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Chapter Nine: To Break the Walls


Sayu managed to reach the apartment too late. All of his stuff was gone and the room was much more empiter now. Sayu bit her lip as she looked around, why didn't he tell her that he was moving out? Did he want to move her stuff too and make it a surprise or...did he happen to overhear what her and Near were talking about?

Deciding it was best not to jump to conclusions she grabbed her cell phone and dailed his cell phone number, praying that he didn't dare change cell phones and numbers.


"Mello? What the hell?" Sayu demanded. "Why is all your things gone?"

"Oh, that." Mello took in a deep breath and then said, "Weren't you going to kick me out anyways?"

"What for?" Sayu asked.

"Don't play innocent." Mello said. "I saw you talking with N."

"..." So it was him that overheard the conversation. She licked her lips, what to say with this? She couldn't deny it, he was right there. She couldn't lie and say that they were talking about something different, he was a lying detector. He'd tell immediately, but she couldn't tell the truth either, because she didn't want to fight with him. So far, that was exactly what might happen.

"Look, deny it all you want." Mello said as if he was reading her thoughts. "But you can't deny that you know about the Death Note."

"Hai, I know about the Death Note, but that has nothing to do with this conversation." Sayu snapped.

"Well, I did kill your father." Mello said a little too casually, "and that was all part about the Death Note."

"Oh for godssake Light was the one that sent the Death Note to the Taskforce and it was my father's idea about the eyes, and it wasn't you that killed him...or at least I don't think so. Didn't someone shoot him in the neck? Even if you didn't blow up the building like you did, he was going to die anyway. I get it, you think its your fault." Sayu rambled. "But right now, that is absolutely besides the point. You're coming home back here okay?"

"..." Silence was at the end of the other line, possibly because Sayu shocked him so suddenly or something. Sayu bit her lip, there wasn't any breathing or any sign that Mello had listened to it. Sayu took her cellphone off her ear to see that they were still connected. She placed it back and said tentatively, "Mello?"

"You're one crazy gutsy chick." Mello finally said this time stunning Sayu. "To room with a murderer."

"Okay you were in the Mafia." Sayu rolled her eyes. "I seen it, I've been there."

"You were my hostage."

"And fuck you if you think I'm not still." Sayu replied.

Again more silence. Sayu was getting a little bit afraid about this whole long pause thing. Mello was a scary guy, no doubt, but what she was more or less afraid of is if he wasn't even listening. If he just suddenly hung up or something. Doubts ceased when he said, "So, you still believe your my hostage?"

"Of coarse. Dustin tried being my captor and look how well that turned out for him." Sayu said smoothly. She finally sighed and then said, "Look, I get it alright? I am rooming with a murderer, but he changed to be Coil." She opened her eyes. "I'm sure that the blood on your hands can be washed away. Usually all it takes is a clean concious. You're changing for the better, so why not forget the past?"

"You make that sound so easy when you were the one chasing after information." Mello replied.

"Near told me that if you didn't want to share it, he would." Sayu responded. "I have a feeling that he wanted you to tell me. I don't think he meant for it to go this far."

"Stupid.." He muttered something under his breath. Sayu knew immediately that he was swearing out Near. The poor little kid. "Alright, alright." He sighed, "You want me home then?"

"Hai. Oh and next time? Try to leave a note when your going to do something stupid like that again."

Mello laughed, "Tell that to Matt."

"He did." Sayu grinned. "On national T.V."

"And died because of it." Mello smirked. "Should I do that to you?"

"HELL NO!" Sayu screamed making Mello chuckle as she hung up with a snap of her phone. Geez, boys were so dumb.


Mello still didn't come back. It was thirty minutes since the phone call, and Mello still hadn't walked through the doors yet. Sayu couldn't help but to worry. Didn't she say that she wanted him home? Didn't she say that she knew that it wasn't him that killed her father? That it was someone else? Didn't she forgive him for everything he's ever done? What more could she do?

She was upset. Plain and simple. Just exactly how far did he go to leave? Was he at the airport? Did he really think that she was going to be so mad that he'd have to leave Japan?! Sayu's mind kept reeling until she heard a knock at the door.

Blinking, she stood up from the couch and walked over to the door. Looking through the peephole she gasped and flung the door open, "Where the hell?"

"Around." Mello said before handing her a single rose. It wasn't a bouquet but it was better than that. A single rose that held a promise. An apology too if she wanted to look at it that deep. Mello pulled his luggage in and started unpacking.

Sayu couldn't help but to remember. "Deja Vu."

"What?" Mello asked turning to her with a raised eyebrow.

"Its like Deja Vu." Sayu said with a small smile. "We did this routine before."

"When I first moved in because of Dustin?" Mello asked as he turned back to the luggage. "I suppose so."

Sayu smiled a bit and then said, "About..."

"In case you were wondering, Near called me before you did."

Sayu blinked. "He convinced you first?"

"After a few hang ups." Mello replied. "He's a pestering little kid."

Near didn't want to see me and Mello break up because of him. I bet he felt guilty. Sayu thought to herself. Even though the boy in white was a bit out of touch with the social world, he wasn't a complete dummy. She supposed that he had learned to hide what he was feeling. She smiled lightly and then said, "I'm glad he managed to you get you back."

"I'm sure I would have come back anyway if you called." Mello said. "After a few hang ups and having to listen to your voicemail for a long while before giving in."

That almost sounds like Near actually stalked him to get him back. Sayu sweatdropped. I suppose socially challenged comes in handy...at weird times. "Well, at least your home."

Mello stood up and walked over to where Sayu was before planting a kiss on her lips. It wasn't anything more but a simple firm press of skin. "I'm glad to be home."