A/N: A little about this. I noticed a LJ challenge at a SM fanfic writing place for fanon couples, and I started thinking about my own favorite fanon coupling: Hotaru and Helios. So, even though the challange was over, I decided to take the 31 themes and use them to write for HotaruxHelios. This one is for the theme Hail. I'd like to know what you think and if I should keep writing.

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Chapter 1: Eyes Meet

Her hand was small and tiny in his as he knelt to kiss it, his voice a silken whisper, lips warm as they brushed her flesh.

"Hail, Princess Saturn. It is a pleasure to finally meet you at last."

She was surprised by the warm flush that graced her cheeks, even as she tried to gently draw her hand from his grasp. "Please- just Hotaru," she managed as he rose fluidly, those deep gold eyes piercing as they examined her.

"As you wish, Lady," he retuned, giving an elegant bow that she had seen no equal to except for that of the King himself.

It confused her and she could only nod dumbly, her cheeks growing even warmer. She had never before met the man that Chibi-Usa spoke so fondly of, and she was concerned that they might not be able to get along for her friend's sake. Her entire journey she had been a bundle of nerves, uncertain as to what type of person the Priest of Elysian might be like. Chibi-Usa's descriptions had all been generic- 'a real gentleman like Daddy! So sweet and kind!!'- nothing that she could really form an interpretation on. In any case, Helios was not at all what she had expected.

At her side, Small Lady laughed, a sound of sunlight and warmth as she took her friend by the shoulders, a comforting presence. "Don't be so formal, Helios," she chided, amusement coloring her tones. "Hotaru is not used to being at court. She's shy with new people."

The elegant man cocked his head to the side, still gazing at the dark haired young woman in a way she didn't understand. "I am as well, Hotaru," he told her. "Perhaps we will have to look out for each other then."

"Perhaps so," she managed to say, giving a small curtsy, sweeping the skirts of her deep violet gown out elegantly as she inclined her head before straightening. "It is hard for me to be at court. I love being with the Senshi but the others- I have a hard time with strangers."

"He does too," Small Lady told her, smiling as she shared a glance with the young priest. "That's why I thought you two would get along so well. You have so many similarities!"

"Really?" Hotaru asked timidly, shifting uncomfortably under his unblinking golden gaze.

The pink haired princess nodded happily, her eyes shining. "You really do! I've been so excited for the two of you to meet for so long! I just know that you will be close once you talk!"

Hotaru felt herself flush again at her friend's enthusiasm, glancing down at the toes of her silken slippers peeking out from beneath her skirts. Years had not changed her natural shyness, even in the gentle love of the Queen and her inner circle. She was used to solitude and peace, and even now she found herself seeking the peace and quiet rather than the whirlwind life of court.

"I'm sure- I trust your judgment," she said, grateful for the sudden excuse she had to flee from that soul searching stare. "Chibi-Usa, Helios, please, excuse me. Serenity has asked for my presence today; I would not want to keep her waiting."

"Come back soon!" Small Lady responded cheerfully, her arm wrapping around that of the elegant man at her side, waving as the senshi of Saturn turned and hurried away, the only sound of her passing a gentle whisper of her skirts.

Every step of the way down the hall, Hotaru could feel his golden gaze on her back.