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He grabbed my wrists as I tried to walk out the door, causing me to spin around to face him, my lips merely inches from his own. "But you can't leave me. I can't live without you. I won't live without you," The look in his eyes showed pure determination but there was no love. There was never any love. Guys like him never showed the love they were supposed to portray.

"I'm sorry, Lance, but I just can't go on like this. Pretending. There's nothing more to pretend. I don't love you anymore. The magic is gone. And now, I'm gone." I started to pull away from him after those words, but he pulled me harder and I crashed into his chest.

"You'll love me. I'll make you. Remind you." And with that his lips started to close in on my own. Just as they were about to touch, we heard the magic word.

"CUT!" the director yelled out.

"Thank god!" Devin Steal, the actor I had just been in the embrace of, yelled out before walking off the set yelling "Where is my bottled water?"

I nearly fell onto the floor face first, not expecting him to let go of me so quickly, but I managed to steady myself on the couch that served as a prop to the Victorian styled living room. Not that it made much of a difference, the floor and my face had made so many meetings, they are no longer acquaintances, but close friends. It was a wonder I still had all of my teeth.

"This water is from Greece. I specifically ordered water from Asia!" Devin screamed at his assistant, a tall, lanky boy who looked to be only 19 and obviously had no idea what his new job had entailed. It was the fourth assistant Devin had this month, and it looked as if number five would be arriving soon.

I watched as Devin poured the water on the skinny boy, who stood and took the abuse, only looking up to say, "Where in Asia, sir?"

The way Devin's face turned purple and the vein that looked ready to pop in his head was nearly comical. "WHAT?!" he yelled out.

"W…we…well Asia is a whole continent. Where in Asia?" the boy stuttered.

"I don't care! Egypt." That was Devin's intelligent reply.

It was guys like Devin Steal that gave actors such a disgraceful name. The type that is so cliché, it's practically painful. The handsome guy with the squared chin and the hair only long enough for him to run his fingers through. The eyes everyone thinks sparkles, but are actually colored contacts. The winning smile completely reconstructed out of porcelain veneers, and of course the IQ of a farm animal; although, that's insulting farm animals more than it is him. And no big shot movie star could be complete without…


The diva syndrome.


The poor kid never stood a chance.

I let out a sigh, knowing that another kid's dream will soon be crushed and although he doesn't know it, this boy was truly better off.

"Bella?" I heard a light soprano voice call my name so elegantly it could only be one person.

"Hey, Alice," I greeted the girl that had become my best friend throughout my many small, independent films as my make up girl, before I finally landed this blockbuster with the Devin Steal.

She was a short, pixie like girl, but her face was so beautifully gorgeous that despite her small stature, you were able to tell she was a women. Her short, inky black, hair allowed her face to be seen, and it would be a sin to cover beauty like that up.

Not like me. I had never thought myself beautiful, and neither had anyone else, or so it seemed. I got this big time movie part because the director thought I had a "different look". Apparently, an old Hollywood glam kind of style, with my doe like brown eyes and a certain kind of innocence, was the look they were going for.

I wasn't however, their first pick for the role. Originally, Lauren Mallory was the cast for my character, and had actually begun shooting the film. However, her reputation of a party girl had finally caught up to her, and after being late to too many days of work, they fired her. After her removal, my agent, Jasper who is also the husband to Alice, recommended me for the role.

And that, as they say, is that.

It was our last day of filming, thank god. Devin was a handful to be around all day, every day and now the only time I would have to deal with him would be during interviews and at the premiere.

"Bella?" Alice's voice knocked me out of my reprieve.

"Sorry, Alice, what was that?" I asked her again.

"I asked if you would want to go out for drinks with me, Jasper, and maybe Rose and Emmett? You know, celebrate the big finish?" she asked.

Ah, the Rosalie Hale. The starlet of our era. Platinum blonde with the looks of a model, and talent that put Julia Roberts to shame. She had been openly dating her body guard, Emmett for about two years now; his sense of humor and goofiness was enough to give Rosalie a little softness to her, and we all loved him as well.

"Sure. What the hell? Not having to work with Devin again is a good enough reason to celebrate!" I laughed, and Alice joined in

That was four months ago. Since then, our movie, "Around the Horizon" had made millions of dollars in the box office and made my name recognizable to the human race. I was on magazines covers and in commercials, and had movie offers coming at me from left and right. I don't think Jasper has ever been so busy.

I was modeling for a cover of a magazine, and it was supposed to be shot as an Old Hollywood Glam style. The pictures would be shot in black and white, with only small details in color. It would be the front of NOW magazine and we had just finished shooting.

"Alice, exactly how much stuff did you put on my face?" I laughed as I tried to scrub the remains of my make up off, somehow managing to remove some skin as well.

"Bella you always exaggerate. Stop scrubbing, it was just a little blush and I'm sure it's off," she laughed, reaching to take the wet tissue out of my hand.

"I don't see why you put blush on me, you know I don't need it," I told her, to which she simply rolled her eyes.

Alice was also my driver…well sort of. I loved to ride along with her, as opposed to spending a scary amount of money on getting myself a new car. I didn't need one anyways. Alice loved to drive her yellow Porsche and she was everywhere I was anyways.

She drove straight to my flat. Yes I owned a flat. I tried to keep myself grounded as much as possible; not feeling the need to own a thirteen bedroom home when there was only one of me. The inside was spacious, but no more than two people would ever be able to live in it, and even then, at times I felt lonely when I was in the space at night.

When I stopped to pull my keys out of my purse Alice started laughing at the large white bag beside the door.

"Oh, Bella, can I please go through your fan mail with you?" she begged. We did this together on occasions, and she loved to make me feel awkward when people praised my talent.

"If it makes you happy, why not," I agreed.

So we dumped the bag out over my coffee table and we dove in reading each of the more "entertaining" ones out loud.

"Oh, Bells, listen to this," Alice said, and then cleared her throat before she started to read in a deep voice, "'Bella Swan. Believe me when I say that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Every time I see your face on a magazine or on T.V. my heart skips a beat. I think I love you. Love, Valerie.' Oh shit, it's a girl!" Alice laughed at the end.

I rolled my eyes at her and continued reading. We went through tons of the pieces of paper from kids to teens to middle aged to the elderly. Each of them nice and heartfelt for a different reason. It looked like I would be spending another Saturday writing out letters to fans again, not that I minded. My weekends were boring anyways.

"Uh-oh. Bells, you got another one of 'those'." Alice told me, as she passed a letter over to me.

I straightened the paper with the words made out of letters cut from magazines. "Dripped into your ear is no poison, but an insect. Speak carefully for I hear everything though I see nothing. You have been warned."

I stopped and looked up at Alice, whose eyes were wide. "Bella, I think we need to do something about this. I mean this is the third letter that you have gotten so far."

I sighed as I threw the letter onto the coffee table and sat back into my couch. "Okay, but what? What are we gonna do?" I questioned.

"Alright, before you object, let's just think about this. I think you should get a bodyguard. I mean you're getting threatening letters and the paparazzi have been acting crazier towards. Pwease Bella?" she pouted. "I just want you safe."

I sighed in defeat, knowing I couldn't resist that damn pout of hers. "Fine," I agreed. "Do you think Emmett knows anyone?" I asked.

She furiously shook her head. "No, we can't just get anybody. We need to get someone we can trust. Someone that can be close to us. I'll ask Jazz if he knows anyone. Agreed?"

"Sure Alice, whatever you say."

"Good. Now, what do you want to do for dinner?"


Silence was the only noise occupying my little girl's bedroom. The light from the hallway cast a soft shadow on her small, oval face. My lips pulled up into a lopsided grin, as I gazed down at the innocent creature sleeping soundly in front of me.

Dropping to my knees next to her small bed, I grazed the back of my hand over her warm cheek. Soft pink lips slid open, and a content sigh filled the room as my girl slept, "Sweet dreams. Daddy will be back in the morning. I love you, princess."

Dragging my lips over her soft forehead, I turned towards the hallway, smiling at my mother. Esme ushered me out into the hallway, not wanting me to wake the little angel.

My mother kissed my cheek softly, "Do not worry, Edward. Your father and I will look after Libby. She is safe with us, Edward."

When I turned to start down the hallway, I heard a soft voice call out to me and a click as my baby closed her bedroom door. Turning slowly, I smiled down at my pride and joy "Hey, my beautiful girl, shouldn't you be in bed?"

Kneeling, I watched as she walked sleepily into my arms, and I lifted her small body, her head moving to my chest, arms linking around my neck.

"Come on pumpkin; let's get you back in bed." Esme pulled Elizabeth's bedroom door open, and I slipped inside, holding my daughter close to my chest.

Laying her down on the pink sheets, I pulled the duvet up to her neck, "Daddy has to go, sweetie, but I will be back before you wake up, okay?"

Soft green eyes gazed into mine, and I watched as the comforter that was keeping my daughter warm, rose and fell as her soft breaths filled the room, "Promise, Daddy?"

Brushing my thumbs across her cheeks, I watched as her green eyes began to close, the soothing motions of my fingers making her fall asleep.

After leaning down and kissing her forehead, I stepped back, watching her sleep for a few more minutes before turning and walking out of the room.

As I pulled the door shut, I smiled into the darkness, whispering to my little girl, "I promise, Libby, with every fiber of my being, that I will return to you in the morning."

"Cullen! Look out!" Drawing my gun, I turned my body on the training field, falling onto my stomach as the bullet shot past my head.

Our new method of training intrigued and excited me, as the adrenaline rush built in my body. The smooth black vest covered my vital organs, and a short white t-shirt. Masks covered our eyes, not allowing an attacker to see where we planned to shoot next.

From my position on the ground, I pulled the trigger pelting Jacobs in the back, and he fell to his knees in surrender. A loud whistle sounded across the training area, signaling the end of our session, "Cullen's team wins!"

Pumping my fist in the air, I stood slowly, and another whistle sounded, signaling us to put the safety on our guns. Tugging the helmet from my head, I inhaled the fresh air, as the sweat slid down my body. Unsnapping the vest, I peeled it away from my soaked white t-shirt, dropping it on the table where the extra vests were laying.

Kyle Jacobs walked up behind me, clapping a hand against my lower back, and I hissed slightly, "Don't be such a pussy, Cullen. You have taken bullets before; surely a little tattoo can't be that painful."

Growling, I peeled the soaked white shirt away from my skin, baring my new tattoo to the spring air. Libby's name was tattooed against my lower back, in Old English lettering. It joined the Cullen tattoo which was scripted out against my upper back in the same font; I had gotten it after being accepted into the police academy.

The sun bore down on my sweat dampened back as I headed towards the shower. After unsnapping my pants, and sliding them down my legs, I stepped under the warm spray of the shower. The stall next to me was pushed in and I glanced over to my left, nodding at my partner.

Liam Michaels had been my partner since we graduated from the academy; he had been my best friend since grade school, and my daughter's god father. He had been there when she left, and I was grateful for him.

"So, Libby-Bug's birthday is coming up soon, Edward. Do you have any idea what you are getting her yet?"

Rubbing the soap over my tired body, I let my shoulders rise and fall, "I am not really sure, she hasn't mentioned what she wants yet. Do you think Heather might have any ideas on what to buy a three, almost four year old girl?"

Heather Michaels is Liam's wife, and Libby's godmother. My little girl looked up to Heather, and in turn Heather absolutely adored Libby. Heather worked as a doctor in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a private hospital in Los Angeles.

After trying for a few years to have a child, she was finally pregnant with their first, a little boy, and I was in line to be his godfather.

Liam chewed on his lower lip, and I watched as he nodded slowly, "I am almost positive that she will have some ideas, or at least she can ask Libby without arousing suspicion."

My best friend was correct in that assumption. We could interrogate criminals and make them cry, but when it came to my little girl, there was no one who could alleviate her suspicion better then her godmother.

After wrapping a towel around my waist, I grabbed another towel to scrub at my tousled brown hair. The guys always joked that no matter what I did to my hair, it always looked naturally tousled, and this caused me to jokingly question their sexuality.

Liam was standing next to me, and we moved to tug on our clothes that had been resting safely in our locker. Slipping my shirt over my shoulders, I hurriedly buttoned it and after glancing down at my watch, I swore under my breath realizing it was 10:32 A.M.

Dressing just as quickly next to me, Liam slid his gun into the locker and I followed once we were fully dressed. Grabbing my bag, I slung it over my shoulder effortlessly as we hurried out towards our vehicles.

Glancing over at my best friend, I smiled at him, and he waved, "Tell Libby-Bug that we will be at her party on Saturday, and make sure that she knows we will have the best present in the world for her."

"You got it, Liam. Give my regards to Heather, and tell her that she will see mine and Libby's sparkling green eyes tonight for dinner." Liam chuckled sliding into his truck.

Heather had commented on my eyes when she and my best friend started dating while we attended the academy, and I refused to let the joke die, "See you later, Cullen."

"Drive carefully Michaels, I don't want to have to train another partner."

Pulling into my driveway, I parked the SUV, turning it off. A girlish squeal filled my ears, and a grin slid onto my lips when my beautiful little girl came running out of the house.

Opening the car door, I set my feet on the pavement. Libby ran around the door and leapt into my lap, knocking me back against the glove compartment, "Daddy! I missed you!"

Gently sliding my hand underneath her, I scooted myself off of the seat, and lifted my little girl onto my hip. Her arms tightened around my neck and I hugged her close to my body as we started into the garage.

My father stood by the door smiling, as I carried my hyper bundle of joy into the family room, "Hello, Edward. How was training?"

Not bothering to set Elizabeth down, I hugged my father tightly and he pressed a rough kiss into my tousled hair, "It was fine dad. How did my little princess behave today?"

Libby giggled into my neck and I chuckled as her soft breath hit my neck. Resting her soft cheek against my shoulder, she looked at my father with her wide green eyes, and an adorable smile, "I was good, right, Papa?"

Carlisle reached his arms out to Libby, who tightened her grip on me. Narrowing my eyes slightly, I kissed the top of my angel's head, wondering why she did not want to let me go. My father looked directly into my eyes, and raised an eyebrow letting me know that we needed to talk.

Prying her little fingers from the fabric of my shirt, I set my little girl on the couch, kneeling in front of her, "Baby, Daddy has to go to talk to your Papa, okay? Can you behave for your Nana; it won't take very long, princess."

My little girl nodded, but her bottom lip stuck out in a small pout as Esme moved to sit next to her, hugging her little body close.

Leaning forward, I kissed her nose, and she giggled, squirming closer towards my mother, "Be back in a couple of minutes, pumpkin."

Walking up the stairs behind my father, my thoughts went to what could have happened with Libby today that was making her shy away from her grandpa, and be extra clingy towards me.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Carlisle looked at me, "Elizabeth has been worried about you all day, Edward. She woke up at the crack of dawn, crying because you had promised to be there when she woke up. You can't make promises if you have no intention of keeping them."

"Dad, I left as soon as training was over, and I did not realize that Libby would wake up earlier then normal, hoping that I would be here. She usually sleeps late."

Carlisle nodded slowly, "I know, Edward. From now on, just give her a time frame, please? She was quite distraught."

"Why didn't you call me? Or call the training base? They would have pulled me out if Libby was upset."

My father shook his head and I tried very hard not to roll my eyes. He was treating me like a child, not like a man, "I told her that you would be home soon, and that there was no need to call you. That is why she is slightly upset with me, and extremely clingy towards you."

"Alright, thank you for your help, but if she is upset, I want to know. Have her call me at work, just so she knows that I will be home soon, please?"

"Fine, Edward. Next time I will let her call you, but if you can not get to the phone fast enough, then I hope you can deal with the consequences of a very clingy daughter."

I watched my father's back as he started down the stairs, and I settled myself on the top step, pinching the bridge of my nose.

As my father rounded the corner, I heard sock clad feet pounding on the hard wood floors, and I chuckled to myself when I heard my mother call out, "Elizabeth Grace Cullen, you will walk when you are indoors, young lady!"

Libby's green eyes peered up at me as she was scolded by her grandmother. Beckoning her up with one finger, she slid onto the step next to me, resting her elbows on her knees, cupping her face in her small hands, mocking my actions, "Daddy, I missed you today."

Gently lifting her tiny body onto my lap, I stroked her soft brown curls, before pressing my lips to the crown of her head, "Daddy missed you too, pumpkin. How would you feel about going to Uncle Liam and Aunt Heather's house tonight?"

My little angel started bouncing up and down on my lap, and I chuckled, my warm breath hitting her neck, "Yes Daddy! Please!"

Digging my fingers into her sides, I felt her squirm as I tickled her, and a loud giggle flew from her lips, "Come on, little bit. Let's go get you changed then."

Scooping her up, I listened to the loud giggles echo through the empty hallway as I carried her into her bedroom. Lightly tossing her onto the bed, I smiled as she giggled before scrambling to find clothes to wear.

While she was changing, I walked towards my room, tugging the button down shirt away from my body, hissing when the fabric came in contact with the tattoo. Mumbling to myself, I started digging through my drawers, "Jacobs is right, I am a pussy."

A soft giggle sounded from my doorway, and Libby bounded into my room, kneeling down behind me, "What are you looking at, pumpkin?"

Her soft fingers traced my lower back, as she read the letters, "L-I-B-B-Y."

Smiling I tugged the shirt out of dresser, "What does that spell, little bit?"

My daughter squealed as she realized what was decorating my lower back, "Daddy? Is that my name?"

Scooping her up, I set my most precious gift on my silk comforter, before pulling my black shirt over my head "Yes, pumpkin. That is your name."

Libby giggled, and slid herself backwards on my comforter, her squeals of joy growing louder each time she moved on the slippery surface. Laughing softly, I scooped her up into my arms, hugging her close to me, "Come on you crazy monkey, your aunt and uncle are waiting for us."

"Libby-Bug!" My little girl giggled as I set her on the ground, her small feet carrying her in Liam's direction.

Liam scooped her up, gently tossing her small body in the air, as I locked the doors on my Subaru Forester, smiling as my little girl's squeals filled the front yard, "Uncle Li! Put me down!"

Tickling her sides, my best friend set my squirming three year old on the ground, "Go get Heather, Libby."

Footfalls sounded on their wooden floors as Libby took off running through the house, and I called after her, "Walk, Elizabeth!"

Turning towards Liam, I narrowed my eyes, "Did you just treat my daughter like a dog, Michaels?"

Rolling his eyes, my best friend clapped his hand down on my shoulder, "Of course not, Cullen."

My pager buzzed loudly from its spot in my pocket, and I heard Liam's buzz in harmony.

Sighing, I looked at my best friend who had a frown on his face as he read the red numbers that spread across the pager's screen, "Great, Edward. Let's go tell our girls goodbye."

My best friend was lying in that hospital bed, and it was my fault. Swallowing back tears, I rubbed my hand over the worn chair sitting inside the white room. Liam looked like death, and the pale skin that covered his body did not belong to my best friend.

The doctors had told me that he would make a full recovery, but I couldn't help feeling extreme remorse for not protecting my partner better.

"Edward, what happened?" Standing slowly, I encased Heather in my arms, rubbing my hand up and down her back. Stepping out of the hug, Heather reached her hand up stroking my cheek, removing the excess tears.

"Where is Elizabeth?" Heather dropped her hand from my cheek and moved it to her swollen stomach. I smiled as the palm of her hand soothingly stroked the fabric of her t-shirt, as if trying to calm the little boy that was growing inside of her.

"She is in the waiting room with your parents. Your dad will be in to make sure that everything went well with Liam's surgery. What happened, Edward?"

"I panicked, and Liam paid for my mistake. I should be in that bed right now, not him." I turned, looking down at my best friend, when her hand spun me around. A sharp sting rippled across my cheek, and I hissed in pain.

"Don't you ever say that again, Edward Cullen, do you understand me? No one should be in that bed and you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and help your friend get better. Go be with your daughter. She needs you."

Stepping out of the room, I held my hand to my cheek, trying to cover the red print, "Daddy! Are you okay?"

"Yes, pumpkin. Daddy's fine." Lifting her up, I cuddled the tiny creature close to me, rubbing my hand over her back, wanting my little angel to sleep.

Humming softly, I felt her body become heavier against my chest, and I smiled as the soothing motions lulled her to sleep. At least I could do something right.

The phone that was clipped to my hip began to buzz, so my mother stood to take Libby, "No, mom. Can you just answer it? I need Libby close to me right now."

Unclipping the phone, Esme held it close to her ear, "Hello?"

There was a pause, and my mother looked up at me, smiling softly, "It is Jasper, Edward. He has a job offer for you."

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