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The Negatives of a Positive

Chapter 3

"I guess I've been trying to make you prove something.."

"Prove what? That I wasn't going to walk out on you? Like Danny or Cyrus?"

Marina made it home earlier than expected. She found Mallet on their bed eating pizza and watching the latest White Sox game. Typical for a friday evening. They would order out, eat in, and sit back and watch TV. Usually baseball.

"Hey." Mallet welcomed.

She gave him an exhausted, "Hey."

"Not feeling any better?" He asked, setting his pizza aside and sitting up against the head board.

"Worse." She stated. She wasn't lying.

He moved over to make room for her, welcoming her into his arms, "Stomach?"

Marina let her purse fall to the ground and crawled on the bed into Mallet's arms. "I don't know anymore." She whispered.

She woke up nauseous. Throwing the blankets off herself, Marina ran to the bathroom. With nothing in her stomach, dry heaving shook her body.

Marina was thankful to see Mallet still fast asleep when she went back to bed. She slipped back under the covers, and Mallet automatically turned over to hold her.

Her head rested on his chest as she drew designs across his side. Thoughts raced through her mind. The only one she couldn't grasp, was how she would tell Mallet the not-so-good-"good" news.

Holding it off wouldn't do much good. Telling him might ruin everything they had built in their relationship. What was the alternative? There was none.

Marina went with her gut feeling.

She'd call the doctor later that morning and schedule an appointment.

This appointment would finalize her decision.

It was one thing being the only pregnant woman in her family, but it was another that she's in her fifties. There were so many younger couples yerning for a child, so why had God blessed her with another one? Reva had been pondering over this for the two months she had known about this "miracle". She had yet to grasp it.

"Hi, Reva?" Reva was startled when Marina interupted her thoughts. She covered it with a smile.

"Marina. Hi. You look a little flushed."

Marina forced a laugh, "Thanks."

Reva laughed back, "No, I mean - Are you ok? Seriously, you don't look good."

"I'm not." She sighed.


Marina pushed her hair back and asked, "Can I talk to you? Somewhere private?"

"Uh, yeah. Sure. Hang on, let me pay for these real quick ok?" Reva brought the infant clothes to the counter and quickly paid.

A smile formed on Marina's lips, "You're having a girl?"

"Yup. Or so the doctors say."

The women chuckled.

"C'mon, let's go talk."

"Ok, so let me get this straight. You're pregnant. With a man who wants kids. But you're afraid to tell him?"

"Right." Marina answered shakily. "Which is weird, because we've been together almost four years and he's only brought up the topic of kids once."

Reva replied, "That's good. That's good. Once is-"

"To tell me he couldn't have them." She answered quickly.

"Whoa. So you?"

"No." She snapped, "No, no, no."


"Then, I don't know!" Marina shouted. "I don't know what to do. I don't understand how I can be carrying a child!"

Reva laughed, "That's what I said when I found out I was...ya know." She patted her bulging belly.

"Which is why I wanted to talk to you."

Marina talked with Reva. It was the same old bull crap her father had given her. "Tell him." "He should understand, he's your husband."

Yeah well, all these people may have been in the same situation baby wise, but she was sure none of them had husband's who couldn't have children. Especially not Frank. Obviously not. The thought freaked her out.

Her appointment was scheduled for two in the afternoon. Marina arrived fifteen minutes early. 'To be on the safe side', she thought. Safe side of what, she didn't know.

"Mrs. Cooper-Mallet?" That was her call.

"So you're pregnant?" The doctor asked.

Obviously I'm pregnant or I wouldn't be here! "Yes."

"When was your last period?"

Like I know! I don't write my periods down on a calendar like the rest of the - "Um..June. I think."

The doctor jotted down a few notes, "So that's roughly twelve weeks ago. Well, let me get a sample of your blood to confirm, but it sounds to me like you truly are pregnant."

The woman smiled before leaving the room. When she came back, Marina's nightmare was confirmed. She was indeed pregnant.

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