed brick buildings. This was her usual shortcut to the Hikawa Shrine, where her friends were waiting, no doubt impatiently, for her belated – with emphasis on the 'late'- arrival.

Although both sides of the windswept alley were flanked by deep shadows, the centre of the lane was bathed for almost its entire visible length by the gentle radiance of the moon. In Usagi's present frenetic state of mind, the path ahead looked to be safe enough – she had used it many times before without incident – and doing so now would shave a whole ten minutes off her journey. So, without a further thought, she set off into the teeth of the cold breeze, albeit at a much slower pace than her precipitous dash down the much better lit street that she had just exited.

"Why, oh why didn't I grab my jacket, too?" Usagi asked herself out loud, her teeth beginning to chatter as another gust of frigid wind blew through her blue-and-white colored, Juuban Middle School sailor-fuku uniform like it wasn't even there. "I knew that I should've changed out of my school uniform into something much warmer, but that manga I was reading was just reaching the interesting bit. Brrrr! It's freezing in here! Man, I wish that Luna was here to warm me up!"

Normally Luna, her magical, black, talking cat, would have been accompanying her to the meeting, but this evening Luna and Artemis, Minako's white cat, had gone ahead with their kitten, Diana, to escort Chibiusa to the Hikawa Shrine almost an hour ago. Usagi herself was supposed to have gone at the same time with them. But, as she hadn't even started her homework at the time of their departure, her mother, Ikuko, had put her foot down firmly and made Usagi finish her schoolwork properly before she was allowed out to meet her friends – one whole hour later!

Usagi was now bitterly regretting her earlier tardiness. Not only could she have gladly done with Luna's company right now in this slightly spooky alley, but also snuggling warm cat fur would have helped to keep the icy chill of the wind off her chest. Not to mention that Luna's feline night vision would have been more than useful with helping her navigate through the deep, criss-crossing shadows of this seemingly never-ending alley. She certainly didn't want to stumble over an old tin can or whatnot in the darkness and do her ankle in!

Something clanked softly in the blackness, the faint, elusive sound snapping Usagi back to reality with a jolt. Coming to a nervous halt, she gazed warily around at her surroundings, but nothing could be seen in the black and now somewhat more menacing shadows that seemed to be pressing in on her from both sides. From whence had the sound come? She wasn't certain, but it sure sounded like it had been from behind her – and not too far away, at that!

Usagi gulped and broke out in a cold sweat. She was now definitely regretting her decision to take this particular shortcut at this time of night. She didn't feel nearly as brave as she had a few seconds ago, standing there all alone in the patches of light and inky-black shade cast by the towering, bare, brick walls of the buildings on both sides of the narrow alley. And now that she thought about it, Usagi could vaguely remember hearing something on the news about a spate of missing persons in the Juuban area recently. Alone in a dark alley, she was now wishing that she had paid more attention to the news item in question, rather than the manga that she had been reading at the time.

Quickening her step a little, Usagi hurried off up the alley at a faster pace, eager now to reach the bright lights of the main thoroughfare that she could see about one hundred metres in front of her.

As she approached the halfway point to safety, the anxious teen began to relax a little again, even to mentally laugh at herself for her irrational fear of the unknown in the gloom to her rear. Still, feeling that it was better to be safe than sorry, as Usagi continued to hurry along, she glanced over her shoulder back the way that she had come, just to be absolutely sure that no one was following her. To her great relief, nothing at all could be seen stirring in the moonlit silence behind her.

Usagi let out a heartfelt sigh of relief, and turned her face back towards the brightly lit street in front of her – just in time to see a huge, inky-black shadow detach itself from the blackness cast by a rubbish skip, stepping out directly in front of her! At the sudden shock of the shape's appearance, Usagi's heart froze and she felt her skin crawl with terror. Another second and she would have collided with the thing! Slamming to a halt, she turned to run, opening her mouth to emit a terrified scream for help!

But it was too late! The shadowy figure was suddenly right there behind her, one hand clamping down over her mouth, muffling the scream before it could be sounded, the other encircling Usagi's slim body, pinning her arms to her sides. The stale stink of alcohol assailed Usagi's delicate nostrils, and a gloating voice hissed into her right ear:

"Hello, Sweetie, I've been waiting for you! Don't scream now, we don't want any nosy parkers interrupting our little party now, do we?"

Then one of his rough hands was exploring her body, gripping and fondling and squeezing at the front of her top! Usagi's eyes were wide with panic as she struggled desperately to break his grip. Suddenly remembering her training from Luna, she stamped down hard with her right shoe, catching the stranger in the centre of his foot. He cursed in pain, then spun her about and punched her solidly on the point of her jaw. In the darkness of the alley she didn't even see the blow coming, so had no chance at all to dodge or block it. At the sudden, violent impact, Usagi's head snapped back, her eyes glazed over, and then she collapsed in a limp heap onto the concrete, stunned by the force of the brutal blow.

Quickly taking advantage of her temporary immobility, Usagi's sailor top was yanked upwards over her head and arms, and then the man clumsily bound her hands behind her back with her own bow tie strings. Clamping his big hand back over Usagi's mouth again, his other thick and heavily tattooed arm encircled her slender waist, and then the slim, semi-conscious teenage girl was dragged across the alley and dumped unceremoniously face-first onto an old mattress that had obviously been placed there for this very purpose.

Usagi regained control of her senses a few minutes later, just as she felt the drunken man rising back up off her. She whimpered in abject terror as she realised what her assailant had just finished doing to her body. And her hands were tied and her locket was gone – she could neither defend herself, nor change into Sailor Moon! There was nothing that she could do to protect herself against any further depredations from him!

Her blue eyes huge and all but blinded with tears of terror and shame, helpless Usagi began to cry out with fear and loss, muffled sobs choking out of her cruelly gagged mouth.

Her attacker then felt something cold and hard digging into his side, right where Usagi's bound hands were draped across her trembling back. Reaching down, he tore the object free and raised it up close to his face for a better look.

"Mmm," he mumbled, squinting at the object in the dim light. "Nice locket! I think I'll keep it as a pleasant little memento of our first happy meeting, Sweetie." He laughed callously, then abruptly stopped and cocked an ear towards a distant, though approaching sound.

"Damn! I think that I can hear the sirens of the long arm of the law coming this way? Blast! Someone must have tipped off the cops, and just when it was getting real interesting, too. Well, it's been fun, but I gotta go now. Until next time then, Sweetie! I'll be seeing you again. Soon." And with that chilling comment, the shadowy man rose back to his not-too-steady feet, adjusted his clothing, and then disappeared off into the shadows. A sinister chuckle floated back to her straining ears, and then he was gone, swallowed by the frightful black night.

Twisting over onto her back, Usagi stared off with huge, panicked eyes in the direction that her brutal tormentor had gone. Then, once sure that he really had departed, the badly abused teenager tried to roll up onto her knees. Despite her entire body shivering uncontrollably with a combination of cold and fear, and feeling like nothing more than a single throbbing bruise, all that she could think of then was flight, to make it to her feet and to flee from this scene of terror. But then the horror of her terrifying ordeal finally overwhelmed her senses, she collapsed back onto the makeshift bed, her vision darkened and soothing darkness embraced her once again.


Barely twenty seconds after Usagi had succumbed to her abuse; a whirling cloud of blue flame suddenly spun out of nothingness in the centre of the moonlit alley, and a loud crackling sound split the air. Then, from the centre of the fading luminescence, stepped two tall, misshapen, semi-human beings, both glancing warily around their shadowy surroundings in case any unseen danger was awaiting their arrival. Sensing nothing to alarm them, the bizarre entities relaxed somewhat, and then began to look for their target.

"There she is," Zephyr the Youma gloated, eagerly pointing out Usagi's semi-naked, motionless form to the other shape. "It is over, the human criminal has been victorious!"

"What? So this – this - whimpering, pathetic young female is secretly Sailor Moon?" His companion gestured down at Usagi with disbelief. "The mighty Sailor Moon whom you claimed defeated Queen Beryl, Queen Metallia and the entire Dark Kingdom, Zephyr?"

"Supposedly, yes," that worthy smugly agreed.

"Well, just look at her now? Reduced to a blubbering, half-naked wreck by a mere human criminal! Pfahg!" The creature spat down at his clawed feet with contempt. "If she was this easy to beat, then we should have just killed her ourselves, months ago!"

"Yes, our plan worked fine," the first monster admitted, surprise in his voice that the enemy they had believed to be a fearsome foe had been defeated so easily. "But you are right, even a drunken human has managed to overpower her, even if the overindulgent fool did leave her alive. Hmpf! She wasn't even worth the time and effort we expended to set all of this up!"

The other Youma, Yaadrig, bared its fangs. "Well, shall we kill her, ourselves? Yeah, let's kill her, right now!"

Zephyr looked down upon Usagi's unconscious body with loathing. For a second, he was solely tempted to agree with his bloodthirsty partner, but then an evil thought came into his mind, and he stayed his companion's clawed hand.

"No, without her locket, she's finished. The mighty Sailor Moon is just another weak, helpless human, now. Besides, if you kill her, it'll just spare her the further suffering from her assault here tonight. And I want her to suffer, for all of our brother spirits that she has killed over the last few months."

"Good point," the scowling Yaadrig conceded. "This weakling can't stop us now. Let's leave her here to rot! Come, let us go tell our allies that she will plague us, and them, no more."

"Yes, without Sailor Moon, the other Sailor Soldier scum will now be much easier for us to eliminate," Zephyr agreed. "As of this moment, we will commence jamming the Sailor Scouts' communicators, and then begin picking them all off, one-by-one."

"Hey, Zephyr, I've just had a deliciously foul idea about further torture for this miserable girl! Just suppose the human criminal who just took her, finds out where she-?"

With a flare of smoky flame they vanished again, abruptly cutting the Youma's words off in mid-sentence.


"I'll bet you that Odango Head forgot all about our study group tonight, and went down to the Crown to play video games, instead," Rei Hino complained to her companions as they strolled down the street towards Usagi's parents' house. "We've been waiting for her for over an hour, and she still hasn't showed up. It'd be just like her to ditch us for some fun!"

"That's well within the realms of possibility, Rei," Luna conceded, from where she was riding on Ami Mizuno's left shoulder.

"That's a little mean, Luna," Ami protested. "Maybe something came up, and she had to make a detour or something?"

"That something wouldn't happen to be a certain young man by the name of Mamoru, would it?" Luna scoffed, absolutely sure of her ground as far as Usagi's bad habits were concerned. "And this so-called 'detour' wouldn't have led directly to his apartment, by any chance?"

"Luna," Artemis the white cat spoke up from where he was resting in Minako Aino's arms. "Lighten up, will you? You know Usagi said that she was coming directly over as soon as her homework was done. Rei called her house, and her father confirmed that she left for the shrine in a hurry over an hour ago. She didn't arrive, so something must have happened to her."

"And I tried phoning Mamoru-san's apartment, as well," Rei stated. "There was no answer, so she's definitely not there."

Minako laughed. "Well, my bet is still on her and Mamoru-san off in a cozy little karaoke room somewhere, in a secret, passion-filled embrace behind the table! When cupid's arrow strikes, you can only go with the flow…! Ahhh!" Her blue eyes filled with sparkles.

"Minako!" Artemis pleaded. "Get serious."

"Maybe Minako-chan's right, guys?" the tall, ponytailed Makoto Kino sighed, ignoring Artemis's protest. "If I had a dreamy guy like that hankering for a hot time with me, that's what I'd be doing right now, too!"

"Not on study night," Ami declared firmly. "Work first, then play! Right, Luna?"

"Hear, hear," Usagi's black cat enthusiastically agreed. "And you agree with Ami and myself, too, don't you, Rei?"

"Yeah…well, sometimes I wouldn't mind meeting up with a hot guy for a hot date in secret, too," that worthy admitted, clasping her hands together under her chin with a wistful, starry look in her violet eyes.

"But what about Yuichiro-san?" the others chorused in accusing tones.

"Yuichiro-kun? He's fine in his way, but sometimes, he…well, ah-? Well…yeah, I suppose that he is fine-! Okay, okay, I already have a hunk! I'm sorry!" A big bead of sweat showed on Rei's forehead at being caught out. "You're right, I admit it…!"

Everybody laughed at her discomfort, and Rei's embarrassed blush grew even deeper as they continued on their way.

"Hey, this is the alley that Bunny-chan usually takes as a shortcut when she's late, which means that she's in here for most of every day," Chibiusa suddenly told them, halting alongside the alley entrance to stare off along its gloomy depths, the odd gust of cold wind swirling out from its cavernous brick framed entrance stirring at her pink hair and sending a chill across her exposed face. "That Bunny-chan, she's never on time for anything!"

"Do you think that she went this way tonight?" Artemis asked, staring off down the chilly, shadow-lined lane.

"I dunno, it looks to be awfully cold, dark and gloomy in there," Chibiusa said in an undecided tone. "But knowing Bunny-chan, probably! Sometimes she just jumps into situations without even thinking."

"But anyone or anything could be hiding down there at night, and no-one would ever know…!" Makoto said, her voice trailing off in alarm. Everyone stared at her, then at each other.

"We'd better check it out," Artemis declared, a trace of worry now clearly discernable in his voice.

"Yes, I think that we'd better," Luna agreed, no less alarmed by Makoto's implication. "Come on, let's go!" Jumping off Ami's shoulder, she raced off down the shadowy alley, the others close behind her.

"Hey, there's something lying on the concrete up ahead," Artemis called out anxiously, his night vision working overtime as he and Luna bounded down the alley, well ahead of the others. "On the right hand side there…something pale…?"

"I see it," Luna replied, vaulting an old car tire. "It's…it's…Oh, Kami-sama! Usagi! Usagi! Artemis, she's not moving! She's been hurt!"

"Bunny! Bunny!" Chibiusa screamed in panic, flinging herself on to her motionless relative's body and shaking her hard. "Say something! Oh, why are her hands tied? Somebody please save her!"

As the others all dropped to their knees around Usagi's prostrate, unmoving form, eyes wet with tears and shouting in alarm, Minako and Ami quickly took charge. Kneeling at Usagi's side, they quickly checked her over, as Makoto and Rei tried their best to comfort the tearful Chibiusa. Artemis and Luna moved back from the press of their charges, knowing that Usagi was in competent hands, Minako being a trained paramedic and Ami with her wide knowledge of medical procedures gained from her study for Medical School.

"She's got a pulse and she's still breathing," Minako yelled out with noticeable relief, having seen and dealt with a number of similar situations before during her previous incarnation as Sailor V. Her fingers flew as she untied Usagi's bound hands. "But she's freezing cold! Where are her clothes?"

"Over there," Artemis called out, spotting the crumpled, scattered garments lying forlornly on the other side of the alley.

"I'll get them," Rei offered, tears streaming from her eyes. "Oh, Bunny-chan! Why did this have to happen to you?"

"Everybody, Bunny-chan's not seriously hurt, she's just passed out from her ordeal," Ami finally declared with a loud sigh of relief, echoed by all of the other girls. "The reason that she's so cold is because of the wind chill factor on her bare skin. But I think that she's – that she's been sexually assaulted."

"Yeah," Minako whispered, her eyes filling with tears as she agreed with her friend's diagnosis. "Thank god that she's still alive!"

The other girls gasped out in horror, and Chibiusa burst out in tears again, cradling her face in Makoto's lap. "Bunny! Bunny!"

"Makoto, take Chibiusa-chan away from there. She doesn't need to know about this," Luna called out tearfully – advice that Makoto obeyed with alacrity. "Artemis?"

"Yes, Luna?"

"Usagi lost her locket, and I can't find it anywhere!"

"I know. This is bad…!"

Quickly, the little group clad the still unconscious Usagi in her clothes once again, plus Ami's thick jacket. Then they set out trying to keep her warm, and revive her at the same time.

"Oh, that poor, poor girl," Luna wept, turning to Artemis for comfort. After a momentary cuddle, he then stepped back and spoke up.

"Luna, pull yourself together! This is upsetting for me as well. But we've got to find out all we can about what happened to her, right now, before the scent of whoever did it fades away," Artemis firmly told her.

"I – you're right, as always. Wait a minute…is that whiskey I can smell?"

"Yes, right over here. See that empty bottle? I suspect that whoever did this must have left it here when he departed."

"So a drunk did this to poor Usagi?" Luna growled, ears flat against her skull with fury.

"Looks like it…"

"Do you think that you can track him down, Artemis?" Luna asked angrily as her feline companion sniffed deeply at the bottle, whilst wrinkling his nose with distaste at the strong stench of the raw liquor. "He's going to pay for what he did to her, I promise you that!"

"Maybe. Some of his normal human smell is still on the bottle where he was holding it. I may be able to track the odor of his footsteps for awhile, but I'm not a dog, Luna."

"Just do your best," she urged him. Walking over to her partner, Luna sniffed at the evidence as well. "Yes, it's faint, but noticeable all right. It's a lead for us to follow, anyway." Turning, Luna began to trot further down the moonlight-splashed lane, her nose to the ground.

"Come on, Slowcoach, his trail leads down this way – hold on!" she suddenly hissed, arching her back at the repugnant scent of ozone still lingering in the cool air. "Artemis, do you smell that?"

"Yeah," the white cat replied, his fur standing on end as he unconsciously unsheathed his claws. "I recognize it, too."