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Chapter 1: The new kid on the block

Taylor Alden sat up after watching the latest newscast, an expose on the former members of the Incredibles. It had been three years since their victory over the strange black robot which was as far as anyone knew was their first battle as a group. Nowadays the Incredibles consisted of only the husband, wife. Invisigirl had gone solo after she headed off to college and Speedy went to study abroad in Europe. Invisigirl, huh?, Taylor had mixed about the superhero.

"And now it seems that Invisigirl has joined forces with another super. Yes, the new kid on the block, the Phantom, has been spotted fighting alongside our local her-" Taylor froze. "What!? I'm not on a team with that, that, that… GIRL!! And the name!!", Taylor yelled at the TV. The Phantom? That has got to be the lamest name ever! Why not just call me captain rainbows for chist's sake!

"Oh come on Taylor, I think it's kinda cool.", added the lump on the couch.

"Yeah, you would!" Taylor spat back, obviously still annoyed.

"No, not the name, the prospect of you partnering up with Invisigirl. You know, rumor has it she goes to the same college as you do, I'd keep an eye out for her if I were you. Who knows… a couple a supers in their prime! The excitement, the angst, the Romance!" Shane, the self proclaimed boy genius, added extra emphasis on the last word to purposefully peeve the already enraged eighteen year-old.

"Argh!! I'm going to bed!!", The prior comment seemed to have done it's job giving Shane a contented smile.

"Wait, buhfore ya go, did tha stuff hold well? Betcher glad I gave ya the shield gauntlets now, huh?" Shane added in his, what was to Taylor, annoyingly relaxed and unrefined speech.

" Yeah, whatever. 'Night." That night Taylor tossed and turned in his sleep with confusion for what had happened.

Sorry that this chapter's so short. Later chapters will be longer. As you can see Taylor is your everyday unmotivated eighteen year old, well other than the fact that he can phase in and out of limbo, and Shane is his bestfriend/super genius/ equipment designer who doesn't put much effort into his speech. In my story Violet has gone through a lot as will be explained later. She's got a little more confidence but other than that I'll be trying my best to stick to her character. Well thanks for readin'. R&R is appreciated! See ya next time!