Model Business

Model Business

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Chapter Ten: Busted!!

Monday came and Sesshomaru and Kagome walked into the office together. They had figured out their excuse as to why they came together, Sesshomaru spent the night at Kagome's and they drove to work together. As they walked into the office, Kagome noticed two things: One would be the woman sitting at Sango's former desk that looked strangely like her and Inuyasha looking smug at the door.

"Takahashi-san, you're back" Kagome gave a weak smile, taking a step towards Sesshomaru out of habit. "I am, with a new secretary. Sesshomaru, you are no longer needed" Inuyasha waved his hand in dismissal. "Brother dear, you really should begin to read over the documents you receive. I am officially co-owner of this establishment" Sesshomaru smirked.

"What!" Inuyasha yelled. "I faxed it to you; you sent it back with your signature. Would you like a copy?" Sesshomaru offered politely.

Inuyasha grumbled something incoherently before turning to the new secretary. "This is Kikyou, she's going to be working here since Sango is now gone" He explained, placing a hand on her shoulder, massaging it slightly.

Kikyou smiled cattily and stood up. "Nice to meet you" She sauntered over to Kagome and shook her hand. Kagome returned the smile and hand shake. "I'm Kagome, how long have you been out of college, you look rather young to be here." She said. Catty talk for: you know your only here because he wants to fuck you.

"I'm twenty, how old are you, you look a little old to be here, I mean, and shouldn't you have a career by now?" The new woman challenged. That was catty talk for: I'm only here because you won't fuck him. Kagome smiled. "This is simply a place holder, Sesshomaru here is trying to get me into modeling soon" Kagome smiled sweetly, grabbing onto his arm. That was catty talk for: Why fuck him when I can have his brother?

"Aren't you a tad short to be a model?" The other female challenged. "Apparently they want women with more sex appeal, most of us don't come with breasts that small anymore" Kagome grinned. "That's because breast surgery is just so common these days, I'm sure almost everyone has had a little work done-myself not included in that group" Kikyou laughed lightly.

"Well, my mother was born with rather large breasts, and her mother as well as my father's mother. I suppose I just inherited their good luck"

That had Kikyou thinking a bit longer than their game intended. In other words, she lost. "Sesshomaru, do you still want help with your schedule? You know I'm rather good with time" Kagome suggested, giving him a suggestive smile. "That would be acceptable" He smirked and led her into Inuyasha's office, closing the door behind them.

The minute they stepped foot inside, Sesshomaru was on her. He crushed his lips onto hers, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She moaned into it, her fingers scratching Sesshomaru's scalp as she let him ravish her. Her hand travelled down his body to his pants, unbuckling his belt and jerking his pants open. She began rubbing his cock through his boxers.

Sesshomaru let loose a growl, nuzzling into Kagome's neck. He began to unzip her dress, his long fingers massaging her back as he did. Her right leg hooked around his waist, pulling him closer to her and grinding her center against his erection.

Kagome's sleeves were down to her wrists, Sesshomaru cupped one of her breasts, brushing his thumb over the peak before pinching the hard nub between his fingers. Kagome gave a soft moan and bucked her hips.

She leaned up to kiss. "What the fuck is this!" Inuyasha's booming voice echoed through the office.

The couple froze in their current positions-Kagome's dress have down with Sesshomaru's hands cupping her breast and ass, his pants open with Kagome rubbing his cock and a leg wrapped around his waist-they were busted.

Inuyasha looked livid he held a magazine in his hand, the front page being a picture of a cologne bottle with the word ecstacy written across it in script-Sesshomaru's sent. His thumb was holding a page.

Inuyasha opened the magazine up to the ad for Sesshomaru's sent. It was him and Kagome in a Jacuzzi with Sesshomaru's face pressed into her neck and Kagome's head thrown back in pure ecstasy with her eyes closed and mouth open; her white bikini barely holding in breasts, her nipples straining against the fabric.

Yeah, they were busted.

The couple looked to each other, then to Inuyasha, then to each other, then they busted out laughing.

Inuyasha stood there shocked. "I can't believe you guys! I bust my ass off trying to impress you and you won't go out with me because your seeing my brother?!" He whined. "Don't be such a baby, it's not my fault he's so good looking" Kagome teased. "Shut up!" Inuyasha grumbled. Then he stomped out of the office with a pout. Most likely he was going to sulk somewhere.

"Well, that was a good laugh. I guess it's time for me to quit before he tells the world, huh?" Kagome sighed and unwrapped herself from Sesshomaru. "I guess so." He agreed and zipped up his pants before helping Kagome with her dress.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Model Business


As promised, Sesshomaru got Kagome into the modeling business. They announced their engagement so there were be no incriminating pictures and how Sesshomaru now owned half of Takahashi Industries-excuse me, Taisho/ Takahashi Corporations.

Amazing how all of this happened in a month. They just finished cleaning up from Shinji's birthday party. Sesshomaru was sitting in the kitchen sipping on something out of a wine glass when Kagome came in. "Sesshou?" She called. "Yes love" He turned to look at her. She plopped down in the seat next to him and snuggled into his arm.

"How do you feel about more children?" She asked innocently. "I think it's a lovely aspect" He smirked at her, dipping in to kiss her. Sh licked the remainder of the drink off his lips and appeared to be thinking. "Well, I'm glad you think that's good, because we're having another" She grinned at him and kissed him softly on the lips.

Sesshomaru put his glass down and pulled Kagome into his lap. "That's wonderful" He whispered in her ear, nuzzling into the crook of her neck. "Sesshou, what are you drinking" She asked, changing the subject.

"Merlot" He replied smoothly, taking a sip. "That doesn't taste like merlot. I mean, it does, but it has this funny taste to it" Kagome explained. "That's because it's mixed with my favorite drink" He smirked against the glass. "And what drink would that be?" Kagome smiled softly.

"Well, I don't know how to describe it. It's not really rare, but I'm the only one who has had any in the last seven years. I guess you could say it comes from a secret that seems to give more of this juice when excited. I seem to get some from this source almost every night as well. Specifically when Shinji is in bed" Sesshomaru grinned.

Kagome racked her brain for the answer. Then, it clicked. "Oh my God Sesshomaru! You kept that?!" She screeched and hit his arm. "Of course I did love, you have the best taste in the world" He chuckled against her lips. "In fact, I'm in the mood for some right now" His voice dropped an octave with each word.

Kagome giggled and pressed her lips to his. "Of course you are" And then she jetted to the bedroom.

Model Business

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