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Lynx Tiger: Before anyone goes, WHAT THE HELL to me, let me explain one thing. This is going to be more then just drama and romance, this is also a tragic story. I'm thinking about ending this story around fourteen chapters, maybe ten. But, I will be working on the Love Trilogy while working on this story. So look for it. Its going to be a MattxMisa story. It'd explain what's going on in here.

Lucky Wish

Chapter One: Secrets Left Unsaid.

Sayu sighed, its been two months since Dustin was caught. From what Mello had told her, he was going to get the death penalty. Honestly, it was something to cheer about and to despise. Yes, he did kill many girls and came after her. Yes, she was happy that there was no chance of him breaking out, or getting a bail. However, this sort of thing reminded her of what Kira would do.

Sure, there were many people that believed in killing criminals and so many people would do anything to help Kira, she found it disturbing.

Mello has been working hard as Coil. Sometimes he had to travel for weeks on end and she felt a bit lonely. When Mello managed to get a time off, he'd sleep most of the day away, but when night fell, he did anything he could to please her, and spend time with her.

Sayu shivered. She understood what her mom had to go through. She had to be strong to raise her and Light and prepare for the worst. When Sayu got lucky, Mello would talk about either the case he was on or a case he'd been currently working on.

Some cases were dangerous than others, and it worried Sayu to no end. She actually had to admit even if it was over the phone, she was happy to know that he was alive. Even if he didn't show his face to the world.

Right now, Mello was fast asleep in their bedroom in the apartment building and Sayu was trying desperately to get lost in a book. It wasn't that simple however seeing how concerned she was. A new Kira had appeared a few weeks ago, and disappeared again. This one had killed the elderly and the criminals. Something the original Kira, her brother, wouldn't have done.

It made Sayu wonder how Kira killed. She knew that her brother was the first Kira, and the only Kira, and that it required a use of a notebook, but notebooks don't fall from the sky, and it was impossible. Besides, everyone's names were common. How did this notebook work?

She wished that Mello would answer these questions, but the problem was that the public must not know. It'd cause panic. Something that Kira already caused.

Sayu sighed. If Mello had died and Matt was the one that fell for her, she wondered if he'd talk about it. Possibly. What about Misa? Did she know that Light was Kira? No. If she had, Misa would have stuck herself closer to Light and father from Matt.

"You seem to be in thought." Mello was standing in the hallway. Sayu just glanced at him and nodded. "About what?" He asked as he walked over and sat down next to her.

"Nothing, just that new case that Near was talking to you about." Sayu winced inwardly.

Mello blinked at her. "New...case?"

Shit! Sayu wanted to hit herself. Near hadn't talked to Mello since last week to give him a little break. Usually that was a two week leave. However, Mello always took either five days, or a whole week out of the vacation, so the second one was wasted on work. New cases, never seemed to stop showing up. No matter where.

"Sorry, I meant the last case you were on." Sayu tried to cover.

"Too late." Mello grinned slyly. "You're a pretty bad lair Sayu-chan."

"Shut it. I just haven't practiced."

"So, what were you really thinking about?"

Sayu sighed, caught red handed, "The Kira case."

"That again? Listen, Say, that case was solved a year ago. You shouldn't dwell on it. I know that your curious and its killing you, it would be killing me too. And it doesn't help that this was your brother's doing. Jesus, Sayu. Just drop it."

"I just want to know more about the notebook." Sayu pestered. She wouldn't give up. Mello had taught her that. Bad influences come in handy it looked like. "Is that too much information to give?"

"Yes, actually. I told you. The information your looking for is confidential. Its not going to be answered or anything." Mello sighed. "Just give up."

"You never gave up even when odds were against you." Sayu pointed out, "You were closest to Kira than anyone."

"That's true, but I know a hopeless case when I see one, and this is."

"I don't think it is." Sayu said stubbornly. "I'll find out more about this case. I'm suppose to know. I'm his little sister."

"More of a reason to keep it from you." Mello said. "We all know that you'd be in the right state to try to get revenge for your brother. You're not that girl with innocence in her heart anymore. I took that away from you when I killed in front of you, remember?"

Sayu had two things on her mind. Use Matt's and Misa's memory against him or to huff and give up. She really wanted that information, but she really didn't want him to cut the week short and go on a new case because of her. So she just sighed, "Sorry."

"Its okay." Mello told her. "I know that your curious, but sometimes its better off not knowing."

"Says you." Sayu grumbled.

"Says everyone."

"Like who?"

"Me and Near."

"That's not everyone, Mel."


A few days later, Mello left to go to Russia to work on a big murder. Sayu sighed to herself as she walked down the street. Its a nice day and she decided to go visit Matt and Misa.

Misa had killed herself a few days after Sayu was discharged from the hospital. In Misa's will, she begged to be buried next to Matt.

Sayu reached the graveyard and walked along the rows to find Misa's new grave and Matt's old one standing side by side together. She bent down and placed the bouquet of flowers that she got from the florist in between the graves.

Mail Jeevas and Misa Amane. Lovers till the end. Tragic couple. Sayu sat down and said softly, "Well, I've been thinking more and more about the Kira case. Using you to try to get info, and just begging for him to tell me freely. I mean, what did happen? I know my brother's Kira, and that a notebook is the murder weapon, but how does it work? Did my brother give up something to the devil?" She sighed again and then said. "I'm sure you guys are happy now." She touched Misa's grave and grinned sadly as she ran her fingers through Matt's name. "Together after a few months or maybe even a year." She sighed again. "I know. I have to stay strong but we're just falling." Sayu smiled a bit. "Look at me. I'm just burdening you with my problems, I shouldn't be doing that."

She stood up and smiled at the only memorial of the lovers that only loved each other after knowing each other after a few days.


"I don't need a counselor Near." Mello was over the phone with the infamous L. Well, L's successor. He was trying to tell him what was going on. Like always.

Near's soft monotonous voice came over the speaker. "You always come to work after a few days of break. Very rarely do you take the whole week off."

"And you think its because me and Sayu were fighting." Mello wasn't questioning. He was stating.

Near was silent for a few minutes before saying, "It was about the Kira case again."

"Yes Near." Mello said sarcastically.

"She doesn't need to know. Worrying is only hurting her. All she should be worried about is you and herself."

"Care to explain why she should worry about me?"

"The same reason why you worry about her." Near replied.

"I better let you go. L doesn't rest and neither do I." He hung up and stared up at the ceiling. He just wished everything was as simple as Near made it sound.