I owe my soul to Hikari Daeron for buying me a new keyboard after mine finally succumbed to what we-well, I- call technological absence of life.

...It stopped working just to clarify, and to anyone working for Microsoft: Onscreen keyboard? Wonderful concept, but horrible execution. Every other letter had to be re-clicked, and it seems to be prejudiced against vowels.

So Hika, I love you and demand we marry right now.

I... Sometimes I just...

Dear Mello.

I thought I died that day, but I didn't.

Roses are red and violets are blue;
I covered Near in glue just for you.

So many bullets went through me I could have sworn they killed me- Near told me you had a heart attack and the corpse is ash now, dead in a burning church; fitting for you, pretty princess drenched in fire and chocolate.

I didn't die.

Red light, green light
Catch us if you can, you silly old man!

Except I think I did, because I don't feel anything and I think I'm supposed to. Maybe I'm turning into Near. Wouldn't that be funny?

I started eating chocolate last night. It tastes like ash and I choke on it, but I eat it anyway.

Near doesn't understand why.

There's alot I want to say to you, but all I can think of is 'Dear Mello'.
I'm sorry for not knowing what to say.

They said it's a miracle I can walk- a bullet hit my spine, I should be dead or paralyzed at least.

I think I'd rather be dead.

Dear Mello-

Hey Mello-


Dear Mello,
I hate you.

Dear Mello.

I miss you.