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The Negatives of a Positive

Chapter 1

"Kids. I can't have kids."

"Talk about premature.."

"I don't think it's premature...I think that if that's something you really, really want; then you should get everything that you want."

God, she felt sick.

Nothin' like puking your guts out in front of a witness. Again.

How unrefined.

Clean-up was easy considering her lunch included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and water. She had only been nibbling at the crust. Until Mallet insisted she eat at least one half.

Husbands are great aren't they?

Though they had been married for almost a year, they still acted like they always had as a couple.

One innuendo after another, and very much in love.

But God, why do husbands always make sure their wives are fed? Could they not look after themselves?

"C'mon, lets get you home." Mallet helped her up by the crook of her elbow.

"Mallet, I'm fine." She gave him a small smirk, "Probably shouldn't have made me eat that sandwich."

"Ha. Ha." He scoffed sarcastically, "You've been sick for a week now, and that's the second time you've threw up interigating a witness. You're going home."

Marina sighed, "Fine."

Mallet walked her to her car and gave her a quick kiss. "Go home. Get some sleep, hon. I'll see you in a bit. I love you."

He turned to leave but Marina stopped him, "Wait. You're not coming?"

"There are some things I have to finish up here first." He replied, "I'll be home in an hour or so."

She nodded and replied with an "Ok, I love you, too."

She started her car and headed in the opposite direction of her home.

Marina pulled into her driveway after her journey to the drugstore.

Her first priority was getting to the nearest bathroom and using what she purchased.

"Here's to hoping it's negative." She flushed the toilet and waited for the verdict.

"Oh no."

This wasn't good.

He'd hate her for sure.

"Dammit!" Marina growled. "Dammit, dammit, dammit."

It was positive.

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