No, they were going to catch him! He had to run faster, he wouldn't do it, he wouldn't go back into that room, or the tank! Too late, the scent of latex clouded his mind as gloved hands clamped onto his body. He began hyperventilating as he was dragged to the ground and the cold steel barrel of a pistol dug into the back of his head. They were saying something to him now, the men in white. But he wouldn't listen, it was always the same things, sweet lies, effortlessly dripping from their throats, like a drug promising inevitably false hope of a change. He couldn't take it anymore. Not. Any. More! It was then that the world turned white. He was laying there, on his stomach, confused, afraid and angry. He heard a voice. It was strange, unlike the men in white, there was a harsh, cruel severity to this voice. The words seemed to strangle him. "Pathetic." They hurt, the words physically hurt him as if each syllable were searing his flesh. "This is really how far you go? You don't deserve to live. I've seen their thoughts, they're plans. You've worn out your welcome. The men in white are fed up with your behavior, it's regretful to them but as soon as they bring you back, they're putting you on the table, cutting you open and taking what they want. Go back and die, you worm." His eyes stung with tears as he listened to the black thing in the world of white.

"No!", screamed the boy as he disappeared from the white world, leaving the black thing behind. It was grinning wickedly.

There was an explosion of gore as the boy rematerialized into reality in the spot where one of the men in white were obviously prior residing. Luckily for the boy, the only man with a weapon was now a bloody mutilated stain on the floor. He was crazed, high on his own lust for blood. He jumped on the nearest man in white, and with a smile and a twitch of his eye began to grip and pull the head of his victim, drowning in carnal glee as the muscle gave way and the head detached from the rest of the body. His gaze darted to the next man, frantically struggling to his feet, but he was too slow, the boy had pounced. The white coat was stained red as- Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

"Stop!", Taylor Alden awoke drenched in sweat, his toned muscles trembling under his tank top and pajama bottoms. Not again... none of this is real anymore, I've forgotten, I've moved on.

I am human now.

So yeah, as in the description this story randomly jumps from sugar and spice love story, to dark horror. This story has a happy ending but the journey isn't all cupcakes and butterflies, sorry. For those who will stick with this story, you're my kind of people. Sorry for being gone FOREVER!!! Been really busy, I'll start updating regularly now, you can probably expect a new chapter every weekend. Please review and if anyone notices any spelling or grammatical errors, please drop me a line. Smell ya later! ~Dolphin8r