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Chapter One: The Side Effects of Rain


Rain. It does something you, to be lying on your bed, watching water trickle down your window, to hear the rumble of thunder and see the flash of lightning, to know that you're fortunate enough to watch, not feel. To know that no mission is waiting for be completely despite the deluge, to know that no comrade lies in a rapidly filling ditch, awaiting your assistance.

I lie on my stomach, my fingers stroking the scar on my eye.

Rain does stupid things to people. Tempts them with nonsense thoughts of confessing unconfessable love, of dancing in the redeeming sky water, to kiss, to make love to a beautiful blond with eyes the color of laughter…

I stop myself. See what I mean? The rain is even getting to me.

But still…as I drift off, I can't help but wonder what my favorite student is thinking of the rain. Naruto…


"Kakashi-sensei," I sigh.

The rain is so beautiful. I wish he was here, with me, in bed. I wish that I could tell him what he means to me.

But no…he doesn't love me. There's just no way he could love me. I'm just an ex-student, returned after two long years. He didn't even seem particularly happy to see me, he was more excited about that stupid book I got him from ero-sennin.

I growl, and flip onto my belly.

Why the hell would I get a gift for him, only him? When I didn't get anything Iruka-sensei or Sakura-chan, why would I go to the trouble to get him something he really wants?

…Not that it was much trouble, but still!

The pitter patter of the rain on the window sounds full of promise, of romance.

I should tell him. Rejection be damned, I should just tell him.

Before I know what I'm doing, I'm at his apartment building, my thin white shirt drenched, my boxers clinging limply to my shivering legs. I rub my arms to get rid of the goose bumps that have nothing to do with the weather as I gaze at his window on the third floor.

"Ok, let's go, dattebayo," I mutter to myself. A quick hump gets me to his window. There he is, in his bed, his broad, bare back shimmering the shadows of the raindrops on his window. As I obstruct the panes, my shadow falls on him and for one wild moment I wish I could do Kage Nui like Shikamaru, so that my shadow could jump his bones.

I shake my head.

What the hell am I doing? This is my sensei, my goddamned teacher, and I want my shadow to jump his bones?

Oh well, no use denying what I've already accepted. Wow, that was a wise sentence. I should use that when I become Hokage.

I sigh wistfully.

"Oh for gods' sakes, do something!"

"Waugh!" It's a miracle I keep my balance, I'm so startled. Pakkun, Kakashi-sensei's nin dog, is watching me with a bored expression.

"Don't just sit there sighing, you voyeur!" he snaps.

"What's a voyeur?" I ask, confused.

"It's you. Someone who gets pleasure from watching, if you catch my drift."
I pale. "You mean like a pervert? I'm not a pervert, dattebayo!"
"Then get in there," Pakkun nods to Kakashi-sensei, "The window isn't booby-trapped, or even locked. He trusts us nin dogs to guard the place and I can give my word that we won't attack you."

I lay wide awake in the dark. Naruto has just yelled outside my window. Naruto. Outside my window. In the rain.

Oh, kami help me, if that boy comes in here I don't know what I'll do to him. But the nin dogs…Pakkun, Bull and them, they won't let him in, right? Right?

Remind me to roast those dogs on a spit, Naruto's opened the window, I can feel the breeze spattering raindrops on my back. Squelch, squelch…he's right there, I can feel him standing by my bed.

"Kakashi-sensei?" he asked, an icy finger poking my back, "You're awake, aren't you?"
"I'm not going to train with you," I tell him, not rolling over. Oh, please let him leave, please let him go away…

"I—no, I wanted to tell you something," he whispers hesitantly.

Something in his voice brings alive a tiny flicker of hope in my heart. I turn my head so that Obito's eye meets his cerulean one.

"Kakashi-sensei," he begins, taking a deep breath, "I like you!"
Kami save me, did my head just explode? Or did Uzumaki Naruto just say that he likes me?"

"I like you very much sensei, with all my heart, with all the passion of youth, as much more than just a sensei!"
Oh sweet mother of god, he sounds like Gai taught him how to confess.

I shouldn't do anything. I should definitely not try to speak. I should call Bull to kick him out, I should scream. I absolutely should not touch him.

But my arms reach out anyway, to pull him to my chest, my big mouth opens and talks anyway, to tell him I love him, ad my cock, jeez, my treacherous cock rises up anyway, to show him how much I love him.

And despite it all…despite the facts that I am his teacher, a man, older, Naruto melts into me anyway.

"Damn rain," I mutter, "It's all your fault…"

Then I let it get to me, I let the magic get to me, and I show the kyuubi-carrier just how good I can make him feel.


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