Model Business

Model Business

Well, I'm back. Yes, I know some of you are like, "God, what is she going to do now, this crazy bitch?" Well, I'll tell you. I'm writing a new story. Yeah, I'm doing it. So what if none of my stories are truly finished. When I get and idea I really like, I'll write it down. So, get ready for Model Business!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Inuyasha characters, however, all of the ideas presented by me are mine and owned by me

Finished: 7/15/08

Warning: Immediate lemon

Chapter One:

They moved together with practiced ease, the sheen of sweat only making it easier as he pounded into the petite onna beneath him. She moaned as her walls clenched around his heavy girth, coming to her sixth release for the night. The male above growled in appreciation, nuzzling into her neck and placing a soft kiss on her ivory skin. Having not reached his release of the hour yet, he continued to thrust into the woman that clung to him desperately.

Snarling, the youkai thrusts became harsher, more demanding as the woman's nails raked down his back, leaving red welts that healed as she continued down her path. Her hands landed on his muscular ass, gripping it almost painfully as tried to keep up with his consistent thrusts. She could feel herself growing close again; she bent her knees and curled her toes, fighting her oncoming orgasm. "Oh God, oh God!" She panted out, gasping for breath as she felt her lovers pace quicken to speeds she thought impossible. "Yes?" He answered his voice like smooth silk, yet the deep timbre reminding her of velvet.

"Make me cum…please" She gasped out between mewls. "Beg for it" The man ordered his voice as though they were not in such a predicament. "Please, pound into me so hard I scream your name" she whimpered, her nails digging into his ass and breaking skin. That was all the encouragement he needed. His eyes bled red as he gripped the onna's hips, his thrusts harsh, hitting her hilt that it was almost painful. But…it made it enjoyable for her. The sting of him thrusting through her core to hit her hilt with such force, such powerful-it made her want to pass out from pleasure.

Once more, she felt her walls quiver to a vice grip around her lovers' shaft milking him of his own essence as she climaxed. Her body convulsed, her back arching as she stiffened, growing tight as her eyes rolled back in her head. "Sesshomaru!" She screamed his name for the entire manor to hear. As he felt his seed being milked of him and shooting into her awaiting womb, he growled out her name in such a low timbre, she barely recognized it. "Kagome" He had said as she analyzed it.

She released her breath, taking in the air in heady gulps as she recovered from her latest orgasm. Sesshomaru pulled out of her and rolled onto his back. "You know, you really need to stop doing that" He pointed to his ass and the crescent shaped cuts in his ass. "Well, I am so sorry I hurt your ass while I was about to have a fucking orgasm! Please forgive me, Oh Supreme Lord" Kagome snorted sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.

"You're forgiven. How would you like it if I pressed my claws into you like that?" He retorted, reaching for a cigarette out of the Newport box sitting on the night stand. "Um, you do, every time, in the same place. And I actually enjoy it a lot, it only adds to my pleasure" She purred, scooting closer to his form. "Kagome love, is that an invitation for more sex?" Sesshomaru challenged, taking a pull of his cigarette.

"If you join me in the shower. It's not fun or enjoyable to sit in bed with silk sheets while you're covered in sweat and cum…especially when most of it is yours" Kagome chuckled, grabbing the cigarette out of Sesshomaru's lips. "Someone in your profession shouldn't be smoking" she teased as she put it between her lips and took a long drag. "I'm a youkai; our systems purify all toxins that aren't ours, thus dispelling lung cancer. I could smoke ten in a row and not even get one symptom" He boasted, closing his eyes to bask in his own glory.

When he opened them, Kagome was gone. He raised an eyebrow and looked straight to the bathroom door since there was steam coming from under the door. He got out of bed, walking into the bathroom to see Kagome in the glass shower and washing her body. He tightened his lips and strode over to the shower, opening the glass door and stepping in behind Kagome.

He grabbed a wash cloth and added some soap before beginning to wash her back. She let out a startled gasp since she didn't know he was in the shower with her. "So, you just walk out on me while I'm talking?" He murmured into her neck, inhaling her fresh scent. "Well, you were just going on and on about you being youkai, I was hot and sticky, I needed a shower. "If I do recall, there was an offer for more sex in the shower" Sesshomaru drawled.

"There was, until I got up and found out how sore I was exactly. There will be no sex until tomorrow" Kagome smiled sweetly. Sesshomaru pouted, stopping the soothing circles he was rubbing her back with. Instead he began washing himself with his beck turned to Kagome. She looked at him and gave a laugh, kissing his shoulder gently as she began to wash his back. "You are too much" She mumbled.

"But you love me" Sesshomaru mumbled back. "Yeah, and I don't know why" she said dryly. "Because, I'm handsome, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, masculine, strong and charming" He listed. "Yeah, and absolutely, one hundred percent, arrogant" Kagome added on her own. He gave a small glare of contempt at the giggling Kagome before kissing her gently. "Let's get out before you get all pruney and start looking like a raisin" Sesshomaru suggested, turning off the water and stepping out of the shower.

Kagome stepped out behind him and shivered. Sesshomaru smirked, watching her nipples harden in the cold of the bathroom. He grabbed a towel off of the rack and began to dry Kagome. She smiled at him when she was all dry and he rubbed her head with the towel, making it frizzy and tangled. She whined in distress as she saw it in the large mirror over the sink.

She ran up to the sink and immediately began combing it and blowing it out with a hair dryer. Sesshomaru smirked and walked out the bathroom with a towel around his neck. He pulled his hair up with a leather band before squeezing his hair with the towel to get out the excess water out. He looked out the window into the front of the house, watching the fountain in the center of the driveway spout water.

His eyes narrowed as he saw a figure moving across the grass. He focused on it, finding that it was a hanyou…with silver hair. Sesshomaru sat on the bed and lay back against the askew pillows. "Kagome" He called to the woman in the bathroom. "Yeah Sesshou" She answered over the hair dryer. "My brother is coming, don't come out of the bathroom" He ordered. "Fine" She mumbled back, too wrapped up in her hair to even care what he just said. "Can you pass me a shirt, its cold in here" She popped her head out the bathroom while still brushing the tangles out. Sesshomaru reached onto the floor and grabbed the white silk dress shirt he had discarded earlier he tossed it towards Kagome and lay back down to relax.

Kagome went back in the bathroom and continued freshening up. As if on cue, Inuyasha came walking through the door just to sneer. "What the fuck? Have you been fucking someone?" He demanded as he came in. "Not that it's any of your business, but yes, I have" Sesshomaru answered without opening his eyes. Inuyasha turned towards him. His face dropped and his eyes grew wide as he knew he would have nightmares. There was his half-brother, naked as they day he was born and just relaxing on his bed.

"Put some clothes on you bastard! No one wants to see that" Inuyasha ordered."Little brother, you forget, it is you trespassing in my home without notice" Sesshomaru rebuked lightly. "Would you tell me what it is you want from this Sesshomaru" He sighed. "Just came to see if anymore of your bitches are looking for a real man" Inuyasha smirked arrogantly.

"This Sesshomaru hasn't had a woman other than the one I am with in over four years" He growled, a bit worried Kagome heard them. "Exactly, looks like she's only one of them was tight enough to fit your small ass dick" He laughed. "Sesshomaru! Hurry up, I already have the bath set and the water's gonna get cold if you don't come now!" Kagome had whined for him. Sesshomaru smirked and lifted himself off the bed.

"Well little brother, my 'bitch' is calling me. And, little brother, this Sesshomaru is far from small" He smirked as his member was on full display. Inuyasha looked down and blushed as he turned his head away. Sesshomaru walked into the bathroom and grabbed Kagome from in front of the mirror. Inuyasha let curiosity get the best of him and he walked to the doorway only to find Kagome's face covered by Sesshomaru's hair and her eyes closed as they kissed.

He backed out of the room and quickly let the manor. When he was gone, Sesshomaru broke their kiss and smirked. "Let's go to sleep Koi, you have your new job tomorrow and you have to look beautiful as you always do" Sesshomaru smiled slightly, leading Kagome to the bed. "Sesshou, the bed is all…sticky" Kagome grimaced as she looked at the cum soaked sheets.

"We'll sleep in a guest bedroom for tonight" He suggested and walked to the empty room across the hall.

Model Business

Kagome nervously fiddled with the hem of her new suit. It was a light blue, almost gray Egyptian cotton dress that matched her eyes almost perfectly with a white over coat and silver shoes. Her hair was pulled up in a bun with curls framing her face. She bit her lower lip, taking a deep breath as she gave her self the once over in the mirror.

She grabbed her purse and looked over at the sleeping Sesshomaru. She walked over to the bed and kissed him lightly on the lips. When he didn't wake up, she smiled and walked out the door. Kagome got down the steps and saw the keys to Sesshomaru's Honda Civic. It was the least glamorous car there which was the point. Kagome had practically begged him to buy it for her because their relationship was to be a secret…and an average, regular job working woman driving around in a jaguar was a bit suspicious.

She hopped into the car and started it before driving off to her destination, Takahashi Industries.

Model Business

Kagome walked into the lobby of the building. It was giant, people hustling and bustling all over. She walked up to a reception desk and waited for the woman's attention. "Yes, may I help you" She demanded, smacking her gum. "I'm here for my first day as Mr. Takahashi's secretary. I need to know where his office is" Kagome smiled. "Thirtieth floor" The woman rolled her eyes as she went to another person. Kagome walked over to the elevators and got into an open one.

She took a deep breath inside the empty elevator and waited impatiently as it reached the thirtieth floor. She sighed as the doors opened. Kagome stepped out and looked around the office. There were three desks in front of two large double doors. At one of the desks there was a woman with long dark brown hair pulled up into a high ponytail. She had magenta eyes with magenta eye shadow around them.

Her desk was neatly placed with a name plate in front that said Sango Taijiya. At the other desk there was a young man with his black silky hair pulled back messily in a rattail. He had three earrings in one ear and purple mischievous eyes. His desk was actually well ordered, compared to his appearance and his name plate read Miroku Houshi.

Kagome walked forward, up to the young woman. She stopped in front of the desk and cleared her throat.

Sango raised her head and almost choked at the woman in front of her. "Excuse me, my name is Kagome Higurashi, I'm here for my new position as Takahashi-san's new assistant." She squeaked nervously. "Oh, I'm Sango, you can go right in, he's waiting for you." Sango smiled and pointed to the large doors. Kagome gave a small bow and proceeded to walking through the doors.

Inside, there was a large office. Like the size of Kagome's apartment large. A young man with long, unruly silver hair and a rugged boyish face sat at the impossibly small desk in the impossibly small office. He had on an Armani suit and had wide amber eyes with two little dog ears atop his head. His name plate said Inuyasha Takahashi.

Inuyasha waited impatiently for his new assistant. She was almost ten minutes late. The door opened and he opened his mouth, preparing to yell when she walked through the door. Suddenly, he didn't know what to say. The woman walking through the door was absolutely gorgeous. Blue-gray eyes, pouty pink lips, a delicious figure. His beast growled in approval of this new female.

She walked forward nervously, her fingers twitching slightly as she fought not to fidget. "Takahashi-san, I'm her for the new position as your assistant. My name's Kagome Higurashi" She bowed to him out of respect. Inuyasha nodded dumbly, his mouth open like a fish.

"Sir, is everything okay, you look like you just saw the devil" Kagome smiled lightly. 'Her smile is beautiful' He thought as he saw it. "Everything's fine Higurashi. I need you to file these distributors in order and schedule my appointments" He handed her a large stack of files and a planner. "Yes Takahashi-san" Kagome nodded, heading for the door. "And, Higurashi, call me Inuyasha" He gave a rugged smirk that Kagome raised her brows to.

She frowned at him with a quick nod of her head before walking out of the office. It was going to be a long day… A very, very, long day.

Model Business

Okay, so it's done! The first chapter of my new story is done! I'm so happy. I waited a bit before posting because I wanted to catch up my other stories. Now that the others are updated a bit, I post this! I'm so excited! Hope you enjoyed. Ja ne!